Vacuum Hydraulic Oil Purifier, Hydraulic Oil Recycling Plant

Vacuum Hydraulic Oil Purifier, Hydraulic Oil Recycling Plant


Widely used to power&comma metallurgic&comma mine&comma mechanical&comma chemical&comma producing and foodstuff processing industries for purification of hydraulic oil&comma freezing device oil&comma solute push oil&comma gear oil&comma vacuum pump oil&comma engine oil and warmth remedy oil&interval

Robust functionality of breaking emulsification
The combination of coalescing separation and vacuum dewatering
Far more deeply and precisely FH rectangular filtering technique
CZPT’s unique technologies with H&period of time P&time period M substantial polymeric adsorbing materials

This equipment can rapidly degas&comma dewater&comma and get rid of the impurities and the unstable matter &lpar for example ethyl liquor&comma gasoline&comma ammonia and so on &rpar&interval It improves the oil top quality&comma restores the lubricating oil viscosity&comma flash position and enhances the oil ability&interval Confirmed the hydraulic technique&comma dynamic system and lubricating program running normally&time period

CZPT Parameter

Item Unit TYA-ten TYA-twenty TYA-thirty TYA-50 TYA-one hundred TYA-one hundred fifty TYA-two hundred TYA-three hundred
Flow Rate L&solmin 10 twenty thirty fifty a hundred one hundred fifty 200 300
Vacuum Degree MPa -&period06 ~ -&period095
Working Pressure MPa ≤0&period4
Temperature Range ºC 0 ~ 100
Water Content PPM ≤100
Cleanness NAS ≤6 grade
Power CZPT   50Hz 380V&lparor as needed&rpar
Working Noise dB&lparA&rpar ≤75 ≤75 ≤75 ≤78 ≤78 ≤78 ≤80 ≤82
Demulsification value  min New oil ≤15min&comma running oil ≤30min
Heating power kW 36 forty forty five seventy two 80 90 one hundred twenty 135
Total power KW 38 forty two forty seven 75 87 one zero one 135 147
Inlet&soloutlet caliber mm twenty five 25 25 32 forty two 50 fifty sixty
Weight Kg 450 550 600 750 850 one thousand 1200 1500
Dimension mm 1500×1000×1200 1500×1050×1600 1500×1050×1650 1600×1150×1700 1750×1250×1800 1900×1600×1950 1900×1700×2000 2100×1700×2100

Our Principal CZPT&colon

Series ZY Solitary-Stage Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier
Series ZYD Double High Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier
Series ZYB Multiply-Purpose insulating oil treatment equipment
Collection TY Turbine Oil CZPT Equipment
Collection TYA Lubricating oil&sol hydraulic oil purification device
Collection LYE Engine oil recycling system
Collection TYB Moveable gentle Gasoline oil purification equipment
Series PL Plate strain oil purifier
Series TYD Vacuum dehydrator
Series EFD Explosion defense filtration equipment
Series JL Moveable oil filtering and oiling device
Series IIJ Oil Tester &lparBDV Tester&rpar

Vacuum Hydraulic Oil Purifier, Hydraulic Oil Recycling Plant