Precision Stability Good Quality Dustproof Hot Oven

Precision Stability Good Quality Dustproof Hot Oven

CZPT Balance Good CZPT Dustproof Sizzling Oven

Brief introduction & software&colon

CZPT Security Good CZPT Dustproof Hot Oven is widely employed to take a look at supplies efficiency in high

temperature take a look at problem&interval It is extensively used to Circuit boards&comma digital ingredient&comma photoelectric

gadget&comma electroplating metallic&comma plastic chemical business&comma printing business&comma processing coating&comma ceramic

glass and transformer&comma inductance coil&comma motor coil baking&comma drying&comma ageing&comma and so forth


Specific oven or cupboard dryers are mainly utilised for drying&comma baking&comma sterilization of non – risky items and

warmth&period of time Therapy check for mining enterprises&comma schools&comma health-related and scientific research&interval Particularly for

at the same time drying of distinct types of polymers in modest portions for drying resources for demo

molding&period of time They can also be applied in digital engineering&comma electroplating&comma and pharmacy&comma paint baking&comma

printing industries&comma and so on&interval For preheating or drying related merchandise&period


1&comma Delivering a collection of steady and dependable precision oven&comma KOV exact oven inside of the box dimension is divided into eight sorts of CZPT technical specs&comma can meet various needs&time period

2&comma Forced air supply circulation technique and the specific outlet design to make certain excellent humidity and temperature uniformity&time period

3&comma LED electronic temperature controller&comma easy procedure and bring you pleased client knowledge&period of time

4&comma Air-exhausting System is optional&interval Other extremely substantial temperature oven collection can achieve 500 º C are accessible upon CZPT&time period

We assure you of our very best solutions at all instances&period of time

Model YPO-072 YPO-270 YPO-480 YPO-600 YPO-720
Inner chanber size W&astH&astD&lparmm&rpar four hundred&ast450&ast400 600&ast900&ast500 800&ast1000&ast600 1000&ast1000&ast600 1200&ast1000&ast600
Exterior chanber size W&astH&astD&lparmm&rpar 750&ast1100&ast550 1150&ast1650&ast740 1300&ast1700&ast840 1500&ast1750&ast840 1850&ast1750&ast840
Temperature Range Room temperature 10ºC ´ 200ºC&lpar300ºC&rpar
Efficiency Temperature control accuracy  &pm0&period3ºC
Temperature uniformity &pm1ºC
Temperature resolution &period1ºC
Clean class Class100´class1000
Heat-up time 30minutes
Substance Exterior chamber material  CZPT steel plate&plusPowder Coated
Interior chamber material  SUS&num304stainless steel plate
Insulation  PU & Fiberglass wool
System Wind Circulation  Sirocco fan
Heating system  SUS&num304 stainless steel high-speed heater
Controller  Omron E5AZ controller
Other components  cable port&lpar60mm&rpar&commacontrol status indicator lights&commaloading shelves&lpar2pcs for free&rpar
Safety Devices  Overheating circuit-breaker&comma compressor overload protection&comma control system overload protection&commahumidifying system overheating protection&comma breakdow indicator light
Power supply  AC380V 60&sol50Hz
Customization Customization of inner chamber size&comma temperature & humidity range etc&period

We can provide you before long soon after you have confirmed which one particular product is suited for you&comma thanks&period of time

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Precision Stability Good Quality Dustproof Hot Oven