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Metal Sheet Cutting Machine with USA Sunny Gear Pump

Metal Sheet Cutting Machine with USA Sunny Gear Pump

Metal Sheet Reducing CZPT With United states CZPT Gear Pump 
Solution Description:
one.This hydraulic swing beam shear is of whole CZPTean layout: streamlined looking monoblock.
The body of this equipment is steel welded design, and stress is eradicated by vibration,
so it is with high toughness, secure efficiency, simple operation and hassle-free maintenance.
two.As the cutting knife beam has been designed in interior-inclined framework,
it is effortless for plates to slide down and the precision of merchandise can be assured.
three. With the aid of hydraulic drive, swing beam, return of knife beam is easy and prompt by accumulator.
4.Stepless adjusting is available for the stroke of knife beam to encourage the manufacturing on plate shearing
5.The situation of low blade is adjustable,
thus ensuring the equilibrium of the hole among blades following regrinding
six.It is straightforward and rapid to alter the gap between upper and down blades.
The worth of the hole is indicated on a manual adjustable dial
seven.The two motorized modifying and guide adjusting for the back again gauge
eight.Reducing times of this hydraulic swing beam shear are managed by the time relay
9. A established of CZPT upper and lower blades
10.Standard front help sheet body
eleven.CZPT fence and the electric interlocker to ensure the security of the operator
twelve.This machine is accredited by the CZPTean CZPT CE certification and ISO good quality method certification.
Optional Technical specs:

No Model Max slicing    thickness Max cutting   width  slicing angle Ram strokes Backgauge variety Motor CZPT dimensions
mm mm . n/min mm kw mm
1 4×2500 4 2500 1.three 18 20-600 4 3150x1650x1700
2 4×3200 4 3200 1.3 eighteen twenty-600 5.5 3840x1675x1600
3 4×4000 four 4000 1.three twelve twenty-600 five.5 4640x1850x1750
4 4×5000 4 5000 1.three 10 twenty-600 seven.5 5660x2050x1900
5 4×6000 4 6000 one.three 7 twenty-800 seven.five 6730x2250x2500
6 6×2500 six 2500 1.three eighteen twenty-600 seven.5 3130x1675x1600
seven 6×3200 6 3200 1.3 14 twenty-600 7.five 6840x1675x1620
eight 6×4000 six 4000 one.three fourteen twenty-600 seven.5 4630x1850x1700
nine 6×5000 6 5000 one.3 12 20-800 11 5660x2050x1950
ten 6×6000 6 6000 one.three 10 20-800 eleven 6700x2300x2300
11 8×2500 eight 2500 one.3 twelve twenty-600 11 3130x1530x1600
twelve 8×3200 eight 3200 one.3 ten twenty-600 11 3840x1675x1620
13 8×4000 8 4000 1.three 8 twenty-600 eleven 4630x1850x1700
14 8×5000 eight 5000 1.3 7 twenty-800 15 4630x2050x1950
fifteen 8×6000 8 6000 one.three 6 twenty-800 15 6750x2330x2230
16 10×2500 10 2500 one.3 12 20-600 15 3130x1580x1800
seventeen 10×3200 ten 3200 1.3 ten 20-600 15 3840x1725x1850
eighteen 10×4000 10 4000 one.three 8 twenty-600 fifteen 4650x1900x1850
19 10×5000 ten 5000 1.three eight 20-800 fifteen 5600x2000x1950
twenty 10×6000 10 6000 1.three 8 twenty-800 eighteen.five 6800x2100x2050
21 12×2500 twelve 2500 1.3 twelve 20-600 18.5 3235x2045x1935
22 12×3200 12 3200 one.3 ten 20-600 18.five 3945x2227x2115
23 12×4000 twelve 4000 one.3 8 20-600 18.5 4695x2227x2200
24 12×5000 twelve 5000 1.three 7 twenty-1000 22 6100x3370x3050
25 12×6000 12 6000 1.three six twenty-a thousand 30 7100x3370x3050
26 12×8000 12 8000 1.3 5 20-a thousand 37 8880x2480x3000
27 16×2500 sixteen 2500 2 8 20-600 22 3235x2050x1985
28 16×3200 sixteen 3200 2 seven twenty-600 22 3395x2230x2158
29 16×4000 16 4000 two six twenty-600 22 4800x2330x2258
thirty 16×5000 sixteen 5000 2 five twenty-1000 thirty 6200x2430x2358
31 16×6000 16 6000 2 four 20-one thousand thirty 6200x2530x2458
32 20×2500 20 2500 two.3 6 20-600 thirty 3300x2160x2540
33 20×3200 twenty 3200 2.3 five twenty-600 30 4930x2300x2710
34 20×4000 twenty 4000 two.three 4 20-600 thirty 4750x3300x2800
35 20×5000 20 5000 2.three four 20-1000 37 6000x3400x2900
36 20×6000 20 6000 2.three four twenty-one thousand 37 7050x3480x3080
37 25×2500 twenty five 2500 two.3 five twenty-600 37 3500x3150x3500
38 25×3200 25 3200 two.3 four 20-600 37 4200x3150x3500
39 25×4000 25 4000 two.3 4 20-600 45 4850x3300x3500
forty 25×5000 twenty five 5000 two.3 4 twenty-one thousand forty five 6000x3400x3600
forty one 25×6000 25 6000 two.3 four twenty-a thousand 45 7050x3500x3700
forty two 30×2500 thirty 2500 3 4 20-600 fifty five 3500x3150x3500
forty three 30×3200 30 3200 three four 20-600 fifty five 4200x3150x3500
44 30×4000 thirty 4000 three 4 20-600 55 5000x3250x3600
forty five 30×5000 thirty 5000 three 4 twenty-1000 seventy five 6050x3350x3700
46 30×6000 30 6000 3 four twenty-one thousand seventy five 7100x3400x3800
47 40×2500 forty 2500 three three twenty-600 75 3600x3300x3200
forty eight 40×3200 forty 3200 three 3 twenty-600 ninety 4300x3300x3400
49 40×4000 40 4000 3 3 twenty-600 ninety 5080x3400x3500
50 40×5000 40 5000 3 3 twenty-a thousand 90×2 6100x3500x3600
fifty one 40×6000 forty 6000 three 3 20-one thousand 90×2 7200x3600x3700
52 50×2500 50 2500 4 three 20-600 90×2 3800x3500x4700
53 50×3200 50 3200 4 three 20-600 90×3 4300x3600x4800
fifty four 50×4000 fifty 4000 four 3 twenty-600 90×3 5100x3700x4900
fifty five 50×5000 50 5000 four 3 20-1000 90×4 6200x3800x5000
fifty six 50×6000 fifty 6000 four three 20-1000 90×5 7300x3900x5100

