Healthcare Ce Approved Homeuse Erection Aid Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Medical Equipment

Healthcare Ce Approved Homeuse Erection Aid Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Medical Equipment

2571 new arrival family electricity-pushed erectile dysfunction treatment  medical device erection enhancer

Therapy Application:
Erectile dysfunction/Impotence
CZPTature ejaculation
Sexual operate decrease with ageing process

Treatment method Basic principle & Key Rewards:
Vacuum therapy (VT) utilizes unfavorable force to distend the corporal sinusoids and to enhance the blood influx to the penis.Based on its function, VT could be utilised as

  1. Vacuum constriction device (VCD), with the support of an external constricting ring which is positioned at the foundation of penis to prevent blood outflow, preserving the erection for sexual intercourse.
  2. Vacuum erectile system (VED), with out the software of a constriction ring, just increases blood oxygenation to the corpora cavernosa for treatment goal.

– Above 90% good results rate
– Risk-free,drug cost-free,pain-free,non-invasive and simple to use
– Drawing blood flow to the penis
– Works in a normal way to generate an erection
– CZPT & Water therapeutic massage on penis
– CZPTtroacupuncture remedy (optional) with electrode pad to take care of erectile dysfunction
– The inducing gadget can be utilised along with your impotency nutritional supplements
– Vacuum therapy can help to re-issue penile tissue and increase the size of 
an erection.

– Patients with extreme coronary heart condition.
– Skin damage, an infection ought to not use the electrode.
– CZPTtrode must not be utilized in subcutaneous hemorrhage spot.
– Individuals with implantable digital gadgets.
– Malignant tumor clients.
– Coagulation in individuals with infectious conditions.
– Penile trauma heritage, genital malformations.
– Doctors believe that it is not ideal for utilization.

Primary Parameters:

CZPTtric Frequency Units(Optional)  CZPTtronic frequency therapy method: seven treatment method modes routinely change
Time management assortment: ~60 minutes
Vacuum Treatment Treatment Units(Drinking water/Air Therapeutic massage) Negative force Intensity
(therapeutic massage frequency) :
Adverse force technique output negative strain: ≤ .04mpa, repeatedly adjustable
Time control assortment: ~99 minutes
CZPT perfusion and automatic drainage: obtainable
Input power: ≤120VA
Doing work Condition one) ambient temperature: +5ºC ~ +40ºC
2) relative humidity: twenty% ~ 90%
three) atmospheric stress: seven hundred hPa ~ 1060 hPa
4) functioning voltage: AC220V±22V,
five) services frequency: 50Hz±1Hz
six) the instrument shall perform away from the setting with strong magnetic subject interference and keep away from immediate sunlight.

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Business Profile:
HangZhou Jiutouniao CZPT CZPTs CZPT Co.,Ltd regarded as nationwide high-tech organization has been dedicating alone into developing and manufacturing household & clinic health care rehabilitation instruments because 2006. Jiutouniao has now been granted with complete 31 patents like 18 licensed patents,two invention patents and eleven utility model patents and has a total sequence of detecting,diagnostic and treatment,goods covering Vacuum Treatment Erectile Dysfunction CZPT,Red & Blue Gentle Remedy CZPT,Photodynamic Laser Treatment method CZPT, Semiconductor Laser Therapy CZPT,sperm analyzer and so forth.Jiutouniao will carry on to produce cutting-edge technologies medical merchandise to permit human to share overall health and contentment !


Healthcare Ce Approved Homeuse Erection Aid Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Medical Equipment