Air Custom Rifle Diving Bottle Piston High Pressure Air Pcp Hand Pump with ce certificate top quality low price

Product Description

Air rifle Diving bottle piston high pressure air pcp hand pump

Competitive prices—–Factory to the retailer, without any distributors
·  Fast delivery——   In stock local warehouse
·  Quality & CZPT tity—— Mass production,CNC process
·  Door-to-door service—— The seller is responsible for CZPT s clearance management
·  Lifetime warranty—— Free original repair spare parts provided to retailers

Tech Spec.

Pump Chamber: 3-Stage   Output Nut: M10*1 Or 1/8 BSP or 1/8 NPT
Max Pressure: 4500psi/310bar Quick Connector: 8mm
Net CZPT ght: 4.85 lbs/ 2.2Kg Model Number: 16122
Hose Length: 20″ (54 cm) Volume per push(v) 210cc (Pressure at 1atm)
Open Height: 1070mm  Mechanical Efficiency 72.15%
Closed Height: 625mm Gross CZPT ght: 6.3 lbs/ 2.85Kg
How many pumps Filling  a tank?
Name & Models Volume of tank   Pressure pumps
Benjamin Marauder Pistol 65CC   0-3000 Psi Approx. 88 pumps
  84.7CC   0-3000psi Approx. 114 pumps
Diana Stormrider 100CC   0-3000 Psi Approx. 135 pumps
Evanix Rainstorm 250CC   0-3000 Psi Approx. 376 pumps
AirForce Texan 500CC   0-3000 Psi Approx. 673 pumps

Product Description


Special for high-pressure pump.
With spring preload
High-end precision CNC lathe processing

Spline check valve
1 million times without failure

Precision stainless steel tube
Smooth and low friction
The rusty thread of the iron pipe is easy to break


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Question:      Can I fill the 425cc bottle of my Kral rifle with this pump?
Answer:         Sure if the unit has a fitting for your airgun. May take CZPT er depending on the size of the tank.It should work as CZPT as you follow the pressure limitations! 

Question:           Where can I see a manual for this?
Answer:        it fairly simple pump ,  there are viedo on  YouTube.

Question:     Can you use this for a scuba tank?
Answer:        Small scuba tank (500cc) to fill, a hand pump would not be a option for over  61ci.

Question:     How many lbs. of weight/force exertion does it take compress/lift handle during compression stroke at 3000PSI ?
Answer: I am 47 and about 175 lbs. At the last pumps it’s only a matter of pulling the pump handle up and then using proper form pushing down. Really no exertion, unless a person is very unhealthy. I don’t see a problem with doing 200 pumps over an extended time to be a problem.

Question:    Is this 1/8″ bsp or bspp or NPT?
Answer:       It has the standard CZPT fittings all airgun related pumps have. The end of the hose is M10*1 female CZPT .
If you need 1/8 BSP ,Please contact us

Question:    Will this fill the tank on the Hatsan Blitz and will it work right out of the box or do i need adapters?