Metal Sheet Cutting Machine with USA Sunny Gear Pump

Nanjing Kairong PVC Recycle Plastic Pelletizer Cutting Machine Price

Nanjing Kairong PVC Recycle Plastic Pelletizer Cutting Machine Price

The qualities
1.The first stage is SHJ twin screw extruder with no die.Via the combination of barrel and screw, the extruder can exert  its strong ability to make the thermo sensibility content like PVC melting, compounding,dispersing and decentralizing underneath the situation of no back stress
two.The CZPT stage is SJ solitary screw extruder.Since of the reduce rotating velocity, it can complete melting,compounding lengthways and forming srands steadily, avioding in excess of heating.
CZPT information:

Product   CZPT diameter L/D Rotary price Motor electricity Output
SP50-a hundred and twenty TSE-50 50.5mm 24-forty eight 500r/min 37-45kw two hundred-350kg/h
SJ120 120mm seven-twenty 65-85r/min thirty-37kw
SP65-one hundred fifty TSE-65 sixty two.4mm 24-forty eight four hundred-500r/min fifty five-75kw 350-550kg/h
SJ150 150mm seven-twenty sixty five-85r/min 37-45kw
SP75-one hundred eighty TSE-75 71mm 24-forty eight 400-500r/min 90-110kw five hundred-650kg/h
SJ180 180mm seven-twenty sixty five-85r/min forty five-55kw
SP95-200 TSE-ninety five 93mm 24-48 300r/min 160-220kw five hundred-1000kg/h
SJ200 200mm 7-twenty 85r/min ninety-110kw

Two phase air cooling extruders

Mix the substantial pace and in depth mixing of processing and the minimal velocity, lower temperature, and minimal shear of single screw processing
Excellent for compounding of heat and shear-delicate components.
PVC compounds for cable, shoe sole, transparent container, and medical programs EVA defend cable compounds
CZPT black master batches of PE, EVA, and many others.

