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Product Description

Type code
Type code
01         02            03           04           05                          06           07                          08           09           10           11           12           13
  A10V(S) O     / 31   V            
Version                                                                                                                                                                  18     28     45     71     88    100   140
01 Standard version (without code)                  
High-speed version (external dimensions are the same as the standard version)         H  
Axial piston unit
02 Swashplate design, variable, nominal pressure 280 bar, maximum pressure 350 bar   A10VS  
Operating mode
03 Pump, open circuit O  
Size (NG)
04 Geometric displacement, see table of values on pages 6 and 7 18 28 45 71 88 100 140    
Control device
05 Two-point control, direct operated               DG  
Pressure controller                 hydraulic               DR  
  with flow controller            hydraulic X-T open               DFR  
X-T plugged with flushing function               DFR1  
X-T plugged without flushing function               DRSC  
with flow and differential pressure control, electrically variable               EF1)  
with pressure cut-off hydraulic       remote controlled               DRG  
electrical       negative control = 12 V               ED71  
= 24 V               ED72  
electrical       positive control = 12 V               ER71  
= 24 V               ER72  
Pressure-flow CZPT control             DFLR  
06 Series 3, index 1 31  
Direction of rotation
07 Viewed on drive shaft clockwise R  
counter-clockwise L  
Sealing material
08 FKM (fluoroelastomer) V  
Drive shaft                                                                                                                                                            18     28     45     71     88    100   140
09 Splined shaft ANSI B92.1a standard shaft               S  
similar to shaft “S” however for higher input torque           R  
reduced diameter, limited suitability for through drive (see table of values, page 9)             U  
same as “U”, higher torque; limited suitability for through drive (see table of values, page 9)             W  
Mounting flange
10 ISO 3019-1 (SAE) 2-hole               C  
4-hole   D  
1)   See data sheet 92709


Type code
01         02            03           04           05                          06           07                          08           09           10           11           12           13
  A10V(S) O     / 31   V            
Working port                                                                                                                                                       18     28     45     71     88    100   140
11 SAE flange ports according to J518
Working ports
Fastening thread
metric; rear
not for through drive         11  
Fastening thread
metric; lateral top bottom
for through drive           12  
SAE flange ports according to J518
Working ports
Fastening thread
UNF; rear
not for through drive         61  
Fastening thread
UNF; lateral top bottom
for through drive           62  
Through drive (for mounting options, see page 53)
12 Flange ISO 3019-1                  Hub for splined shaft2)
Diameter                                Diameter
18     28     45     71     88    100   140  
without through drive               N00  
82-2 (A) 5/8 in     9T 16/32DP               K01  
3/4 in     11T 16/32DP               K52  
101-2 (B) 7/8 in     13T 16/32DP             K68  
1 in         15T 16/32DP           K04  
127-2 (C) 1 1/4 in  14T 12/24DP         K07  
1 1/2 in  17T 12/24DP     K24  
152-4 (D)                               1 3/4 in  13T 8/16DP   K174)  
Connectors for solenoids3)
13 Without connector (without solenoid, with hydraulic control only, without code)                  
DEUTSCH – molded connector, 2-pin, without suppressor diode               P  
   =  Available       ○   =  On request      –  =  Not CZPT
   Note the project plHangZhou notes on page 59.
   In addition to the type code, please specify the rel- evant technical data when placing your order.

Hydraulic fluids
Hydraulic fluids
The A10V(S)O variable pump is designed for operation with HLP mineral oil according to DIN 51524.
Application instructions and requirements for hydraulic fluids should be taken from the following data sheets before the start of project plHangZhou:
   95710: CZPT ulic fluids based on mineral oils and related hydrocarbons
   95711: CZPT ally acceptable hydraulic fluids
   95712: HFD hydraulic fluids (for permissible technical
data, see data sheet 95715)
Notes on selection of hydraulic fluid
The hydraulic fluid should be selected such that the operat- ing viscosity in the operating temperature range is within the optimum range (νopt see selection diagram).
At no point of the component may the temperature be higher than 115 °C. The temperature difference specified in the table is to be taken into account when determining the viscosity in the bearing.
If the above conditions cannot be maintained due to extreme operating parameters, please contact the respon-
sible member of staff at Bosch CZPT .
Viscosity and temperature of hydraulic fluids
Viscosity Temperature Comment  
Cold start                     νmax ≤ 1600 mm2/s θSt ≥ -40 °C ≤ 1 min, without load (≤ 30 bar), ≤ 1000 rpm  
Permissible temperature difference ΔT ≤ 25 K between axial piston unit and hydraulic fluid  
Warm-up phase             ν < 1600 to 400 mm2/s θ = -40 °C to -25 °C Note the detailed information on operation with low tempera- tures, see data sheet 90300-03-B  
Continuous operation   ν = 400 to 10 mm2/s   this corresponds, for VG 46 for example, to a temperature range of +5 °C to +85 °C (see selection diagram)  
  θ = -25 °C to +110 °C measured at port LL1
observe the permissible temperature range of the shaft seal
    (ΔT = approx. 5 K between the bearing/shaft seal and port LL1)  
νopt = 36 to 16 mm2/s   Range of optimum operating viscosity and efficiency  
Short-term operation    νmin  7 mm2/s   < 1 min, < 0.3 • pnom  
   Selection diagram      
Maximum permissible viscosity for cold start 1600
Warm-up phase      
Minimum permissible viscosity for short-term operation 7
-25 -10   0    10 30        50 70       90 115  
Temperature θ [°C]
                X-T plugged without flushing function              

Filtration of the hydraulic fluid
Finer filtration improves the cleanliness level of the hydrau- lic fluid, which increases the service life of the axial piston unit.
A cleanliness level of at least 20/18/15 is to be maintained according to ISO 4406.
At very high hydraulic fluid temperatures (90 °C to maxi- mum 115 °C), cleanliness level 19/17/14 according to at least ISO 4406 is necessary.
Please contact us if the above classes cannot be observed.

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