Vacuum Turbine Oil Cleaning System, Turbine Oil Recycling Unit

Vacuum Turbine Oil Cleaning System, Turbine Oil Recycling Unit

Vacuum Waste Turbine Oil Refine Soltution&solTurbine Oil Purifier Remedy
What does this device do&quest
one&period of time Breaking emulsification throughly by indicates of polymeric material&time period
two&period of time Large-efficienently dewatering&colon CZPTly eliminate the liquid water&comma free of charge drinking water and eighty&percnt of dissolved h2o&period
3&period of time CZPT ZN distinctive eliminating inpurities approach&comma make the cleanness not surpass grade 6&lparNAS1638&rpar

THis equipment supply higher-powerful recycling solution for turbine oil&period
Dehydration resolution&colon Dewatering filer merged with vacuum tank and include duplex stereo-evaporation technology&comma rapidly and entirely get rid of the h2o and gas from oil&period 
Impurities-taking away remedy&colon Network filtration blended with higher polymer filtration&comma effectively promise oil cleanness&interval
Heating system&colon CZPT fiber infrared system can efficiently safeguard oil high quality and stay away from undesirable oil good quality&time period
Oil Pump program&colon Use model oil pump to ensure oil top quality and successfully avoild making other impure fuel
Competitive Positive aspects
1&period of time Right after remedy&comma the turbine oil is hard to be emulsified once more&time period
2&interval Its dehydration quantity is massive and it can drain off the drinking water on the web&period of time
three&period of time Prevent lubrication system kind injury and effecitively extend the lifetime of oil and defend turbine and other machines&period
CZPT Parameters 

Item Unit TY-10 TY-20 TY-thirty TY-fifty TY-100 TY-a hundred and fifty TY-two hundred TY-three hundred
Flow price L&solH 600 1200 1800 3000 6000 9000 12000 18000
Vacuum Degree MPa -&period06 ~ -&period095
Doing work Pressure MPa ≤0&period3
Temperature Range ºC 40 ~ 70
H2o Content PPM ≤100
Cleanness NAS ≤6 quality &lparNAS1638&rpar
Demulsification Price min ≤15 &lparGB&solF 7305&rpar
Heating Electricity kW 12 fifteen 18 24 forty five sixty 72 84
Complete Electricity kW fourteen seventeen twenty 27 forty eight sixty six eighty one ninety seven
Inlet&soloutlet Caliber mm twenty five twenty five 25 32 42 fifty fifty sixty
Excess weight kg 400 450 500 600 seven-hundred 900 1050 1550
Dimension Length mm 1280 1350 1350 1400 1500 1500 1600 1800
Width mm 750 900 950 950 one thousand 1200 1350 1400
Peak mm 1450 1450 1500 1600 1650 1800 1800 1850


one&period Insulating oil purifier 

1&period1&period of time Series ZY&colon CZPT vacuum insulation oil purifier 
1&period2&time period Collection ZY-A&colon CZPT Vacuum insulation oil automation purifier 
one&period3&time period Sequence ZY-R&colon CZPT vacuum insulation oil regeneration purifier 
1&period4&interval Series ZYD&colon CZPT Double-stage vacuum insulation oil purifier
one&period5&period Sequence ZYD-A&colon CZPT double-phase vacuum insulation oil automation purifier 
1&period6&period Collection ZYD-R&colon CZPT double-stage vacuum insulation oil regeneration purifier 
one&period7&interval Sequence ZYD-M&colon CZPT Cell Sort Transformer Oil CZPT Plant&comma Oil Recycling
2&period of time Turbine oil purifier 

two&period1&interval Collection TY&colon CZPT vacuum turbine oil purifier 
2&period2&time period Collection TY-R&colon CZPT vacuum turbine oil regeneration purifier 
two&period3&interval Series TY-A&colon CZPT vacuum turbine oil automation purifier
three&interval Lubricating oil purifier 

three&period1&interval Sequence TYA&colon CZPT vacuum lubricating oil purifier 
three&period2&period of time Collection TYA-A &colon CZPT vacuum lubrication oil automation purifier 
3&period3&interval Collection TYC&colon CZPT vacuum lubricating oil regeneration purifier
4&period Motor oil purifier 

Collection LYE&colon CZPT vacuum motor oil purifier
5&period of time Diesel oil&comma gasoline oil and gasoline oil purifier 

Collection TYB&colon CZPT diesel oil&comma gasoline oil and fuel oil purifier
six&interval Transformer oil regeneration device 

Series BZ&colon CZPT BZ transformer oil regeneration unit
seven&interval Multi-Useful oil purifying machine 

Collection ZYB&colon CZPT Multi-Practical oil purifying equipment
8&period of time PL Plate force oil purifier
9&period JL Moveable oil purifying
ten&time period TYD Drinking water oil separator&comma oil purifier device
eleven&period of time CZPT testing oil device

oil filtration&comma oil purification&comma oil treatment&comma oil purifier&comma oil recycling&comma oil processing&comma oil filtering&comma strength conserving&comma oil regeneration&comma oil processor&comma oil filter&comma oil method&comma oil purify&comma oil regenerating&comma oil restoration&comma waste oil disposal&comma oil reclaimed&comma oil reclaiming&comma squander oil management&comma oil regenerate&comma oil reconditioned&comma oil reconstituted&comma oil restituting&comma oil recovering&comma oil recondition&comma oil filters&comma oil refinery&comma oil refiner&comma oil cleansing&comma oil recycle&comma oil reclaiming&comma oil separator&comma oil restoration&comma oil recycle&comma oil reclamation&comma oil refinery&comma oil separation&comma oil purifiers&comma oil recondition

Vacuum Turbine Oil Cleaning System, Turbine Oil Recycling Unit