Bw250 supplier 250L Hydraulic Motor Piston Mud Pump for Drilling Rig with ce certificate top quality low price

Product Description

BW250 250L CZPT ulic motor piston mud pump for drilling rig

BW250 mud pump is a horizontal triplex single acting reciprocating piston pump, which has two bore and fourth gear speed. Displacement and hole depth can be adjusted according to the application, the deepest can be adjusted to the application, the deepest can be used with 1500 meters drilling rig, it also can be used cement perfusion.

Specifications of mud pump

1. Small size, light weight
2. CZPT life
3. Easy handling
4. Delivery time within 15 working days

Data of mud pump

Model BW250
Type Horizontal triplex single acting reciprocating piston pump
Stroke (mm) 100
Cylinder diameter (mm) 80 65
Pump speed (times/min) 200   116   72   42 200   116   72   42
Flow (l/min) 250   145   90   52 166   96    60   35
Pressure (Mpa) 2.5   4.5    6    6 4     6     7    7
Power (Kw) 15
Shape size (mm) 1560*995*650
Weight (kg) 650

It is used for conveying mud for drilling, emission of mine sewage and transporting water for CZPT distance.
1. It has four grades flow to meet large or small diameter drilling need, the adjustment scope is wide.
2. Pistons are bowl with nylon back, have a CZPT er life.
3. There are 5 anti-dust sealed rings to prevent mud entering machine.
4. Drain valve is made of steel ball.
5. It is detachable and easy for maintenance and relocation.