In depth information for SP75-180:
one.Main extruder:TSE-75/500-a hundred and ten–32
one) CZPT diameter: 71mm. L/D = 32
two) Main drive motor: AC 110Kw, Speed regulated by ABB transducer imported   from Switzerland.  
three) CZPT rotary speed: 50~500rpm
4) The barrels are equipped with bimetallic liners (forty five#steel+α101), processing heat treatment. HRC=sixty~62. The material of screw elements is high-speed steel 38CrMoAlA, nitrogen treatment. HRC=58~sixty.
five).The 1st barrel is the main feeding vent, the 6th is for degassing,  9th is vacuum section , and the others are closed barrels.
6)Casting copper heaters for 2-3th barrels. The others are equipped with casting  aluminum heaters. All heating power: ~50kw.
The extruder figure:
Feeding                                           Vacuum 

one two three four 5 six seven 8 CZPT screen changer
 die section

7) Reducing and distributing gearbox:
  The gearbox reduces the motor speed to the speed of the screw shafts and distributes it to the two output shafts. This gearbox output torque can reach     4.8T/A3
    The gearbox consists of:
l Involute gear teeth couplings between the output shafts and screw shafts
l Integrated thrust bearing assembly, radial bearings of the output axis are NSK products 
l Bottom part of casing designed as oil sum
eight) Soft water cools the barrels with condenser.
      Material of input and output pipes is stainless steel. 
      Solenoid valve: imported products. 
      Manual valve: stainless steel. 
      The water pump motor in the soft water system is 0.55kw. 
      The soft water is distilled water.
2.Single extruder SJ-a hundred and eighty/eighty five-90-22
one)180mm L/D = 28, rotary speed is 6~65rpm.
2)Main drive motor: AC 90Kw. ABB transducer,.
three)The material of barrels and shafts is nitride steel (38CrMoAlA).
4)Water-cooling inside the core of shafts.
five)Casting aluminum heaters, All heating power: ~36kw
6Enlarged screen changer  , material through 72 hours’ nitrogen treatment . The channel is short, with little melt left and easy to clean.
7)Tailor-made flange:connect the single and twin screw extruder.



Nanjing Kairong PVC Recycle Plastic Pelletizer Cutting Machine Price

Double Side Automatic Rubber Floor Mat Carpet Footware Cutting Machine

Double Side Automatic Rubber Floor Mat   Carpet   Footware Cutting Machine

CZPT floor mat manufacture cutting device CE ISO

Ruizhou cnc reducing machine applies vibrating knife on the cutting head. It really is achievable to cut a extensive range of car mats resources like Loop Material, PU-based mostly Sponge, PU, CZPT Content, PVC CZPT Jean and many others.Thanks to the good overall performance and steady quality, Ruizhou sample cutters have been commonly utilised for automotive inside (common car mats, particular vehicle mats, vehicle seats, take care of areas …) sample generating or small bulk generation. 
Scorching Sale CZPT Vehicle Mat Generating Reducing CZPT with Ce ISO

Product Number    kj-1625
Chopping speed    0-1200mm/s
Efficient doing work area    2500mm*1600mm
Air pump power    9KW
Slicing thickness    0-25mm(Widespread) -50mm(Higher)
Chopping CZPT    Corrugated paper, Honeycomb board, Cardboard, CZPT, CZPT board, Grey board, PVC, PU, Acrylic, composite materials, and so on.
Tools    Oscillating knife
V-minimize, router, creasing wheel, punching tool, 
Marking pen
Content correcting method    Divisional vacuum absorption
CZPT resolution    0.07mm
Computer software resolution    0.571mm, .01mm, .1mm (optional)
Interface of transmission    Network port
Buffer capability    Once fast transfer
Command system    HP-GL and GP-GL compatible formats
Digital Management Panel    Touch display screen
Transmission CZPT    CZPTed straight line guidebook observe, gear rack
Motor    Servo motor
Cutting Blade Rotate    18000r/min
Working Voltage    AC 220V ± 10%, 50HZ (CZPT) AC 380V ± ten%, fifty HZ (Air Pump)

Resources & Features
This package chopping machine has a multifunctional functioning head. The working head can be put in with various functioning tools. With distinct operating equipment this deal chopping machine is skilled and suitable fo customers with different types of purpose.
Scorching Sale CZPT Vehicle Mat Producing Chopping CZPT with Ce ISO

one. Oscillating slicing instrument: it is the primary reducing device with a vibrating knife. The characteristics are rapidly, exact and no burning nor scent.

   Cutting Samples of Vehicle Seat Chopping CZPT
Hot Sale CZPT Car Mat Generating Cutting CZPT with Ce ISO

Advantage of Our CNC Reducing CZPT

Scorching Sale CZPT Automobile Mat Making Cutting CZPT with Ce ISO
one. Time Saving: The device cuts by vibration knife. It really is attainable to complete chopping three parts of 4D or 5D auto mats inside of three minutes, considerably more rapidly than reducing by hand. It ensures quick output of CZPT automobile mats. 

