Spt8200 best Hyvst Hydraulic Gasoline Piston Pump Putty Sprayer with ce certificate top quality low price

Product Description

Hyvst CZPT ulic Gasoline Piston Pump Airless Paint CZPT SPT8200

1.Product Details.

Pump Type Piston pump, Skid mounted
Motor CZPT 9HP
Pressure Control       Piston
Engine Honda or Ludwig
Voltage/Frequency 220V/50Hz,110V/60HZ
Max.Flow 12.0L/min
Max.Spraying Pressure 22.7MPa
Working pressure 20MPa
Pressure CZPT CZPT imum 228Bar
Max.Nozzle 0.048″
Circumstance temperature 0-40 degree in centigrade
Certificates CE
Weight 89kg

2. Standard Accessories.
1x 1/4″+3/8″ 15m hose,
1x 1 gun with tip,
1x repair tools,
1x English manual;

3. Processible Coating CZPT
Priming and final coating of large areas, sealing, impregnation, construction sanitation, facade protection and renovation, rust protection and building protection, roof coating, roof sealing, concrete sanitation, as well as heavy corrosion protection.

4. Guarantee
The machines have been thoroughly checked in factory. After purchased date, a full one year’s  guarantee applies to original material and production defects. If the said goods show defects as result of original material and production defects, during the period of guarantee, the Seller guarantee to send necessary spare parts in free to the Buyer or the Buyer’s client, but the repair works will be carried out by the Buyer or a company appointed by the Buyer. And it only applies to on condition that:                                    

1.The said machine has been used properly and for the purpose for which it has been intended.
2. Repairs are professionally carried out by a qualified person.
3. The proof of purchase and proof of defects must be submitted.
4. The parts show normal wear and the damage shows as result of  improper operation are not covered by this guarantee.