Chemistry Laboratory Double Jacket Pyrolysis Reactor Price

Chemistry Laboratory Double Jacket Pyrolysis Reactor Price

Chemistry CZPT Double Jacket Pyrolysis Reactor Price 


Breif introuction:

    Double-layer glass reactor is designed double-amount glass.The reaction substance is put into the interior,which can be stirred. In the with the different chilly and sizzling medium(refrigetating fluid,hot water and scorching oil),do some warmth circulations and cooling reactions.Underneath the continual temperature and regular strain,as properly as unfavorable stress ,stirring response can be done in seal glass reactor,also back-stream, distillation and many others.

   According to the customer’s specifications and CZPT, we manufacture frequency control speed jacketed glass reactor which has several functions to satisfy types of experiments. That is, we innovate to assemble rectification column and create jacketed glass reactor product line.

CZPT Parameters:

Product S-20L
Voltage 220/110V
Stirring Electrical power(W) a hundred and twenty
Stirring Pace(rpm) ~600(Max. 1300)
Motor  Torque(g/cm) 1200
Reaction Kettle Ability(L) twenty
Stirring  Shaft Diameter 12mm
Explosion-evidence Optional
Discharge Approach Discharge from bottom,glass discharge valve

Functions of Vacuum Jacketed Glass  Reactor:

  • Frequency manage velocity gear motor, smooth working. High torque, no spark,sounds free of charge, long life.
  • The cover is easy to disassemble, clean and put in.
  • Stirring mechanical sealing, keeps high vacuum degree.
  • Glass(PTFE)discharge valve, no dead angle mixing, fast emptying, no residue.
  • GG17 high borosilicate glass, resistance to robust acidic compound, exiperiment temperature -80°C to 250°C.

Depth display:

Generation principle:

Double-glazed made glass reactor, the liner is for reaction solvent, and the jacket for heating or cooling resource(great liquid, sizzling drinking water or sizzling oil), to achieve circulating heating or cooling experiment. And its ancillary products-Large and minimal temperature device which can fulfill purposeful large & low temp response experiments.

S series jacketed glass reactor parameters:

Product S-1L S-2L S-3L S-5L S-10L S-20L S-30L S-50L S-100L
Stirring Power(W) 60 a hundred and twenty one hundred eighty
Stirring Speed(rpm) ~600(Max. 1300)
Stirring  Shaft Diameter 12mm 15mm
Response Kettle Ability(L) one two three five 10 twenty 30 50 one hundred
Electrical power CZPT 220V  50/60 Hz
Motor  Torque(g/cm) 2000 2400 4800 1000 1200 1500 3000
Notice Floor variety 304 all stainless frame
Explosion-evidence one. The stirring electricity (W): 180, 250, 370
two. Power offer: 220V / 50Hz or 110V / 60Hz
a hundred and ten V/60Hz CZPT


Xihu (West Lake) Dis.llary CZPT of Jacketed glass reactor:

one. Circulating water vacuum pump(Desktop type or Vertical sort):

  • Providing a vacuum distillation condition.

two. Reduced temperature cooling liquid circulating pump (CZPT chiller):

  • Offering low temperature liquid for condensation.

three. Circulating drinking water/oil bathtub:

  • Heating gadget.

four. High and lower temperature all-in-a single gadget:

  • Heating and cooling unit.


 1. What’s the max temperature?

Usually the high borosilicate glass can stand up to above three hundred degree centigrade and the PTFE stirring bar can face up to about two hundred diploma centigrade.

 2. What’s the dimension do you have?

We can offer you you 1L,2L,5L, 10L, 20L, 30L, 50L, 100L,150L.

 3. How many kinds of your glass reactor?

Two types: jacketed glass reactor and one layer glass reactor.

Explosion proof  is available.

4. What’s the heating manner of one layer glass reactor?

 Oil/drinking water tub heating, and heating mantle.

 5. Can you offer the supporting facilities?

Indeed, we can offer you you the vacuum, heating and cooling technique as you demand from customers.

six. How will deal glass tools?

We deal these glass tools in very good and Non fumigation CZPT wooden scenario.

-The glass components will be wrapped with foam,then set into the carton the mainbody part will be packed in wooden situations
-Both neutral and CZPT packaging can be obtainable.
-We can ship the merchandise to you by CZPT Express these kinds of as DHL,UPS,TNT,EMS and so on, you can also select the appropriate a single based on your timeline and spending budget. Besides,you can select to use your possess transport agent.

Firm and Support:
HangZhou CZPT CZPTry and CZPT CZPT Co., Ltd. is a CZPT company of lab tools found in the central China.
The main product is high temperature circulating water/oil bathtub,rotary evaporator, short route distillation, glass reactor, circulating drinking water vacuum pump, low temperature reaction bath (slot), cooling chiller,drying oven, high-force reaction kettle, freeze dryer, h2o/oil bath, magnetic heating stirrer, hydrothermal synthesis reactor, heating mantle, elevate jack, etc.
Our business has become a pacesetter of the lab devices in China.

We are assured in providing specialist merchandise and provider you want.
We assure that your inquiry will be received our fast attention.

Chemistry Laboratory Double Jacket Pyrolysis Reactor Price