2. Substance Saving: Sample nesting can be accomplished and checked cautiously just before slicing, steering clear of hiden dropped during careless reducing by staff. It can save at least five% supplies than manual cutting. 
3. Storage Area Saving: Cut whatever you want, anytime you want. No want to have a massive storage area for a big amount of all set automobile mats. 
four. Versatility: Each and every customer can decide up the materials, patterns they like to make the special car mats for their unique automobiles, expending a large automotive splendor industry at your end!

CZPT Generation Processes for Particular Automobile Mats:

one- Get completely ready for the auto mats types
     You can make the auto mats by scHangZhou paper styles making use of A0 digitizer to make electronic pattern data files.
     Or you cna use 3D scanner to scan the automobile and right get the vehicle mats digital data files.
2- Vehicle mats pattern nesting
     You can do the pre-nesting by utilizing automated nesting application or do it manually. 
three- Content planning
    Decide on the substance and patterns you like from your supplies. 
4- Auto mats cutting
     Send the digital vehicle mats file to the machine and begin cut on your content. You can pick up the elements after a couple of minutes.
five- Auto mats rapping and stitching
    Collect all the lower parts to the stitching area, make the rapping of the edge by using the rapping equipment. Be a part of the elements by employing stitching machines. 

Bundle of Our CNC Cutting CZPT
The package is one portion of the factory manufacturing line. The CZPT overseas wood package deal has also to be top quality managed in order to ensure the products be excellent when they get there at your fingers.
Very hot Sale CZPT Car Mat Making Reducing CZPT with Ce ISO

Business Display


Double Side Automatic Rubber Floor Mat   Carpet   Footware Cutting Machine

1325 1530 2030 Atc CNC Router Engraver for Wood Door Making with Automatic Tool Changer Machine with Round Material Enrgaving Carving, Cutting

1325 1530 2030 Atc CNC Router Engraver for Wood Door Making with Automatic Tool Changer Machine with Round Material Enrgaving Carving, Cutting

1325 1530 2030 ATC CNC Router engraver for Wooden Doorway Producing with CZPT Instrument Changer equipment with round substance enrgaving carving,slicing

USCAM Woodworking ATC CNC router equipment software:
one. Woodworking CZPT: Stereo wave board processing, wood doorway, cupboard producing and other household furniture production.
2. Advertising CZPT: Label making, PVC plate, PCB board (drilling and engraving), double colour boards, brand production, acrylic reducing, plastic suction for creating promoting determination, word slicing, signal creating, crystal phrase, LED exhibit display screen, doorplate, nameplate, etc.
three. Mold CZPT: Wooden mildew, foam mold and metallic mould, and many others.
4. Musical instrument market: CZPT 3D surface carving, condition slicing
five. Woodcrafts.
six. Exhibition industry: Showcase.

Function of Affordable CNC Router Kits with Linear CZPT Tool Changer:
4×8 ATC CNC Router CZPT 4 Axis, CZPT tool changer CNC machining center is equipped with carousel tool change 
magazine of 12 tools to improve the working efficiency.  and a stable rotary system, which is various with 3 axis CNC router:
1st, It is ATC CNC router(automobile tool changer) with twelve instruments, substantial effectiveness given that alter resources routinely without hand, considerably less time. Next, this 4×8 CNC router has a rotary device for cylinder engraving and carving. It can do much more and far better woodworking than 3 axis CNC routers. Also, secure rotary system saves room, it primarily for cylinder engraving, these kinds of as columns, pillars, chair legs, etc.

The using of USCAM ATC CNC router is very easy and simple, we could show you the video, the model is USM1325 ATC with rotary.

1.) Functioning location: 1300*2500*200mm
2.) ATC 9kw HQD air cooling spindle
three.) LNC controller from ZheJiang (Optional: CZPT ZheJiang Syntec controller)
four.) Leadshine servo motor and driver (Optional: Japan Yaskawa)
5.) 11kw CZPT(Optional: ZheJiang Delta inverter)
6.) Omron minimal change from Japan
7.) ZheJiang LP square rail and TBI ball screw
8.) vacuum combination table
9.) seven.5kw vacuum pump
10.) Heavy responsibility composition
eleven.) 12 tool holders
12.) 4kw dust collector
thirteen.) Changer kind liner variety
fourteen.) 20 sets slicing instruments
fifteen.) Rotary 80mm diameter


