Hydraulic near me shop Pump Hydraulic Piston Pumps Fixed and Variable Displacement (PVH/A10VSO/A4VSO/A2F/A7V/CY) Vickers Rexroth with ce certificate top quality low price

Product Description

The hydraulic pump features:
1. CZPT t axial piston pump for opening circuit.
2. Continuous working pressure can reach the highest 280bar, instantaneous pressure can reach 350bar.
3. Flow is proportional to the driving speed and displacement, and can get stepless variable by adjusting the inclined plate angle.
4. There are many control models like persistence pressure, constant CZPT constant pressure, the constant pressure constant flow of control mode, and the control response speed is perfect.
5. Low noise, high efficiency, high reliability, CZPT life.
6. Small size, high CZPT density
7. Excellent oil absorption performance.
8. The drive shaft can bear axial and radial load.
9. Sae and ISO. Mounting flange.
10. For through shaft structure for multi-loop system.