Transformer Oil Filter Unit, Filtration Plant

Transformer Oil Filter Unit, Filtration Plant

We offer a variety of Transformer Oil Purifier flow rates and options to suit every customer’s requirements&period Optional features offered are conventional Fuller’s Earth filter&lpars&rpar or column&lpars&rpar for acidity and color rectification&interval
In addition&comma We offer Transformer Oil Purifiers to treat cable oils including many other applications outside of the electrical industry&period  For example&comma electronic and radar equipment&comma vacuum pump sealing oils&comma brake fluid and refrigeration oils&period of time


Parameters Unit ZYD-thirty ZYD-fifty ZYD-one hundred ZYD-150 ZYD-two hundred ZYD-250 ZYD-300
Flow rate L&solmin 30 50 100 one hundred fifty two hundred 250 300
Working vacuum Mpa -&period08 ~ -&period099
Working Pressure Mpa ≤0&period5
Temperature Range ºC 0 ~ 100
Electricity Three Phase 50HZ 380V&lparor as needs&rpar
Working hours without Trouble Hour 4000
Continuous Working Hours Hour 150
Working Noise dB &lparA&rpar seventy five 75 seventy five 80 80 eighty eighty
Heating Power KW 16 30 forty five sixty seventy five 90 120
Total Power KW 22 37&period5 52&period5 71&period4 86&period5 102&period5 135
Inlet&solOutlet mm φ25 φ32 φ42 φ50 φ50 φ60 φ60
Bodyweight Kg five hundred 700 1050 1150 1450 1600 1950
Total Size mm 1250 1400 1750 1850 1950 2050 2200
Width mm 9000 1050 1350 1400 1500 1600 1750
Peak mm 1700 1850 2150 2200 2300 2400 2550
After CZPT
Breakdown Voltage KV  >75
Water Content PPM <3
Gas Content &percnt    ≤0&period1&percnt
Particle Size μ ≤1 ~ 5&lparwithout free carbon&rpar
Acid Value mgKOH&solg                       ≤0&period03
Flash Point  &geq145ºC
H2o-soluble Acid PH &geq5&period5
Dielectric Loss Factors    tgδ &lpar90ºC&rpar &percnt ≤0&period001
Cleanliness ≤NAS 1638 Grade 5

For Insulating Oil &lpartransformer oil&comma mutual inductor oil&comma valve oil and so on&rpar 

-Highly Effective Vacuum Oil Purifier &lparseries ZY &rpar
-Pc-Tested Highly Effective Vacuum Oil Purifier &lparseries ZY-A&rpar 
-Multi-function Transformer Oil Treatment CZPT &lparseries ZYB&rpar 
-Double-Stage Highly Effective Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier &lparseries ZYD&rpar 
-CZPT-High Voltage Oil Treatment CZPT &lparseries ZYD-I&rpar

For CZPT Oil &lparhydraulic oil&comma turbine oil&comma gear oil&comma heating oil and so on&rpar 

-Multi-function Lubricating Oil Purifier &lparseries TYA&rpar 
-Highly Effective Vacuum Turbine Oil Purifier &lparseries TY&rpar
-CZPT Regeneration Oil Purifier &lparseries TYH&rpar
-Phosphate Ester Fire-Resistant Oil Purifier &lparseries TYA-I&rpar
-Coalescence-Separation Oil Purifier &lparseries TYB&rpar 
-Vacuum turbine oil regeneration purification plant &lparseries TY-R&rpar 
Centrifugal Vacuum Oil Purifier &lparseries CYA&rpar

Other Kind Plants related&colon 
-Highly Effective Vacuum Engine Oil CZPT System &lparseries LYE&rpar
-Portable Oil Purifier &lparseries JL&rpar
-Plate pressure oil purifier plant &lparseries PL&rpar
-Vacuum Diesel Oil Purifier &lparTYA-C&rpar
-Small Portable Edible Oil CZPT CZPT &lparJL-C&rpar
-Transformer oil regeneration device &lparseries TFR&rpar
-CZPT oil tester for transformer oil &lparseries II-J&rpar 
-Coalescence-Separation Oil CZPT
All plants can be designed and equipped with&colon
Enclosed Type&comma Trailer&comma PLC &lparProgrammable Logic Controller&rpar
oil filtration&comma oil purification&comma oil treatment&comma oil purifier&comma oil recycling&comma oil processing&comma oil filtering&comma energy saving&comma oil regeneration&comma oil processor&comma oil filter&comma oil process&comma oil purify&comma oil regenerating&comma oil restoration&comma waste oil disposal&comma oil reclaimed&comma oil reclaiming&comma waste oil management&comma oil regenerate&comma oil reconditioned&comma oil reconstituted&comma oil restituting&comma oil recovering&comma oil recondition&comma oil filters&comma oil refinery&comma oil refiner&comma oil cleaning&comma oil recycle&comma oil reclaiming&comma oil separator&comma oil recovery&comma oil recycle&comma oil reclamation&comma oil refinery&comma oil separation&comma oil purifiers&comma oil recondition

Please speak to us for far more particulars&period 

Transformer Oil Filter Unit, Filtration Plant