Design USC1325/1530/2030 Liner ATC CNC ROUTER
Functioning location 1300X2500X200mm/1500X3000X200mm
Spindle nine.0KW atc air-cooling spindle
Device changer 10/twelve straight tool changer
Control method LNC controller
Servo system Leadshine Servo motor and driver
CZPT Xihu (West Lake) Dis. inverter(Optional:ZheJiang Delta)
Xihu (West Lake) Dis. rail ZheJiang LP square 30 rails
Transmission X, Y high-precision equipment and rack transmission,
Z ZheJiang TBI ball screw (25mm), CZPT nut from ZheJiang
Body Weighty responsibility body with 8mm thickness steel
Desk composition Vacuum pump
Vacuum pump seven.5kw h2o vacuum pump
Dust accumulating system Twin-drum four.0kw dust gather
Lubricating system CZPT lubricating system
Restrict switch Japan OMRON
Sensor Specialist Resource sensor
Doing work accuracy .01mm
Repositioning accuracy .01mm
Spindle speed -24000RPM
Max. Fast Travel Charge 4000mm/min
Voltage 3PH 380V 50HZ/60HZ power provide
Interface USB
Flash Memory/Command 128M( U Disk)/ G code/mmg/plt/
Collet ER25/ER30
Packing size 3520*2250*1990mm
Net fat/Gross weight 1600kg/1800kg
Design computer software Compatible with Type3/Artcam/Castmate/Pore/Corelerow/Wentai, etc.
Cable drag chain particular Cable,anti-jamming,anti-staticwith large overall flexibility, extended-time period use without break
Packing Powerful plywood case

                            USCAM CZPT Management                                              
one. In the processing of generation, our skilled technical engineers inspect the processing to ensure the high quality of products.
2. Every CZPT have to be tested just before supply for 8 hours , all of them are absolutely certified.  
three. 24 months guarantee of the total machine.  
4. Principal elements(excluding the consumables) shall be altered cost-free of cost if there is any difficulty for the duration of the guarantee period of time. 
five. Lifetime servicing cost-free of demand.
 6. We will supply the consumable components at an company price tag when you require alternative. 
seven. CZPT has been modified ahead of shipping and delivery. 
8. Our staff can be despatched to your organization to set up or adjust if essential. 

Software locations:
Three-dimensional wave board processing, cupboard doorways, strong wooden doors, craft wooden doors, paint-totally free doorways, screens, craft window processing, shoe-footwear, sport consoles and panels, mahjong tables,
personal computer tables and auxiliary processing of panel furnishings goods.


one. Standard plywood case, its compressive strength and bearing quality is better.

two. the board area is bit, the soil structure is good,  it is better in leakproofness and waterproof.

three. when importing, the plywood case is with fumigation-free of charge, the procedure is simple.

four. Delivery Detail: within seven-15 days after received your payment 

                               After sale Service:                                                     

# eighteen months assure of the whole equipment, we will offer the consumable parts at an agency price when you require substitute.

# Major areas(excluding the consumables) shall be changed cost-free of cost if there is any dilemma in the course of the guarantee time period.

# Software program is on update for cost-free entire life.

# Our engineer could assistance you technology to your place if necessary.

# Our enginner could service on weekend even on vacation.

# Our engineer could practice you in our manufacturing facility for free of charge.

# Our engineer could support you 24 several hours on the internet by Skype, yahoo, msn, QQ, or by cellphone.

# English guide and CD video clip for device utilizing and keeping will deliver to you with the equipment.

Q: What’s the deal?
A: We have 3 layers bundle. For the outside the house, we adopt wooden craft scenario. In the middle, the equipment is coated by foam, to safeguard the equipment from shaking. For the within layer, the machine is coated by thickening plastic bag for watertight.

Q: Will the package ruined in the course of transportation?
A: Our package deal is considerate all the hurt elements and make it to be safe, and our shipping agent have complete knowledgeable in risk-free tranportation. We have exported to a hundred and eighty international locations worldwide. So remember to never be concerned, you will get the parcel in very good problem. 

Q: How to set up and operate the equipment?
A: Our technician have installed the device before transport. For some small components set up, we will send out detail coaching movie, user’s handbook alongside with the machine. 95% customers can find out by themselves.

Q: How can I do if the equipment goes incorrect?
A: If confronted with such difficulties, make sure you speak to us asap and do not try out fix the equipment by yourself or an individual else. We will reaction in 24 hrs as fast as we can to resolve it for you.

Please come to feel free of charge to contact Grace

1325 1530 2030 Atc CNC Router Engraver for Wood Door Making with Automatic Tool Changer Machine with Round Material Enrgaving Carving, Cutting

Advertising Wood Products Carving Cutting Woodworking CNC Router Machine

Advertising Wood Products Carving Cutting Woodworking CNC Router Machine

This device with very good quality china drinking water cooling spindle, with strong strcuture, and vacuum and T-slot desk design, was decided on by many clients in household furniture or related industy, apart from, this device can also be utilised in marketing business. This device working dimension is 1200x2400x200mm CZPT measurement in this sector.

