Cryogenic Cheap Liquid Oxygen Piston Pump with ce certificate top quality low price

Product Description

HangZhou CZPT tian Gas CZPT nology Co., Ltd. is located in CZPT ndu Xihu (West CZPT ) Dis. CZPT Park, HangZhou, is a research and development, manufacturing, sales of CZPT air separation equipment and gas equipment professional enterprises, the company has a number of years engaged in compressed air purification research and development, manufacturing, sales and service of high-quality professionals.On the basis of digesting and absorbing the CZPT d technology at home and abroad, the company develops the air separation equipment in combination with the actual working conditions at home, which is an ideal choice for the air separation industry with CZPT d technology, excellent performance and strong applicability.

Our products have been widely used in CZPT fields, including steel, petrochemical, medicine, electronics, textile, thermoelectricity, automobile, machinery manufacturing, aerospace and many other fields.The company will be dedicated to the general CZPT er service, to save operating costs for users is CZPT goal, CZPT er satisfaction is CZPT purpose.We will always uphold the “quality as life, service as the cornerstone” of the enterprise spirit, and strive to jintian gas to become a compressed air purification industry leader.


PRODUCT PARAMENTERS                                                                                       

product description:

Type: Vertical, three-row, five-stage, water-cooled cylinders without oil lubrication, water cooling, piston type

Exhaust volume: 180 m 3 / h (inhalation conditions)

Medium: dry oxygen

Suction temperature:<40°C

Maximum working pressure: 16.17 MPa (165kgf/cm2)

Piston stroke: 180mm

Cooling water consumption: 6T/hr

Compressor speed:

Motor speed: 960 rpm

Motor CZPT : 55kw

Power supply conditions: 380V (three phase) 50Hz

PRODUCT DETAILES                                                                                            __________

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                       Done more,Doing more,more to do.
                                    Dedicated to continuous improvement.

   We increase plant&equipment safety and their lifespan
                  through CZPT expertise in CZPT compliance.


FAQ       __                                                                                     _________________________________

Q: What is the terms of payment?
A: T/T, L/C etc.

Q: How CZPT is your delivery time?
A: Generally it is 180-240 working days depending on your order.

Q: How to get a prompt quotation?
A: When you send us inquiry, please kindly tell us the below technical information.
1) N2 Flow rate: ____Nm3/h
2) N2 CZPT : ____%
3) N2 Discharge pressure: ____Bar
4) Voltages and Frequency: _____V/PH/HZ
5) Application or use for which industry.

Q: What’s the order process?
1) Inquiry—provide us all clear requirements.
2) Quotation—official quotation form with all clear specifications.
3) Contract confirmation—provide correct contract details.
4) Payment terms— T/T 30% in CZPT d, balanced before shipment.
5) Production—mass production g. CZPT — by sea, air or courier. Detailed picture of package will be provided.
6) Installation and commissioning.

Q: Can you provide oversea service?
A: Yes, we could.