Rexroth Hydraulic Pumps A2fo 45 61L-Pzb050 A2fo32 80 107 125 160 Spare Parts High Pressure Pump

Rexroth Hydraulic Pumps A2fo 45 61L-Pzb050 A2fo32 80 107 125 160 Spare Parts High Pressure Pump

Product Details 

Detail Product Number(The following types are for reference only, you should speak to us for more particulars)

R900030678 A2FO 45/61L-PPB05
R905712323 A2FO 45/61L-PZB050
R957124832 A2FO45/61L-PAB05
R957161281 A2FO45/61L-PAB05
R957121547 A2FO45/61L-PPB05
R957143315 A2FO45/61L-PPB05
R957193320 A2FO45/61L-PPB05-S
R957198111 A2FO45/61L-PPB05-S
R957104620 A2FO45/61L-PPB05-S
R95715571 A2FO45/61L-PSB05-S
R957121531 A2FO45/61L-PZB05
R992001364 A2FO45/61L-PZB05
R957193314 A2FO45/61L-PZB05-S
R957138666 A2FO45/61L-VAB05
R957138700 A2FO45/61L-VPB05
R957122227 A2FO45/61L-VPB05
R957156034 A2FO45/61L-VPB05
R957130637 A2FO45/61L-VPB05-S
R957124696 A2FO45/61L-VZB05
R957122389 A2FO45/61L-VZB05
R9571 0571 six A2FO45/61L-VZB05
R957163557 A2FO45/61L-VZB05-S
R957193751 A2FO45/61L-VZB05-S
R957182462 A2FO45/61L-VZB05-S
R957132084 A2FO45/61L-VZB05-S
R909422313 A2FO45/61R-PAB05
R957197514 A2FO45/61R-PAB05-S
R90965719 A2FO45/61R-PPB040-S
R95715713 A2FO45/61R-PPB040-S
R9 0571 1590 A2FO45/61R-PPB05
R957193387 A2FO45/61R-PPB05
R957101847 A2FO45/61R-PPB05-S
R957193858 A2FO45/61R-PPB05-S
R957193578 A2FO45/61R-PPB05-S
R957198571 A2FO45/61R-PPB05-S
R95715571 A2FO45/61R-PSB05-S
R992001514 A2FO45/61R-PZB05
R9 0571 1585 A2FO45/61R-PZB05
R957197693 A2FO45/61R-PZB05
R957193496 A2FO45/61R-PZB05-S
R957198080 A2FO45/61R-PZB05-S
R90961571 A2FO45/61R-VAB05
R957161464 A2FO45/61R-VPB040-Y
R9 0571 3630 A2FO45/61R-VPB05
R957193574 A2FO45/61R-VPB05
R957198278 A2FO45/61R-VPB05
R957193700 A2FO45/61R-VPB05
R957193585 A2FO45/61R-VPB05
R957198344 A2FO45/61R-VPB05
R957123193 A2FO45/61R-VPB05
R957116827 A2FO45/61R-VPB05-S
R957193576 A2FO45/61R-VPB05-S
R909448571 A2FO45/61R-VZB05
R957147469 A2FO45/61R-VZB05
R957198079 A2FO45/61R-VZB05
R957198194 A2FO45/61R-VZB05
R909422754 A2FO45/61R-VZB05-S
R95715571 A2FO45/61R-VZB05-Y
R957145487 AA2FO45/61L-NPD55
R957124991 AA2FO45/61L-NSD55
R957175294 AA2FO45/61L-VPD55
R957161106 AA2FO45/61L-VPD55
R95716 0571 AA2FO45/61L-VSD05-S
R957137422 AA2FO45/61L-VSD05-Y
R957193248 AA2FO45/61L-VSD55
R9 0571 8838 AA2FO45/61R-NPD55
R957171612 AA2FO45/61R-NSD05-S
R957171746 AA2FO45/61R-NSD05-S
R909423036 AA2FO45/61R-NSD55
R957114064 AA2FO45/61R-VPD55
R957193874 AA2FO45/61R-VPD55
R957161484 AA2FO45/61R-VPD55
R957100362 AA2FO45/61R-VSD55
R957161001 AA2FO45/61R-VSD55
R957158785 AA2FO45/61R-VSD55
R957161188 AA2FO45/61R-VSD55-S


Series: A2FO Collection Axial Piston Quantitative Pump
Technical specs: A2FO ten, 12, 16, 23, 28, 32, 45, fifty six, sixty three, eighty, 90, 107, one hundred twenty five, one hundred sixty, 180, two hundred, 250, 355, five hundred, 710, one thousand
(Sequence 6)
Working pressure: Rated pressure 35 MPa
Peak pressure four hundred MPa.
 – The oblique axial quantitative pump is suitable for hydrostatic travel of open circuit.
– Relevant to the field of strolling equipment or market
– The output circulation is proportional to the driving pace and displacement.
– The design of the travel shaft bearing helps make the application realm attain the envisioned provider life.
– A variety of requirements can be matched with every actual generate.
– Favorable electricity/fat ratio
– Compact framework and financial system
– The best possible volumetric effectiveness
– Integrated plunger layout with plunger ring.

