Axial Cost Plunger Pump/Hydraulic Pump/Oil Pump/Piston Pump Mcy14-1b/Scy14-1b/Ccy14-1b/Dcy14-1b/Ycy14-1b/Pcy14-1b/Mycy14-1b/Bcy14-1b with ce certificate top quality low price

Product Description

SCY14-1B manual variable axial piston pump plunger pump
1. Manual variable axial plunger pump
2. Chinese patented pump
3. Very competitive price
4.1 year of warranty
5. Widely applicable for aerospace, ship, forging, mine, petroleum, chemical, plastic,
Metallurgical, building and other industry etc.
6. SCY14-1 B Model ranges:
1.25SCY14-1B, 2.5SCY14-1B, 10SCY14-1B, 16SCY14-1B, 25SCY14-1B, 32SCY14-1B, 40SCY14-1B, 63SCY14-1B, 80SCY14-1B, 100SCY14-1B, 160SCY14-1B, 250SCY14-1B, 400SCY14-1B

Model Pressure
Rated speed
10SCY14-1B 31.5 10
25SCY14-1B 25
63SCY14-1B 63
160SCY14-1B 160 1000
250SCY14-1B 250
400SCY14-1B 21 400