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5 Cryotherapy Handles -16 Degree 100kpa Cool Sculpting Cryolipolysis Slimming Machine Ctl80 5s

5 Cryotherapy Handles -16 Degree 100kpa Cool Sculpting Cryolipolysis Slimming Machine Ctl80 5s

CE certificate cryo remedy 5 handles unwanted fat freezing physique cryo freezer fat loss  machine



Solution Description

Functioning Basic principle



A few handles Cryolipolaser Lipolysis is a new, non-invasive way to carefully and successfully lessen unwanted fat in specific locations of the human body that final results in a noticeable, normal-looking unwanted fat reduction in the taken care of places. Triglyceride in fats will be converted into reliable in certain reduced temperatures. What makes the Cryolipolaser Lipolysis amazing condition equipment process different is that it makes use of superior cooling technology to selectively concentrate on unwanted fat bulges and remove body fat cells by means of a gradual process that does not damage the surrounding tissues. This method can minimize unwanted stomach excess fat, love handles (flanks), and back again body fat.

When unwanted fat cells are exposed to exact cooling, they bring about a process of natural removal that gradually minimizes the thickness of the excess fat layer. And the body fat cells in the taken care of region are gently eliminated through the body’s typical metabolic rate process, to eliminate undesired unwanted fat.The outcomes are everlasting as the human body can not produce new unwanted fat cells.





A few handles Cryoshape Lipolysis treatment’s results can be enhanced by using Vela condition, Lipolaser and RF sessions in amongst every single remedy, which will help by growing the breakage of the broken excess fat cells, lymph drainage and pores and skin tightening.

Studying implies that the method can decrease the handled unwanted fat layer by 20%~ 40 % adding that the regular reduction is 20%. Added Coollipolysis  procedures can be performed right after two to 4 months, resulting in one more 20 % reduction in the excess fat layer.


Noticeable variances in contour emerge right after about 3 weeks, but the most remarkable outcomes consider up to two months to demonstrate. The results are considered long lasting because the handled fat cells are removed.




  5S operating handles(Four handles can perform at the very same time)
Large handle: take care of spot(25cm*12cm*eight.2cm) —for stomach, back, buttock and many others.
Medium deal with: deal with location(20cm*10cm*8.2cm) — for waistline, thigh, etc
Tiny manage treat area(12cm*6cm*6.7cm) —for thigh, arm, crus and so on.
Mini Cryo take care of (seven.5cmx3cmx6.8cm) — for Jaw or Chin tiny components and so forth.

CE certificate  4 cryo handles criolipolisis body slimming fat loss splendor device CTL80

Display screen 12 inch touch monitor
CZPT Temperature 5 degree~ -16 diploma
Vacuum Output Stress -100Kpa 
CZPT Liquid Pure h2o, with 14L h2o tank 
CZPT Program Water cooling+wind cooling+Semiconductor
Default operating time -60 minutes
CZPT Power 1600W
Weight 45KGS( NW) / 65KGS ( GW)
Package dimension 125CM*74CM*60CM
Voltage 220V/50Hz or 110V/50Hz or 110V/60Hz



Positive aspects


one.Electrical power source,imported from Meanwell,ZheJiang ,to make certain the machine to keep working more than 12 hrs

two.CZPTtromagenatic valve,imported from United states of america ,to handle the suction and launch exactly and stably.

3.Proportional valve,imported from Germany,to handle the vacuum power

four.Four Air pump,imported from ZheJiang .,4 Water drainage program.,Double Water pump.

five.CZPT Method Drinking water cooling+wind cooling+Semiconductor

six.Contact pores and skin parts:CZPT use silicon,soft to make customer come to feel cozy during remedy.

7.12 inch touch display

eight.CZPT temperature:-16~five diploma

nine.Vacuum power:100KPa( max)

ten.CZPT Abdominal muscles circumstance.

eleven.four cryo handles can work at the exact same time .Expert interior electronic framework,to ensure stable doing work. 12.Four cooling method with 14L drinking water tanks which insure equipment can operating non-end twelve several hours and many others

Our Providers

In depth Images


 Cryoshape/ Coollipolysis Slimming CZPT Photos Show 





 Beir guarantees you a single calendar year guarantee for the machine and 3 months for the

   handles.For the duration of the time, the maintenance will be totally free.