Advertising Wood CZPT Carving Cutting Woodworking CNC Router CZPT

Adverting CNC router 1224 Attributes:

1 .Lathe mattress adopts powerful welded metal tube to keep away from distortion.
two. Y axis adopts double motors to preserve steady transferring.
3. Large precision Rack Rail journey strategy with higher speed.
four. CZPTed Sq. Liner Rail, higher accuracy, large burthen.
five. CZPT worldwide technological innovation vacuum desk and vacuum pump, Dust collector technique with 6 zones individually control.
six. CZPT guarding working desk.

Optional parameter:
Alternative Engraving size: 1300*1800mm, 1300*2500mm, 1500*3000mm, 2000*3000mm.
( Other measurement CZPT in accordance to specific needs)
Option Spindle: 3KW/four.5KW/6KW Air cooling .
Choice Components : Rotary Axis, Multi-Spindles.

NO. Description Parameter 
1 X,Y,Z Working Area 1300x2500x120mm
3 X,Y,Z Traveling Positioning Accuracy ±0.03/300mm
four X,Y,Z Repositioning Positioning Accuracy ±0.05mm
5 Lathe Structure Welded Structure
six X, Y Structure Gear Wheel Transmission, Shaft Linear Bearings
seven Z Structure Ball CZPT, Shaft Linear Bearings
8 Max. Consume power 3.5Kw
nine Max. Speed -32000mm/min
ten Max. Working Speed -20000mm/min
eleven Spindle Power Motor two.2KW/3.0kw water-coolant Spindle
12 Spindle Speed -24000RPM
13 CZPT Mode Stepper Motor
fourteen Working Voltage AC220V/380V, 50/60Hz 
15 Command G Code, *uoo, *mmg, *plt
16 Operating System DSP System (Choice: Mach3 PC Software) 
17 Interface USB
eighteen Flash Memory 128M
19 Collet ER20
twenty X,Y Working Delicacy <0.01mm
21 Software Type3,  Ucancam,  Artcam
22 Running Circumstance Temperature: 0°C~45°C  Relative humidity: 30%~seventy five%
23 Packing Size Divided: 3200X1950X1404mmIntegrated: 3200X1950X1950mm 
24 Gross Excess weight 900KG

It is ideal for mass processing of sound woods, MDF, CZPT boards, Alucobond, PVC, Rigid plastics, Acrylic Sheets, Glass, Natural glass, Aluminum plates and other components.
~Home furniture CZPT 
~Musical CZPT CZPT
~Advertising CZPT

 Aftersale Support :
1. A single yr high quality guaranty, the equipment with primary components (excluding the consumables
)shall be altered totally free of demand if there is any difficulty throughout the guarantee interval.

two. Life time servicing cost-free of cost.

3.  Free instruction system at our plant.

4.We will supply the consumable elements at an company value when you require substitution.

5.eighteen several hours on line provider every working day, free of charge complex assistance.

CZPT has been adjusted before delivery.
We provide English operation manual and movie to aid you to learn the device.

We are a manufacturer of all kinds of CNC machines, like CNC Wood engravers, CNC Stone engraversand CNC Plasma slicing with well-equipped testing equipment and strong technical force. 
With a wide range, good quality, reasonable prices and stylish designs, our products are extensively used in advertisement industry and other industries.
1,How about the documents after shipment?
After shipment, we ll send all CZPT documents to you by DHL, including Packing List, CZPT Invoice, B/L, and  other certificates as required by clients.
two,How long is the delivery time?
For CZPT machines, it would be 7-10 days For nonCZPT machines and CZPT machines according to client s specific requirements, it would be 15 to 30 days.

