Cbk Series Hydraulic Pump Cbk-F3.2 Cbk-F5.8 Cbk-F6 Mini Gear Pump

Cbk Series Hydraulic Pump Cbk-F3.2 Cbk-F5.8 Cbk-F6 Mini Gear Pump

CBK Sequence CZPT Pump CBK-F3.two CBK-F5.8 CBK-F6 Mini Gear Pump



Quantity of Objects 1
Design CBK-F2.one CBK-F2.six CBK-F3.2 CBK-F4.2/F5.eight


Speed: 2000rpm

1:Large performance, CBK series gear pump can be up to 95%.

  • 2:Utilize to automobiles, lift programs, agricultural machinery, industrial machinery and a assortment of hydro-mechanical products.
  • 3:Areas basic and simple to care and routine maintenance.
  • four:Can be composed of unique motor oil pump motor pump mixture
  • 5:Can be composed of reduced-stress higher circulation vane pump mixture of substantial and minimal strain pumps, rational use of energy and expense financial savings.

Other solution
CBKP high-strain triple equipment oil pump adopts floating side plate composition, featuring large efficiency, sophisticated framework, sensible performance, large efficiency, reliable doing work performance and powerful anti-air pollution ability. This solution utilizes a high stress skeleton oil seal and a high stress rubber seal to stop the oil pump from leaking under higher load and large force doing work situations. The content is produced of anti-use, high-toughness ductile iron can withstand the higher pressure load of hydraulic gear underneath distinct operating circumstances to stay away from the incidence of cracks. It is suited for hydraulic tools this kind of as development equipment, lifting transportation and mining equipment, as a hydraulic energy CZPT.
Extensive assortment of makes use of loaders, CZPTs, cranes, drilling rigs, fishing vessels, bulldozers, roadheaders and other fields. This product has the attributes of innovative construction, substantial performance, trustworthy efficiency, strong anti-pollution potential and hassle-free routine maintenance. This product adopts higher toughness ductile iron to endure the higher force of hydraulic products under distinct operating situations. The flange link has a diamond flange and a square flange, and the shaft finish type is divided into a flat crucial, a spline, and an involute spline relationship, and the oil port kind is divided into 1 in two out and two in two out. All sizes can be separately modified in accordance to buyer requirements.
Factory immediate CB-Kp50/50/forty triple pump, CB-Kp63/40/32 triple pump, CB-Kp63/fifty/32 triple pump, CB-Kp63/sixty three/32 triple pump, CB-Kp63/sixty three/forty triple Pump, CB-Kp80/fifty/50 triple pump, CB-Kp80/63/32 triple pump, CB-Kp80/63/forty triple pump, CB-Kp80/eighty/32 triple pump, CB-Kp80/eighty/forty triple Pump, CB-Kp100/sixty three/forty triple pump, CB-Kp100/63/50 triple pump, CB-Kp100/eighty/32 triple pump, CB-Kp100/80/40 triple pump, CB-Kp100/80/sixty three triple Pump
   CB-Kp sequence gear pump is the earliest gear pump produced by our business. The pump adopts high-precision gear, the shell is created of pressure-cast aluminum alloy, the axial stress is automatically compensated, and the radial is lined with a toothed leading. . It has the advantages of innovative style, excellent overall performance, minimal sound, light-weight bodyweight and reputable use. CZPT are broadly employed in hydraulic programs of development equipment, engineering equipment, mining equipment, lifting and transportation equipment, petroleum equipment as hydraulic power components.
    CB-Kp sequence gear pumps have eight displacements of 32, forty, fifty, 63, 80, 90, one hundred, one hundred ten, and many others. The front go over flange relationship is divided into sq. and diamond. The collection of oil pumps can change imported pumps.
Manufacturing unit immediate Xugong crane elements / Xugong crane triple equipment pump, CB-Kp50/50/40 triple pump, CB-Kp63/40/32 triple pump, CB-Kp63/fifty/32 triple pump, CB-Kp63/63/32 triple Pump, CB-Kp63/sixty three/40 triple pump, CB-Kp80/fifty/50 triple pump, CB-Kp80/sixty three/32 triple pump, CB-Kp80/63/40 triple pump, CB-Kp80/eighty/32 triple Pump, CB-Kp80/eighty/40 triple pump, CB-Kp100/63/forty triple pump, CB-Kp100/sixty three/fifty triple pump, CB-Kp100/80/32 triple pump, CB-Kp100/80/40 triple Pump, CB-Kp100/80/63 triple pump
Manufacturing unit direct Xugong 8 tons crane triple pump, Xugong 12 tons crane triple pump, Xugong sixteen tons crane triple pump, Xugong twenty tons crane triple pump, Xugong twenty five tons crane triple pump, Xugong thirty tons crane triple pump, Xugong 35 tons crane triple pump , Xugong 40 ton crane triple pump, Xugong fifty ton crane triple pump, Xugong 60 ton crane triple pump, Xugong 65 ton crane triple pump, Xugong 70 ton crane triple pump, Xugong eighty ton crane triple pump, Xugong a hundred ton crane triple pump, Xugong 130 tons crane triple pump and other Xugong QY8-130 tons crane equipment

Substantial strain double pump:
CBGJ1016/1016, CBGJ1032/1032, CBGJ1040/1032, CBGJ1040/1040, CBGJ1040/1032, CBGJ2032/2032, CBGJ2040/2032, CBGJ2040/2040, CBGJ2050/2050, CBGJ2050/2040, CBGJ2063/2063, CBGJ2063/2050, CBGJ2063/ 2032, CBGJ2080/2080, CBGJ2080/2063, CBGJ2080/2050, CBGJ2080/2040, CBGJ2100/2100, CBGJ2100/2080, CBGJ2100/2063, CBGJ2100/2050, CBGJ3160/3100, CBGJ3160/3160, CBGJ3100/3100, CBGJ3140/3100, CBGJ3160 / 3160, CBGJ3100 / 571, CBGJ3100 / 571CBGJ3160 / 0016, CBGJ3160 / 0016, CBGJ2080 / 1016, CBGJ2080 / 571, CBGJ2040 / 571, CBGJ2040 / 0016, CBGJ2060 / 571, CBGJ2063 / 1016, CBZ2063 / 2063, CBZ2063 / 2040, CBZ2100/2100, CBZ2100/2080, CBZ2080/2063, CBZ2063/2050, CBZ2080/2040, CBZ2080/2080, CBZ2050/2050, CBZ2050/2040, CBZ2040/2040, CBZ2040/2032
 Triple equipment pump:
CBGJ2063/2050/2040, CBGJ2063/2050/2050, CBGJ2063/2040/2571, CBGJ2050/2050/2571, CBGJ2050/2040/2032, CBGJ2040/2040/2571, CBGJ2063/2040/2032, CBGJ2063/2040/2571, CBGJ2063/ fifty/forty, CBGJ2063/40/32, CBGJ2032/2032/2032, CBGJ2063/forty/25, CBGJ2050/50/forty, CBGJ2050/forty/twenty five, CBGJ2050/2040/2032, CBZ2063/2040/2040, CBZ2063/2050/ 2050, CBZ2063/2050/2032, CBZ2063/2040/2040, CBZ2040/2032/2032, CBZ2063/2040/2032, CBZ2050/2040/2032, CBZ2063/2032/2032
     The previously mentioned one pump double pump, triple pump, multi pump can be arbitrarily mixed in between the versions, only a component of the over table can be combined in accordance to user requirements.


Cbk Series Hydraulic Pump Cbk-F3.2 Cbk-F5.8 Cbk-F6 Mini Gear Pump