small scale crude oil refining machine plant with deodorization system

small scale crude oil refining machine plant with deodorization system

                                             Oil refinery plant

CZPT flow sheet for refining workshop


                drinking water                          phosphoric acid                        caustic soda                                bleaching clay

Crude oil  —–→ drinking water washing——————–→ degumming ————-→ deacidfication—→drying——–→



decolorization——-→ deodorization —–→ completed oil

Major device checklist:

No. Title Qty
1 Decolorizer 1
two Leaf vibrating filter one
four Steam superheater one
5 Safety filter two
six Deordorizer one
seven Fatty acid collector one
8 Cooler 1
nine Sharpening filter 2

 Introduction of principal gear:

CZPTization pot: For acid refining, alkali refining and water washing.

Decolorization pot: Bleach oil and get rid of pigment.

Deodorization pot: Take away odor of oil(Created of stainless steel).

Heat conduction oil furnace: Provide heat power for generation,the temperature can attain 280°C.

Vacuum pump: Provide vacuum diploma for decolorization and deodorization,up to above 755mgHg.

Air compressor: Dry decolorization bleaching clay.

CZPT press: CZPT bleaching clay.

Steam generator: Give steam for deodorization & distillation

Specification: 3T/D

CZPT description of major equipment

one.Refinery vessel———Utilized to neutralizing, and h2o washing, to rid off the acid.     

two.Decoloring vessel———Utilized to get rid of the oil coloration

3.Deodorizing vessel——-Utilized to get rid off the odor of oil.

4.Boiler—–It really is employed to supply for the heats required to the line, it could make the temperature up to 280 levels.

five.Steam separator—–Independent the steams to oil refiner, decolorer, deodorizer, hot h2o tank, and many others.

6.Press filter———Employed to filter the the decolored oil.

7.Drinking water pump—–Used to pump great h2o into h2o tank.

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small scale crude oil refining machine plant with deodorization system