CZPT particulars:


Business Info:


Advertising Wood Products Carving Cutting Woodworking CNC Router Machine

Mini Aluminum Sheet CNC Cutting Machine with Rotary

Mini Aluminum Sheet CNC Cutting Machine with Rotary

Mini Aluminum Sheet CNC Reducing CZPT with rotary 

Attributes of Mini Metallic Engraving CNC Router
1. Thicker & More robust Forged iron body entire body Much stronger than other Aluminum body, make the
CZPT far more stable & a lot greater bearing ability.
two. 1.5KW/2.2KW China greatest Air or Water cooling spindle China best high quality Changsheng manufacturer,
Much more sturdy & significantly reduced nose & longer daily life-time.
three. ZheJiang HIWIN Linear Xihu (West Lake) Dis. for Y axis Leading manufacturer ZheJiang imported with world-wide provider. 10 times
more time existence-time than round rail or the typical model linear rail. Much more steady, reduced noise, more challenging to
four. ZheJiang TBI ball screw Substantial precision leading brand ZheJiang imported TBI Ball CZPT.
5. Divided management box It has 2 separated components which can stop electrostatic interference.
Wires, high delicate shielding twisted-pair cable, hearth-resistant and with low failure rate, could be bent
min 30,000,000 times.
6. Leading brand electric portion: Japanese Omron limit change
7. Resource calibration sensor(Resource auto-examining instrument) A. More easier to locate the functioning CZPT
house, avoid the handbook error, preserve time. B. Make certain the accuracy.
eight. Instrument Box (free of charge Components) Including ArtCAM/Type3 Software program CD, Drinking water pump, Clamps, Tool
holder, Collet, Collet nut, Wrench, Port cable, Electrical power cable, 18 pieces CNC Resource Bits.
9. Offline operated DSP control system / Laptop controller CZPTal NCstudio controller DSP
manage controller with USB port, no want to connect into the laptop when function machine,
assist offline procedure, very well-known & effortlessly- operated.
Information of Mini Little Metal Engraving CNC Router:

The optional equipment:
1. Rotary axis
-For engraving on cylindrical form supplies. Make sure you kindly notify us your cylindrical condition materials’
length and diameter. Then we can insert correct rotary axis to the machine, and quote the right cost for
your rotary axis.

two. Vacuum table (contain vacuum pump and vacuum pipes)
—-For correcting the supplies on the functioning desk, specially for greater doing work desk.
Soon after additional vacuum table, the voltage will need to have to be 3 stage/380V.

3. Dust collector (contain dust collector pump and dust collector pipes)
—-For sucking absent the dusts, this sort of as wooden dusks and so on.

4. DSP controlling program (off-pc controlling) /MACH3(USB interface/Lan interface)
—-USB interface, 128MB flash memory

five. Water cycling system (water sink on the working table)
-For engraving on stone or metallic materials. It is utilised to down the spindle’s large temperature

Applications of 4040 Modest Metallic Engraving CNC Router
Wood, Stone, Aluminum board, CZPT, Density board, Wave board, PVC, PCB, Acrylic, Crystal,
Light marble and other nonmetal resources and gentle metal supplies.

CZPT parameters of 4040 mini cnc router

Description Parameters
Doing work size 400x400x150mm
CZPT construction Welded Metal sq. tube
Traveling Positioning Accuracy ±0.03/300mm
Repositioning Precision ±0.03mm
Desk Floor T-slot worktable Vacuum table+5.5kw vacuum pump
X, Y Composition Rack and Pinion CZPT, Linear guide rail
Z Construction ZheJiang  Rail Linear Bearings and Ball CZPT
Max. Power Consumption (With no spindle) one.5Kw/two.2KW
Max. Quick Journey Fee 33000mm/min
Max. Operating Pace 25000mm/min
Spindle Power Motor 2.2KW (four.5kw /5.5kw optional)
Spindle Speed -24000RPM
CZPT CZPT Leadshine 860 driver and 86 Stepper motor
Working Voltage AC380V/fifty/60Hz,3PH (Option: 220V)
Command Language G code
Functioning Technique DSP / NC studio
Personal computer Interface USB
Computer software Compatibility Type3 / Ucancam / Artcam
Operating CZPT Temperature 0°C~45°C
Relative humidity 30%~75%
PS: All the operating area and requirements CZPT in accordance to your requests.


1. YiJun CZPT and accessories are 1st covered by plastic sheet, water-proof and dampproof. 
2. All the issues are packed by plywood situation utilized for export. 
3. YiJun CNC device Can be delivered by sea, by practice, or by aircraft according to your specified.

