Rotary Lobe Pump for Honey

Rotary Lobe Pump for Honey

                         UTP rotary lobe pump

UTP rotary lobe pump is the introduction of our organization, digestion of foreign sophisticated technologies
layout and manufacture of double-rotor optimistic displacement pump. Following many years of mindful investigation, the merchandise technology, producing and efficiency have attained the international superior amount. In purchase to fulfill the market demand, we via several years of specialized improvement and improvement, released the chemical sort, food kind, standard sort and other types of pump. In purchase to meet the demands of distinct resources and manufacturing procedure, the main elements and sealing system of the solution undertake diverse supplies and different sealing forms in accordance to diverse traits of the medium, which increases the expert conveying functionality and software range of the item.

Working principle
The rotor pump in the driving shaft pushed by two synchronous reverse rotation of the rotor (the
quantity of cotyledons for 2~8 leaves) in the procedure of rotation at the inlet quantity gets bigger to produce suction (vacuum),
suction components, in the pump outlet volume becomes smaller sized, the material out from out force out, to accomplish the conveying of
components. The mechanical energy input by the primary shaft of the pump is transformed into the strain power of the conveyed fluid
through the pump. The flow price of the pump relies upon on the volume value of the operating chamber and its speed, and (theoretically)
has nothing at all to do with the discharge pressure.

Rotor pump functioning theory diagram
in the method of rotation at the inlet volume gets to be more substantial to make suction (vacuum),
suction supplies, in the pump outlet quantity turns into smaller, the content out from out stress out, to accomplish the conveying of resources.

Rotor introduction
(1) Two-lobe rotor: Ideal for components with viscosity above 8000cp, poor fluidity, and tiny and medium-sized particles.
(two) Three-bladed rotor: CZPT stability and quiet
performance is exceptional, geared up with this type of rotor pump in the operate of
numerous functionality stability, suited for conveying a wide range of supplies. This kind of rotor is by far the most commonly utilized.
(three) Leafy rotor: This kind of rotor is generally used for low velocity, small stream high prerequisite of force with flow and output steadiness.

Seal Introduction
Seal sort: CZPT seal 
Seal configuration: Standard mechanical seal Drinking water cooling mechanical seal Oillubrication mechanical seal double mechanical seal.
Materials: difficult alloy, silicon carbide, graphite, and so on.
Seal O ring material: Nitrile rubber, fluorine rubber, fluorine rubber, fluorine rubber, etc.
Notice: special circumstances can be geared up with packing seal.

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Rotary Lobe Pump for Honey