Small Single Effect Forced Circulation Crystallization Evaporator

Small Single Effect Forced Circulation Crystallization Evaporator

SS316L Pressured circulation evaporator for Nacl crystallization


This is a System for Ammonium Sulfate creation named Double Effect Pressured Type Circulation Evaporation Crystallizer, Or Double Influence OSLO Crystallizer. feeding is liquid, final merchandise is the salt for promoting. 


Double Effect Pressured Kind Circulation Evaporation Crystallizer is doing work under vacuum, so it is strength conserving. compelled variety pump also assist for slurry crystal liquid circulation, overlook pipeline blocking or scaling. 


Double Influence Forced Kind Circulation Evaporation Crystallizer merged with 1st result heater, 1st impact separator, 2nd effect heater, 2nd effect separator, 1st preheater, 2nd preheater, third preheater, 4th preheater,and condenser, pumps, pipeline and valves and so forth. 


Double Influence Pressured Type Circulation Evaporation Crystallizer is also match for carry on manufacturing of : Sodium Sulfate, Ammonium Sulfate, Tomato Paste creation, NaCl , lithium carbonate ,higher salt squander water and so on. 


This machine is CZPT with conductive oil heating with steady temperature of 200-220ºC


Adhering to is the image which equipment put in in client’s manufacturing unit:

one. Introduction for forced circulation evaporator 


1) . Double effect forced circulation evaporator 

Model : GLFC-02-XXXX

Handing potential ( (T/hr ) : two,4,5,6,10,11…


2) . Single impact compelled circulation evaporator :

Product : GLFC-02-XXXX

Handing capacity ( T/ hr ) : 1,1.5,two…


2. Application Location : 

It is appropriate for the evaporation and crystallization of materials with large focus, higher viscosity, insoluble solids and so on .

For case in point, the recovery of sodium chloride, sodium sulfate, ammonium chloride, ammonium sulfate, and so on.


three. Mostly parameter :


1). The focus ratio is massive and the circulation kind is pressured, so that the liquid with greater viscosity is effortless to circulation and evaporate.

2).Via the forced circulation, the evaporator can be heated evenly in the tube and can avert the “dry wall” phenomenon.

3).The disadvantages are largely the huge volume of the pump and the comparatively substantial electrical energy usage. At the exact same time, owing to the big movement of the pump, the products will vibrate greatly and it have to be connected to the help of the workshop or the steel structure.


4.Method introduction 

Evaporator, separator (crystallizer), condenser, circulation pump, inter motion pump or substance control valve, vacuum and drainage method, sub cylinder, operation system, electrical instrument handle cupboard, valve and pipeline system.




Small Single Effect Forced Circulation Crystallization Evaporator