Stainless Steel Cam Rotor Pump for Food, Inox Liquid Transfer

Stainless Steel Cam Rotor Pump for Food, Inox Liquid Transfer

Tag:CZPT Metal Cam Rotor Pump for Foodstuff, Inox Liquid Transfer

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Operating basic principle 
Rotor pump is also named rotary lobe epump, 3-lobe pump, sole pump,and so on. When the 2 simultaneous reverse rotating rotors(with two-four gears)revolve, it makes suction force at the inlet(vacuum),which intakes the substance sent.The 2 rotors divide the rotor housing into a lot of smaller sized parts and revo-Ive in the sequence of a→b→c→d. When it revolves to situation a,only housing I is crammed with mediumwhen it revolves to placement b,housing B encloses element of the medium,when it goes to situation c,housing A encloses medium,and last but not least it goes to situation d,then housing A,B and II are interlinked and the medium is transported to the outlet.As this approach is recurring, medium (content) is transpor-ted constantly.
CZPT Parameters

Model Relution(L/100R) Speed(rpm) Movement(L/h) Electrical power(kw)
High definition-3 3L 200-five hundred three hundred-800 .55
High definition-six 6L two hundred-500 650-1600 .75
Hd-eight 8L 200-five hundred 850-2160 1.five
Hd-12 12L 200-five hundred 1300-3200 two.two
High definition-20 20L two hundred-500 2100-5400 three
High definition-thirty 30L two hundred-400 3200-6400 4
High definition-36 36L two hundred-400 3800-7600 four
Hd-fifty two 52L two hundred-four hundred 5600-11000 5.five
Hd-sixty six 66L 200-four hundred 7100-14000 7.5
High definition-seventy eight 78L 200-four hundred 9000-18000 seven.five
High definition-one hundred 100L 200-four hundred 11000-22000 11
Hd-135 125L two hundred-four hundred 15000-300000 15
Hd-a hundred and sixty 160L 200-four hundred 17000-34000 eighteen.5
Hd-two hundred 200L two hundred-400 21600-43000 22

Attribute of rotor pump
Lobe pump belongs to positive displacement pump, movement can be controlled properly and can adjust to variable pump conveniently.
The rotation speed of lobe pump is quite reduced, typically between 100rpm and 500rpm, the materials is despatched out easily and the ingredient is not altered. 
Lobe pump can transfer high viscosity materials, so it also known as colloid pump.
Lobe pump can be produced as rather high output strain conveniently, appropriate to long distance or higher resistance dosing transfer.
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Stainless Steel Cam Rotor Pump for Food, Inox Liquid Transfer