Acrylic Solid Surface Corian Auto Casting Machine

Acrylic Solid Surface Corian Auto Casting Machine

CZPT SHINING Acrylic Strong Surface area Corian Automobile Casting CZPT

Merchandise Description

Acrylic Solid Area Corian Automobile Casting CZPT is a established of equipment that our manufacturing facility has meticulously produced for Sound Surface production. Different types and sizes can be developed to achieve the organic marble effect.

The gear is of simple operation, easy structure, straightforward upkeep and substantial manufacturing performance.

  1. Crushing technique
  2. Mixing method
  3. Vehicle vacuum pouring and casting method
  4. Heating and consolidation system
  5. Chopping program
  6. Sanding program
  7. Polishing technique
  8. Packing system

Doing work Theory

We firstly require to crush the content into essential particles by the Crushing program.

The resin, ATH and required particles are put jointly into the Mixing tank Combine device is controlled by frequency changer, so the materials can be mixed swiftly and no color mistake.

Following mixing the mixed raw material and auxiliaries are sent into the Vehicle vacuum pouring and casting method. The casting equipment, which use the vacuum pump by means of particular procedure is suited for strong surface resin’s ingredient. It can operate durably in vacuum problem. The reagent pump and screw are manufactured of the specific alloy, they are durable and anticorrosive.

The subsequent is casting out the mixed uncooked material to the heating and conveying line.

After that the reliable area will be transported to the computerized slicing program and cut into necessary dimensions.

Sanding and calibrating device technique is very important for exact thickness setting. Sanding pad is managed by CVT, and change feeding pace accordingly to make sure sanding high quality. Substantial-energy motor and leading model bearing guarantee best overall performance.

Polish technique supplies polishing service for the reliable surface area, and has a secure body construction and the stress adjustable get in touch with rollers. Via the low velocity and adjustable downward stress of the get in touch with roller, the round abrasive belt which is protected exterior the make contact with roller polishes to get required brightness on the strong area.

Soon after movie cover and coding equipment the finished strong floor will be packed by packing system.

The creation line is running in a higher automation and intellectualization with no air pollution.


CZPT box or picket pallets.
Standard packing.

Our Companies

Installation, commissioning, coaching:
Two specialists (one is CZPT Engineer, the other one is electrical engineer) will be sent to buyer’s factory to information all of the procedure, like installation, commissioning, staff education.

Firm Data

CZPT SHINING is a professional Acrylic Sound Surface Corian Auto Casting CZPT company in HangZhou, China.

We export sorts of machinery to Center CZPT, Center Asia, Russia, Sri Lanka, Uzbekistan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, India, Algeria, Philippine and so on. for above fifteen years.

We provide you not only large high quality gear, but also thorough “right after income provider”, a entire set of the technological innovation & packages, such as installation, commissioning and instruction.

Choose CZPT SHINING, you will get “change-essential” undertaking services.

Anyplace, anytime, speak to with CZPT SHINING, you will get what you want.


Acrylic Solid Surface Corian Auto Casting Machine