40000psi 300HP High Pressure Water Blasting Pump

40000psi 300HP High Pressure Water Blasting Pump

40000psi 300hp High Strain Plunger Pump

Short Introductions:
The Megajet product 4240 is able of electricity input up to three hundred horsepower and flows* approaching twelve gallons per moment at forty,000 psi. It is the most advanced and efficient substantial horsepower waterblast pump in the business. Combining the toughness and durability of a established power end workhorse with the unparalleled simplicity, services-ability, and flexibility of the UNx fluid stop style, Jetstream bareshaft pumps are the very best option for those building their very own technique or replacing a challenging, worn, or unreliable pump.

Features UNx Fluid Stop:
.Excellent performance
.Higher flexibility in the field
.Reduced downtime and maintenance

UNx Energy End Features
• Pressurized electrical power end lubrication with oil filter, cooler and low oil degree shutdown
• Forged metal shotpeened crankshaft
• Middle roller bearings assist crankshaft
• Gear pack permits immediate coupling to motor

CZPT Specifications:

Plungers Max. Operation Pressure Pump Velocity Selection
# Stroke psi bar
in mm RPM
3 4.twenty five 108 40000 2758 a hundred and fifty-500

Electrical power Conclude Specs:

Max. Power Enter Max. Frame Load Complete Weight Pump Oil Variety Pump Oil Capacity
hp kw lb N lb kg gal l
300 224 17500 77900 970 440 80w-90 9 34

Fluid Conclude Requirements:

Typical Purposes:


40000psi 300HP High Pressure Water Blasting Pump