Loyo Brand Model: 28: 1 Pressure Ratio 220 Bar Output High Pressure Pneumatic Hydraulic Test Pump

Loyo Brand Model: 28: 1 Pressure Ratio 220 Bar Output High Pressure Pneumatic Hydraulic Test Pump

LYQ100 series solitary action air pump

We are professional company for high stress pumps and valves with large and secure good quality, and we have manufactured many pressure testing system answers for many buyers.

Characteristics :
Compact look
Lower sound sounds during operation
-40C-80CUse medium temperature: -40C to 80C
278MPa(4571PSI)The highest strain can get to 278MPa (4571PSI)
.2MPa(29PSI)-1MPa(145PSI)Air resource stress .2MPa (29PSI) to 1MPa (145PSI)
The hydraulic stop is produced of stainless steel pump human body for use in cleanse drinking water, oil or other media
Patent reversing technologies, low chance of card pump, efficiently fix the difficulty of commutation dead zone
.(An additional: special button recovery system style, can also permit the pump speedily resume function).

CZPT Information

 Type   Ratio displace-
Max.Output Pres-
MPa PSI approxi-
LYQ100-278 278 two. 278 4571 .22
LYQ100-156 156 three.5 156 22620 .39
LYQ100-100 100 5.5 a hundred 14500 .sixty
LYQ100-sixty nine 69 7.nine 6 10005 .87
LYQ100-fifty one fifty one 10.eight 51 7395 one.19
LYQ100-forty four forty four twelve.4 44 6380 1.36
LYQ100-39 39 fourteen.1 39 5655 one.fifty five
LYQ100-31 31 17.8 31 4495 one.ninety six
LYQ100-25 25 22. twenty five 3625 2.42
LYQ100-21 21 26.6 21 3045 2.93
LYQ100-16 sixteen 34.4 sixteen 2320 3.seventy eight
LYQ100-eleven 11 49.5 eleven 1595 five.forty four

How to Pick the correct pump
 1.Data for pump style
    The following parameters are required for developing and selecting pumps:

  1. Essential functioning pressure
  2. Wanted pump ability at running pressure
  3. Offered air drive stress
  4. Medium
  5. Temperature of the medium
  6. Ambient Temperature

    Based on the software, you may need additional information.For a lot more detailed specification and functionality knowledge , remember to contact us straight by e mail or phone.- we are content to assist in the designing procedure.
2.Needed running pressure and pump capability
Technical specs of pump functioning pressures are in essence dependent on an air generate strain of PL = 10 bar (a hundred forty five psi). The running pressure (PB) can be determined by multiplying the pressure ratio of the pump(i) by the obtainable air generate force (PL) PB= i × PL.

    3.Specs of pump potential at the respective outlet pressure can be located in the pump potential tables adhering to  Medium
The pump product must be chosen to match the medium to be pumped, as it is the houses of this medium which decide the requirements for the sealing components and the wetted components.
LOYO  pumps are appropriate for a massive selection of media. Normal designs are obtainable for oil and drinking water and for a lot of unique media.
    4.Dimensions and fat
    Some purposes demand special pump proportions and weights. You should refer to the tables and choice lists for our pump series for more details about this as well as on the availability of the
Purposes include:
• Force tests
• Function holding/electrical power clamping
• Jacking/lifting
• Valve actuator control
• CZPT cylinder actuation
• Push basic safety overload devices
• Roller tensioning
• Metering
• CZPT lubrication and spraying
• Liquefied gas transfer

Following services
To fulfill the customs, HangZhou loyo hydraulics machinery co.,Ltd supplies the customers with before-sale, in revenue and put up-sale full regard companies.

Product of provider
• CZPT training CZPT evaluation
• Installation and debugging Troubleshoot
• Upkeep Update and advancement
• Commitment to the provider

  1. Soon after signing the agreement, ship engineer for remote assisting installation and debugging.
  2. One particular-year warranty. Offer technical support free of charge all-daily life of the items.
  3. Hold all-lifestyle getting in touch with with clientele, get feedback on use of the gear and make the items quality regularly perfected.
  4. Scorching-line of provider is offered in 24h, responded in 8h.

Loyo Brand Model: 28: 1 Pressure Ratio 220 Bar Output High Pressure Pneumatic Hydraulic Test Pump