What are the outcomes ?


Scientific research demonstrate that the Cryolipo method offers visible, measurable body fat reduction in appropriately picked customers more than the course of two to four months soon after the procedure. Additional processes may be administered two to four months after the initial procedure to achieve greater fat reduction.


How is the Cryolipo treatment diverse from other processes ?


The managed cooling of the crio method targets and removes only body fat cells. Other therapy moHangZhouties, this sort of as lasers, radio frequency and focused ultrasound, have an effect on fat cells and may possibly affect other adjacent tissue in a way that is not comparable to the crio method of Cryolipo equipment.


How long do the final results previous ?


consumers going through fat layer reduction present persistent results at least 6 months right after the crio treatment. CZPT-phrase reports have not but been concluded. It is identified that the exposure to cooling leads to the excess fat cells to begin a process of natural elimination, which gradually decreases the thickness of the unwanted fat layer. The unwanted fat cells in the dealt with spot are carefully eradicated through the body’s normal metabolism procedure, like unwanted fat from meals. The elimination of unwanted fat cells as a result of the crio method is expected to last about as prolonged as body fat cells removed by invasive procedures such as liposuction.


 How extended do the results very last ?


clients enduring excess fat layer reduction display persistent final results at minimum six months following thecrio method. CZPT expression scientific studies have not however been accomplished. It is recognized that the publicity to cooling causes the body fat cells to be taken out, which progressively reduces the thickness of the excess fat layer. The elimination of unwanted fat cells as a result of the crio treatment is expected to last about as long as fat cells removed by invasive techniques such as liposuction.

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HangZhou Beiteng CZPTtronic CZPT Co., Ltd.






5 Cryotherapy Handles -16 Degree 100kpa Cool Sculpting Cryolipolysis Slimming Machine Ctl80 5s

Portable Cryolipolysis Machine Freeze Fat Cryo Fat

Portable Cryolipolysis Machine Freeze Fat Cryo Fat

Software of zeltiq Coolsculpting Remedy Slimming CZPT
one. Fat lessen, reduction fat, Entire body Slimming
2. Soften hard body fat tissue, crack up lipocyte
three. CZPTen and tighten skin, Entire body Shaping
four. CZPT unwanted fat , cellulite elimination

Rewards of zeltiq Coolsculpting Remedy Slimming CZPT
one.Applicators, two deal with dimension is optional:
Massive Deal with: L192 X W65 X D70mm
Center Take care of: L146 X W62 X D70mm
CZPT of all handles is CZPT Silicone, the arc form style, best fit therapy spot
2. Four Air Pumps
4 air pumps help 4 applicators functioning synchronously,
With prefect steadiness, hold fifty% vacuum to do best and relaxed remedy
three.4 Applicators Doing work synchronously
Four applicators can work at the same time.
So you can treat the total stomach in one remedy, greatly preserve you and your clients’ time.
four. High CZPT Material & OEM provider
Noble Laser machine arrives with steel outer cases, coated with higher quality paint.
Your symbol could be posted on products case, the out case color is also be customizable in accordance to pantone.

5. Contact Display screen on Each Applicator
Versatile Configurations ,You can manage the force, temperature at any time.
3.5 inch shade touch display screen synchronous control with eight.4 inch touch display
Specific cooling temperature manage , error considerably less than .five ºC
six.Adaptable Settings
You can manage the force, temperature at any time.
3.5 inch color touch screen synchronous control with 8.four inch touch display
seven. Strong Semiconductor CZPT System
Semiconductor cooling also ba referred to as as peltier module, the peltiers be divided
TEC one~six, most of company adopt TEC1, Noble Laser undertake TEC2, with strong cooling and extended life time. – Every deal with with 4 peltier modules

