Fine price Stone Cement Piston Mortar Pump with Spare Parts with ce certificate top quality low price

Product Description

Fine stone cement piston mortar pump with spare parts

1.The special pouring pump for CZPT ary structure fine stone mortar can realize the transportation of fine stone concrete and mortar for CZPT -distance high-rise buildings.
2.The distribution valve adopts CZPT d S-tube valve, which has good sealing performance and simple and reliable structure.
3.The eye plate (commonly known as wear plate) and floating cutting ring are made of hard alloy, which has good wear resistance, CZPT service life and convenient replacement. The cutting ring can automatically compensate the gap structure.
4.The machine adopts electric-liquid control mode, with perfect electro-hydraulic overload protection and instrument display system. It has anti-pump operation function, easy to eliminate blockage fault. The pumping speed can be adjusted to meet CZPT working conditions.
5.The centralized lubrication system automatically controls the start and stop and running time by the program, effectively extending the service life of the rotating parts.
6.The electrical components such as the contactor and the push button switch are reliable in operation, the control circuit is simple, and the electrical box is equipped with a switch for easy operation.
7.The main seals are made of high quality seals to prevent internal and external leakage of the hydraulic system.

Product parameters

Model VTGZ-10A VTGZ-10B VTGZ-20 VTGZ-40
Driving mode Drag-and-drop Self-propelled(electric) Drag-and-drop Drag-and-drop
Motor CZPT 15KW(National standard) 15KW(National standard) 22KW(National standard) 55KW (National standard)
Working form Hydraulic piston Hydraulic piston Hydraulic piston Hydraulic piston
Concrete throughput 10m³/h 10m³/h 20m³/h 40m³/h
Largest aggregate size <15mm <15mm Type A <15mm, Type B <30mm <30mm
Duct diameter 75/80mm 75/80mm 75/80mm 75/80mm
Bore/stroke 120/400mm 120/400mm 120/500mm 160/800mm
Machine weight 720kg 720kg 1050kg 2700kg
Product usage Conveying mortar fine stone Conveying mortar fine stone Conveying fine stone concrete Conveying mortar fine stone
Dimension 2000*700*1050mm 2000*700*1050mm 2350*820*1150mm 4500*1500*1700mm
Theoretical max. conveying distance            Vertical 30m            Parallel 60m             Vertical 30m              Parallel 60m            Vertical 50m             Parallel 80m         Vertical 240m          Parallel 550m