HVAC R134A Manifold Gauge, Air Conditioning Pressure Manifold Gauge

HVAC R134A Manifold Gauge, Air Conditioning Pressure Manifold Gauge

CZPT R134a manifold gauge,air conditioning strain manifold gauge

one.High strain or lower pressure are on your selection

2.Packing with shade box

Item Parameters

Title Relationship Hose Duration Hose Color Functioning Pressure Burst Stress

Brass or aluminm alloy manifold gauge established

one/4″ SAE



500PSI 2500PSI
600PSI 3000PSI
 800PSI 4000PSI

We suggpy :
copper tube, copper coil, copper fitting (elbow, coupling, tee, P-Entice, U bend, cross tee, cap, copper adaptor), brass fitting (brass nut, brass union, brass tee), copper brazing rod, hand valve (flare kind and solder kind), sight glass
manifold gauge, manifold established, swift coupler, can tap valve, piercing valve, accessibility valve, charging hose
CZPT/R tool (Mini Cutter: CT-126, CT-127, CT-128
CZPT Pipe Cutter: CT-174, CT-274, CT-312, CT-a hundred and five, CT-107, CT-1030, CT-1031, CT-206, CT-207, CT-106, CT-104, CT-1015, CT-1571, CT-1036
PVC cutter: CT-1060
flaring tube expander (flare tool): CT-195, CT-395, CT-525, CT-103, CT-203, CT-2571, CT-one hundred ninety, CT-191, CT-1226, CT-1227, CT-8018, CT-8571, CT-8011, CT-275, CT-278, CT-277, CT-92, CT-ninety nine, CT-89, CT-2026, CT-808, CT-800, CT-808A, CT-907, CT-100, CT-two hundred, CT-three hundred
tube bender: CT-999, CT-368, CT-369, CT-366, CT-5060, CT-5065, CT-5055, CT-364, Spring tube bender: CT-102
copper internal-outer reamer: CT-208, CT-209
Fin Straightener: CT-351, CT-352
A Pinch Off Pliers: CT-204
B Pinch off Pliers: CT-201
Capillary tube cutter: CT-1104
deburring resource: CT-210
Ratchet Wrench: CT-122, CT-123)
refrigeration hinges and latches for chilly area
refrigeration strain controller, solenoid valve, circulation switch, vibration absorber
copper filter drier, refrigeration filter drier, oil seperator, gas seperator, filter cylinder, liquid receiver, 4-way reversing valve
vacuum pump
insulation pipe, insulation tape
axial supporter motor, shaded pole motor, relay, thermostat, defrost timer, hold off on make timer
run capacitor, begin capacitor, pressure switch, AC supporter, DC fan
A/C bracket, A/C diffuser, air conditioner indoor device
condenser, wire tube condenser, air cooler, evaporator, ice maker evaporator, compressor, rotary compressor, pre-insulated copper coil, compressor valve
condenser device, compressor device, semi-hermetic compressor device.


HVAC R134A Manifold Gauge, Air Conditioning Pressure Manifold Gauge