Incorporate you symbol on display screen on equipment case.
Insert you symbol on the monitor
Layout the machine color
 Specification of zeltiq Coolsculpting Remedy Slimming CZPT

Design eight.four /ten.4 inch colour touch display
Energy ≤ 500w
Vacuum 650mmHg
Interface management manner
Respectively startup or shutdown unfavorable stress and coolsculptingsystem, Seems and indicator flash when shutdown coolsculpting
Safty control True-time on-line verify for coolsculptingtempreture and vacuum
Output degree -10° C~ 15° C
CZPT gadget output stress -100Kpa
Operating voltage 110V/220V ± 10%, 50/60Hz, 12A

Q: When will I see results?
A: You may possibly begin to see changes as speedily as a few months right after your treatment, and will knowledge the most spectacular final results right after two months. But your entire body will even now flush out fat cells and continues undertaking so for up to four to six months soon after treatment method.
Q: Does this treatment method ought to use anaesthesia?
A: no, it will not use anaesthesia, you only use the anti-freezing membrane.
Q: Your machine have two or four handles in one particular equipment, does it decrease the electrical power?
A: no, it isn’t going to decrease the power. The machine no issue with two handles or with 4 handles, we all install the system and the vacuum pump with the equivalent amount, 2 handles, 2 techniques, two vacuum pumps four handles, four methods, 4 vacuum pumps. That is to say, our device with 4 handles have the equivalent treatment effect evaluating with the equipment have one take care of.
Q: There will be what happens right after remedy?
A: Remedy of redness, there might be bruising, but will subside in 1~2 months
The Coolsculptinglipolysis procedure is totally non-invasive, which makes it possible for quick return to typical routines this sort of as work or exercise. Redness may look in the treated spot, and may possibly final from a couple of minutes to a number of hrs. Some localized bruising or swelling may arise, which clears within a handful of months. Several patients knowledge a temporary dulling of feeling in the taken care of area, lasting one to eight months. 

Why pick our coolsculptinglipolysis slimming equipment: 
we very own our very own professional R&D crew and supporting amenities , can keep track of distributors’ notion and make it true in a quite quick time, which includes the hardware, application and goods appearance and so on. 
four operating days top time ensure customers received the device quickly
Noble Laser have far more than twenty five many years of expertise in the healthcare and attractiveness devices
All of our engineers have much more than 21 many years knowledge ,we can offer Sturdy technological support and monitor your specifications very nicely.
All of our devices acquired healthcare CE accredited, all the manufacturing method is strictly in accordance to ISO13485.

Welcome To Check out ZheJiang Noble Laser CZPT Co., Ltd!
ZheJiang Noble Laser is a professional maker specialized in developing, creating and selling IPL pores and skin rejuvenation, Elight,IPL SHR,  RF encounter carry, diode Laser hair removing, vascular elimination, wrinkle removing, dental diode laser enamel whitening, coolsculpting great remedy slimming, Nd yag laser tattoo removal, Vaccum slimming and Drinking water oxygen beauty equipments. 

Portable Cryolipolysis Machine Freeze Fat Cryo Fat

Dual Cryo Handle Cryolipolysis Liposlim, Smart Lipolaser Slimmg Machine

Dual Cryo Handle Cryolipolysis Liposlim, Smart Lipolaser Slimmg Machine

104 Diodes lipolaser Cryolipolysis Human body Sculpting CZPT


Competitive Gain&colon

one&period of time Powerful radiators to make certain machine operating till ten hours
two&period8 inch coloration touch display screen&time period
3&time period Energy source imported from ZheJiang Meanwell&interval
4&period ZheJiang air pump&interval
five&period Germany proportional valve&period
six&period of time Japan EMC Solenoid valve&interval
seven&period of time CZPT temperature&colon -sixteen~five degrees&time period
8&period CZPT pads&comma semi-conductor cooling technique&period of time
nine&period of time Get in touch with skin areas&colon CZPT use silicagel&comma soft to make consumers feel comfortable throughout remedy&time period
10&period of time Vacuum energy&colon 100Kpa&period of time
11&period of time CZPT Abdominal muscles case&period of time
twelve&time period Expert interior electronic composition&comma to ensure steady working&period of time
thirteen&interval 1 system is profitable to reduce sixteen&period42kg body fat