Dimension 23 32 45 56 eighty 90 107 a hundred twenty five a hundred and sixty 180
Displacement Vg cm³ 22.9 32 forty five.six 56.1 80.four ninety one hundred twenty five a hundred and sixty.four one hundred eighty
geometric, per revolution
Nominal pressure pnom bar four hundred 400 400 four hundred 400 four hundred 400 400 400 four hundred
Maximum pressure pmax bar 450 450 450 450 450 450 450 450 450 450
Maximum speed nnom 1) rpm 2500 2500 2240 2000 1800 1800 1600 1600 1450 1450
nmax 2) rpm 4750 4750 4250 3750 3350 3350 3000 3000 2650 2650
Movement at nnom qV l/min fifty seven 80 102 112 a hundred forty five 162 171 200 233 261
Energy at nnomand pnom P kW 38 fifty three 68 seventy five ninety six 108 114 133 a hundred and fifty five 174
Torque 3) at pnom M Nm 146 204 290 357 512 573 679 796 1571 1146
Rotary stiffness c kNm/rad two.fifty six three.twelve four.18 five.94 eight.73 nine.fourteen eleven.2 11.nine 17.four eighteen.2
Second of inertia for rotary team JTW kg·m² .0012 .0012 .0571 .0042 .0072 .0072 .0116 .0116 .571 .571
Greatest angular acceleration   rad/s² 6500 6500 14600 7500 6000 6000 4500 4500 3500 3500
Scenario volume V l .two .two .33 .45 .55 .fifty five .8 .eight one.1
Weight (approx.) m kg 9.five nine.five 13.5 eighteen 23 23 32 32 forty five forty five

Basic safety instructions:
A2FO pump is made for use in open circuit.

– The venture plHangZhou, installation and commissioning of the axial plunger unit must be carried out by experienced personnel.
Prior to utilizing the axial plunger device, please study the corresponding instruction manual. If required, you can get it from Bosch CZPT.
For the duration of and soon soon after procedure, there is a threat of burning in the axial piston device. Suitable security actions (this kind of as wearing protective garments) ought to be taken.
The traits of the axial plunger device may possibly vary with diverse functioning situations (functioning strain, oil temperature).
Operate CZPT Oil Port:
· Oil nozzles and fixed threads are created in accordance to the maximum recommended pressure. CZPT or system companies need to guarantee that the basic safety issue of connecting components and pipes meets the specified working situations (force, movement, hydraulic oil, temperature).
· Function pipeline nozzles and useful nozzles are only utilised in hydraulic pipelines.

– The knowledge and recommendations contained below need to be adopted.
The item cannot be accepted as a part that follows the general mechanical basic safety concept of ISO 13849.
Overflow valves will be put in in the hydraulic system.
Use the adhering to tightening torque:
· Connector:
Refer to manufacturer’s recommendations for tightening torque of the joints utilised.
· Put in bolts:
For set up bolts with ISO metric threads in accordance with DIN thirteen CZPT and with ASME CZPT threads, we advocate that the tightening torque of every single box be checked according to VDI 2230.
· Thread holes in the axial plunger unit:
The greatest allowable tightening torque MG Max is the greatest worth for threaded holes and shall not exceed that value.
· Locking screw:
For the steel locking screw presented with the axial piston unit, the fastening torque MV essential for the locking screw should be employed.

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CZPT service 1.We can help purchasers style certain items or produce merchandise according to buyers’design
two.We can print symbol according to buyers’ need
our rewards one.We are 1 of the most full hydraulic pump accessories producers in the china, we have been engaged in hydraulic pump equipment for more than ten years.
two.Our price tag is minimal, the delivery time is fast, the model is comprehensive, because we are a manufacturing unit.
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one.We can decide on distinct methods of transportation according to the needs of the buyers, either by commercial specific or by air and sea.
two.The supply cycle of add-ons is normally about a single weeks,but we have several spare areas in stock
, the supply cycle of the pump is generally 1 to three months, relying on which product.
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A:We can manufacture it according to your drawings or samples.

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A :You can pay by means of T/T , WEST UNION or other payment terms we achieve settlement.

Q3: How can you assure the top quality?

A: A single year’s guarantee from B/L date.

If You fulfill with top quality problem, we assure to dependable for it.

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A: Yes, we realize quality check is crucial and we are happy to deliver 1pc for top quality screening.

Q6: What is the lead time?

A: For this merchandise, usually 3 times,3 times and direct time is calculated from the day we receive your deposit.




Rexroth Hydraulic Pumps A2fo 45 61L-Pzb050 A2fo32 80 107 125 160 Spare Parts High Pressure Pump