Loyo Brand Model: Dggd64 Pneumatic Piston Liquid Pump for Testing

Loyo Brand Model: Dggd64 Pneumatic Piston Liquid Pump for Testing

LYQ100 series one action air pump

We are specialist producer for high pressure pumps and valves with higher and stable high quality, and we have made many pressure testing method options for several consumers.

Features :
Compact physical appearance
Lower sound noise for the duration of operation
-40C-80CUse medium temperature: -40C to 80C
278MPa(4571PSI)The greatest pressure can get to 278MPa (4571PSI)
.2MPa(29PSI)-1MPa(145PSI)Air supply strain .2MPa (29PSI) to 1MPa (145PSI)
The hydraulic finish is manufactured of stainless steel pump entire body for use in thoroughly clean water, oil or other media
Patent reversing technology, minimal likelihood of card pump, properly resolve the dilemma of commutation useless zone
.(Yet another: unique button restoration system layout, can also permit the pump speedily resume perform).


 Type   Ratio displace-
Max.Output Pres-
MPa PSI approxi-
LYQ100-278 278 2. 278 4571 .22
LYQ100-156 156 3.five 156 22620 .39
LYQ100-one hundred one hundred five.5 one hundred 14500 .sixty
LYQ100-69 69 seven.9 six 10005 .87
LYQ100-fifty one fifty one ten.eight fifty one 7395 1.19
LYQ100-forty four forty four 12.4 forty four 6380 1.36
LYQ100-39 39 fourteen.one 39 5655 one.fifty five
LYQ100-31 31 17.8 31 4495 one.ninety six
LYQ100-25 25 22. 25 3625 two.42
LYQ100-21 21 26.six 21 3045 two.93
LYQ100-16 16 34.4 sixteen 2320 3.78
LYQ100-eleven eleven 49.5 eleven 1595 5.forty four

How to Select the appropriate pump
 1.Info for pump design and style
    The subsequent parameters are essential for planning and deciding on pumps:

  1. Required running strain
  2. Desired pump capacity at functioning pressure
  3. Available air travel pressure
  4. Medium
  5. Temperature of the medium
  6. Ambient Temperature

    Depending on the software, you may possibly demand extra info.For more detailed specification and functionality information , please make contact with us directly by email or phone.- we are happy to assist in the developing process.
2.Required operating force and pump capacity
Technical specs of pump functioning pressures are essentially based on an air drive stress of PL = 10 bar (a hundred forty five psi). The operating force (PB) can be established by multiplying the force ratio of the pump(i) by the available air push pressure (PL) PB= i × PL.

    three.Requirements of pump ability at the respective outlet strain can be located in the pump potential tables following  Medium
The pump model ought to be selected to match the medium to be pumped, as it is the houses of this medium which decide the demands for the sealing supplies and the wetted components.
LOYO  pumps are suited for a big range of media. Regular designs are obtainable for oil and drinking water and for many unique media.
    4.Dimensions and bodyweight
    Some purposes need particular pump dimensions and weights. Make sure you refer to the tables and alternative lists for our pump sequence for much more info about this as effectively as on the availability of the
Apps consist of:
• Strain testing
• Perform keeping/power clamping
• Jacking/lifting
• Valve actuator management
• CZPT cylinder actuation
• Push security overload products
• Roller tensioning
• Metering
• CZPT lubrication and spraying
• Liquefied fuel transfer

Following service
To satisfy the customs, HangZhou loyo hydraulics equipment co.,Ltd provides the end users with ahead of-sale, in product sales and submit-sale complete respect companies.

Merchandise of services
• CZPT training CZPT analysis
• Set up and debugging Troubleshoot
• Servicing Update and enhancement
• Determination to the provider

  1. Right after signing the agreement, deliver engineer for remote assisting installation and debugging.
  2. One particular-yr warranty. Supply specialized help cost-free all-lifestyle of the merchandise.
  3. Preserve all-daily life making contact with with clients, get feedback on use of the equipment and make the products top quality continuously perfected.
  4. Very hot-line of service is available in 24h, responded in 8h.

Loyo Brand Model: Dggd64 Pneumatic Piston Liquid Pump for Testing