Lqry 370 Degree Hot Oil Circulation Pump

Lqry 370 Degree Hot Oil Circulation Pump

1.LQRY Sizzling Oil Boiler Thermal Oil Hot Oil Pump is suitable for warmth-conduction oil, or other very hot oils with temperature ≤370°C

2.It has a affordable composition, advanced technology, high effectiveness, prolonged-time period steady operation without leakage in the hot state. Used to transport not that contains reliable particles of corrosion high temperature liquid with technique of right wind cooling.

3.It is widely employed in petroleum oil, chemical business, rubber, leather-based, foods market, grease, boilers, building, street servicing, pharmaceutical, plastics, rubber, artificial fiber textile, printing and dyeing and other industrial fields.


Seal Sort:

one.Employing the combination in the sort of the packing seal and the mechanical seal, packing with high temperature resistant filler materials, has a good thermal adaptability.

two.The mechanical seal: a high mechanical strength, good abrasion carbide substance, guarantee the sealing overall performance under high temperature problems.

3.CZPTtetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) do lip seal, the sealing functionality leap than the rubber sealing dependability increased by 25 occasions, very corrosion-resistant.

Product details:

Functioning Theory: Centrifugal
Primary applications:   Hot oil, thermal oil, higher temperature oil, and many others
CZPTr: CZPTtric motor, diesel motor.
Electrical power Specs: 220/380/400/415V 3phase50hz/60hz
Max.permissible fluid temperature: 370°C (698°F)
Type of connection: Flange
Installation situation: Horizontal
Casing parts materials: Forged steel
Shaft seal variety:   Shaft seal ring, CZPT seal, CZPT seal
Cost-free passage:   1mm
Optimum viscosity: 5X104C.S.T
Maximum travel ranking:  132KW (180HP)
Greatest caliber:   150mm (6inch)
Maximum discharge-aspect force: .85Mpa (eight.5bar)
Highest head:  85m (278.8ft)
Flow price assortment:  



Functionality Information:

Design Potential
Shaft Power 
Motor Power 
26-20-one hundred 4.5 15 2825 .45 .seventy five
fifty-32-a hundred and fifty eight 22 2900 one one.five
50-32-one hundred sixty 10 twenty five 2900 one.5 2.2
sixty five-forty-a hundred and sixty 12.5 twenty five 2900 two.five three
fifty-fifty-170 twelve.five 32 2900 3.2 four
65-fifty-180 32 32 2900 4.5 five.five
sixty five-fifty-a hundred and seventy forty 25 2900 four.5 5.5
80-fifty-a hundred and eighty forty forty 2900 six.7 seven.5
eighty-fifty-one hundred seventy sixty 20 2900 six.7 7.five
a hundred-sixty five-a hundred ninety sixty 38 2930 9.two eleven
100-65-200 eighty forty 2930 twelve.5 fifteen
one hundred-65-220 58 fifty 2930 twelve.five fifteen
a hundred-sixty five-230 a hundred fifty five 2940 19.five 22
125-one hundred-190 one hundred fifty five thirty 2940 20 22
a hundred-65-240 100 70 2950 25.5 30
a hundred-sixty five-257 100 eighty 2950 32.5 37
125-a hundred-220 160 forty five 2950 25.five 37
a hundred twenty five-eighty-250 one hundred sixty sixty 2970 35.five forty five
a hundred twenty five-one hundred-257 two hundred 60 2970 forty two.8 55
a hundred twenty five-one hundred-260 260 70 2970 64.three 75
125-a hundred-270 three hundred 70 2970 75.three ninety
a hundred twenty five-a hundred-270 220 eighty five 2970 68 90
150-125270 340 76 2970 89.five one hundred ten
one hundred fifty-125-270 400 78 2970 106 132



Firm Details:

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Lqry 370 Degree Hot Oil Circulation Pump