Two Spindle Screw Pump with Ex-Proof Motor

Two Spindle Screw Pump with Ex-Proof Motor

Functionality info:
Viscosity: two.~ 100000 mm2/ s
Stream range: 160~ 13350 L/ min
Optimum stress: 2. Mpa
Max. Temperature: 250

Horizontal Mounting

1. A vast selection of transmission medium, with allowable specified volume of impurity in the medium
two. Double layers of structure layout, with thorough heating and thermal insulation for medium, as nicely as sufficient and fast heating
three. A selection of bearing cooling modes available, with far better defense of bearing and extended services daily life

To transfer the fluid medium of a variety of homes such as reduced and high viscosities, with or with no lubricating property, etc., in the meantime, pump the medium with allowable specific quantity of impurities.

The products are widely used in the fields of petroleum & chemical market, metallurgy, steel & iron, electrical power, marine, building supplies, foodstuff, and many others.

> Oil field: Transfer a variety of sump oils, polymers, and crude oils
> CZPT market: Convey numerous petroleum goods
> Shipbuilding: CZPT oil pump, stripping pump, maritime ballast pump, products lubrication pump, gas loading & unloading pump, and many others.
> Metallurgy industry: Circulation oil pump, lubrication oil pump, oil transfer pump
> Thermal electrical power plant: Large oil and crude oil transfer pump, fuel pump, gasoline injector
> Foods industry: Vineyard, foodstuff goods manufacturing unit, sugar refinery, cHangZhou manufacturing unit, and many others.
> Glass business: Large oil pump, gasoline injection pump

Mounting Kind:
Horizontal Mounting

Two Spindle Screw Pump with Ex-Proof Motor