Safty coolsculpting Criolipolisis Slimming CZPT &sol Cool Entire body coolShaping CZPTs For Excess fat Peopel

Fast details&colon

1&period of time Criolipolisis amazing shaping Cellulite Elimination Entire body shaping program&time period
2&period Freezing ongoing with ten hours&period
three&time period Criolipolisis with five to -16 Celsius
four&period of time Stong and Successful CZPT method
5&time period Decreasing three&period5 to 7 inches soon after one particular therapy&interval
6&period Design patent authorized
7&time period Transportable product conserve more freight payment&time period
eight&interval Cavitation with 28kHz for physique slimming
9&interval CET RF with 5MHz for body and facial
ten&period of time Variable frequency automated induction RF new technological innovation
eleven&period100MW&comma 104 Genuine Mitsubishi diodes with ML101J27
12&interval Dual wave length&comma 4 large kinds every single with 24 diodes
13&interval Vacuum deal with with Vacuum&comma four RF polar and PDT three in one particular&semi


Criolipolisis operating theory

Criolipolisis awesome condition machine is a new&comma non-invasive way to gently and successfully lessen body fat in qualified places of the body that benefits in a apparent&comma normal-looking excess fat reduction in the treated areas&interval Triglyceride in fats will be transformed into solid in particular lower temperatures&period of time What
Makes the Criolipolisis amazing shape device method different is that it uses superior cooling technology to selectively concentrate on body fat bulges and eradicate excess fat cells through a gradual process that does not harm the surrounding tissues&period of time This
Procedure can minimize unwelcome belly body fat&comma adore handles &lparflanks&rpar&comma and back again unwanted fat&period

When fat cells are exposed to specific cooling&comma they trigger a method of natural removal that gradually reduces the thickness of the body fat layer&period of time And the body fat cells in the treated location are carefully removed by way of the body’s regular metabolism approach&comma to eliminate unwelcome unwanted fat&interval The outcomes are permanent as the physique are not able to produce new fat cells&period of time

RF Cavitation Slimming Idea&colon

TPL &lparTriplolar RF & Lipo&rpar makes use of 3rd-gerneration RF &lparTripolar&rpar and cavitation engineering&comma can successfully take care of stubborn cellulite and orange peel body fat&comma performing on the
Excess fat team to split down the body fat&period of time At the same time it can also boost the skin make collagen and elastic fiber&period Creating the shin delicate compact skiing&interval

TPL use CZPTsonic cavitation to minimize the number of excess fat cells&comma while using benefit of Tripolar selectively heating fat
Depth of 30mm&comma so that subcutaneous excess fat and cellulite body fat into fatty acids&comma increase the acoustic cavitation has been to tighten
The free pores and skin&period of time

Zeltiq Criolipolisis equipment gear Benefits
one&time period Criolipolisis Cryolipolysis
2&period The most well-liked and fashion design and style
3&period Quickly cellulite elimination
4&period Robust Vacuum Cavitation system
5&time period Can truly feel totally free to do other items you like durning the procedure&period

Cryotherapy Cryolipolysis
one&period of time The current non-surgical healthcare beauty systems and new scorching spot
2&period More advanced than liposuction&comma excess fat melting technologies
three&period of time Reverse CZPTe most well-known new way to lose bodyweight
4&period Can be up to 26&percnt of the remedy area of new technology to demolish body fat
5&interval Exceptional RF and ultrasound unwanted fat melting technological innovation
six&time period Selectivity can be minimize a excess fat waist&comma again unwanted fat and cellulite micro innovations

Two handles
Huge a single size&colon 18cm&ast6cm&ast7&period5cm&comma awesome pad size&colon 5&ast7&period8cm&semi Small one particular measurement&colon 18&ast5cm&ast7&period5cm&comma amazing pad measurement&colon five&ast7&period8cm&period of time


Dual Cryo Handle Cryolipolysis Liposlim, Smart Lipolaser Slimmg Machine

Fat Freeze Slimming Machine Cryolipolysis Equipment

Fat Freeze Slimming Machine Cryolipolysis Equipment

Solution Description


Working Theopy


The body fat decline tools makes use of the cryotherophy and multi-frequency ultrasonic cavitation technological innovation to physique slimming. the freezing technological innovation enables instantneous temperature  of subcultaneous adipose tissue from -6C~10C, then the body fat cells will slowly decline, and then get rid of from the human body by lymphocytes. The multi-frequency ultrasonic cavitation developed by our excess fat loss tools will soften the freezing solidified excess fat cells, so that accelerate getting older of body fat cells and swiftly remove, and eventually to achineve extended-phrase slimming of regional depth.


This fat reduction program is the new generation of design for human body slimming, human body shaping. The body fat loss equipment is the advanced item for hi-tech physique slimming, of with secure operate. Makes use of two probes which can help you obtain therapies anyplace. The multi-frequency of cavitation what we utilized in our fat loss gear is the newest ultrasonic cavitation technology. It can support salons develop significantly advantages.




1. Encounter thinner, skin tightening                                                          

2. Body fat reduction, cellulite reduction

three. Human body slimming, entire body shaping                                                        

4. To encourage and speed up the body’s  metabolism




1. Cold remedy/ and multi-frequency ultrasonic cavitation, efficient and safe treatment

2. 2 dimension excess fat freezing handpieces for all components treatment method. The two handpieces can perform at the exact same time to help save the time of whole treatment

3. The multi-frequency of cavitation smooth the skin 

four. CZPT humanized software design and style

five. Lcd display screen on every single handpiece, make parameters set up much simple

six. South Korea vacuum pump imported, automated adjustment of vacuum stress, and make certain a tranquil operation.

(note: it truly is of huge sound to the conventional vacuum pump)

7. Cozy in the total therapy, no facet effect

eight. Portable fashion,effortless to have




Power CZPT Output


CZPTsonic Frequency

forty.5KHz + 28.five KHz

CZPTsonic Energy


Vacuum Strain


Handpiece Amount


( S1: For large area remedy                                

S2: Small spot remedy                                    

S3: For multi-frequency ultrasonic cavitation treatment)

Shots Quantity

No restricted

CZPT Method

Drinking water + wind + semiconductor

Skin CZPT:

10~ -10 °c

Liquid crystal display Screen


(S1: 10.four” color touch Liquid crystal display screen                       

S2: three.five” coloration touch Liquid crystal display screen                          

S3: 3.five” colour touch Liquid crystal display exhibit)



Operating Time

Continuously / time environment



Excess weight

forty eight.5kg

CZPT Temperature

-10 ~ 10 °c



Ahead of & After




We generally ship the device to client by airplane like DHL, UPS, TNT, FedEx .Generally it will take about 4-7 doing work time to appear to your door .


Our Companies



jointly with the device, comprehensive person manual and CD will be supplied to display how to keep and operate the machine virtually, also, we provide the on-line schooling.


Soon after product sales services

we have specific technician staff, they are avaible by On-line discuss, phone, e-mail and many others . if any issue about our device, request them freely. we promise that will help the buyer fixing the question in three times.

Business Details

ZheJiang ADSS GROUP Established in 2005, devoted into beauty gear producing for much more than 10 years. Best maker in China, so much has three producer workshops, two storage workshops, with the largest and independent R&D department and put up sale department in beauty subject, manufacturing capacity in excess of 1000 sets for each month. Has four subsidiaries in HK, Japan, ZheJiang , ZheJiang . Primary chief in Chinese elegance discipline, holds 13 national patents, distinctive design of CZPT Identification System in elegance machine. Our objective: To be the No.1 elegance machine company in the world. CZPT, and Produced for China.


Firm introduction: http:///view?v=MD2houdT1Mc








Fat Freeze Slimming Machine Cryolipolysis Equipment