Providers of our small mini 4040 cnc router
1.5 several years warranty for the complete machine. In eighteen months under regular use and servicing, if
anything is incorrect with the device, you will get spare portion for totally free. Out of 18 months, you will get
spare components at value cost. You will also get complex help and service all the life span.
CZPT assist:
one. CZPT help by phone, email or WhatsApp/Skype close to the clock
two. CZPTly English version guide and procedure video clip CD disk
3. Engineer obtainable to service equipment abroad
Following product sales services:
Typical equipment is properly adjusted before dispatch. You will be ready to use the equipment
immediately soon after gained equipment.
Besides, you will be capable to get cost-free training advice towards our machine in our manufacturing unit. You will
also get free suggestion and session, complex assistance and service by email/WhatsApp/tel and many others.
Company Info

Mini Aluminum Sheet CNC Cutting Machine with Rotary

CNC Engraving Cutting Machine for Wood PVC Acrylic Aluminum

CNC Engraving Cutting Machine for Wood PVC Acrylic Aluminum

High CZPT Indication 1325 1530 2030 2040 woodworking cnc router  /cnc engraving machine 

one.CNC Router Features                                                                           

one. SIGN-1325/1530  type engraving machine is a highly cost-effective generic machine, the main

    parts are adopted imported or joint venture brand accessorries

2. T-slot desk, high  power can sorb different sizes materials.

3. High speed, high efficiency, engraving speed can be up to 18 m / min or more. 

   Smooth bottom and clear contour. 

4.NC-studio/Mach3/DSP manage program,Artcam design and style computer software

5.Selection dust collector equipped in equipment,maintain the working table cleanse ample.

two. Optional Areas and Primary machine Parts 

one.Vacuum desk and vaccum pump,use for 3d relief engraving ,much more convenine

two. Rotary system for cylindrical workpieces engraving .

three.CZPT Parameters                                                                          


Signal 1325

X,Y,Z Operating Area


Functioning delicasy


X,Y,Z repositioning Positioning Accuracy



weighty duty metal tube composition

X.Y.Z. Construction

Hiwin Rail Linear Bearings and Ball CZPT

Desk floor

T-slot doing work table with PVC 

Max. electricity Consumption 

 3.2kw water cooling spindle 

Max.Fast Journey   Rate


Max.Functioning   Speed


Spindle Velocity



Stepper motor ( Servo Motor Optional ) 

Doing work   Voltage 


Command Language

G code

Control Technique:

 Ncstudio / DSP or Mach3 optional 

X,Y Resolution


Surrounding for software

Windows XP/Win7 8 

Managing   CZPT

Temperature:   -45°C Relative humidity: 30%-seventy five%

 4. Apps CZPT 

one.Woodworking:wooden door and furniture,home windows,tables and chairs,cabinets and panels, 3D wave plate,MDF,computer desk,musical instruments,etc

two.Advertising: billboard, logo,indication,3D characters cutting,acrylic cutting,LED/neon channel,literal-hole cut,lightbox mold,stamp,mould

3.Die industry: copper sculpture,aluminum engrave,metal molds,plastic sheeting,PVC,etc

5. Woodworking CNC Router CZPT Samples 

6. Regular Exporting CZPT Situation with Drinking water evidence CZPT For Woodworking CNC Router CZPT 

7. Our Service 

1.2 12 months guarantee time, we can mend and replace components for free of charge in 2 year.

two.CZPT support in 24 several hours online, this sort of as ,Skype, E-mail,,ect.

3.Daily life time totally free upkeep service.

4.Free coaching training course at our manufacturing unit with professional engineers.

five.We supply the consumable parts at agent value when you want substitution


one.I need a CNC Router, Can you give me some tips?

A: Of training course . but to suggest you the most suitable machine, I require to know additional informations this kind of as powerful processing location ,       materials and so forth.

2.If we do not know how to use the machine, can you teach us?

 A:Sure,we will ,if you come to China,we will offer you free training until you can use the equipment freely..

3.which type of resources can be processed on this device ?

AWood, MDF stone, acrylic, glass, plastic, foam, aluminum, copper, and nearly all types of non-metal materials

8. Speak to With US by or e mail tackle for more  device specifics and prices 



CNC Engraving Cutting Machine for Wood PVC Acrylic Aluminum

High Procession Wood PVC MDF Cutting Engraving CNC Machine

High Procession Wood PVC MDF Cutting Engraving CNC Machine

This equipment is chanke company’s vacuum table machine.It working dimension is:1300x2500x200mm, vacuum desk, making use of the vacuum pump to take up the mould on the desk, it is ease for our customers is don’t require the resources holders, place the mould on the table , open the vacuum pump , then can operating , but it has a single stage that not take up the irregular , out of faltness mould , 3D embossment.This vacuum desk equipment suit for the users who has the big volume productions, it can improve the operating effectiveness, it is help save the time and labor than the aluminium profile wood cnc router.

But aluminium profile wood functioning machine can perform on the 3D embossment and the irregular , out of faltness mould.

So welcome to contact us when you need wooden doing work equipment on the wooden , MDF doors or the furnishings….

Forget to notify you, we can in accordance to your requipments to make the wooden cnc router machine, like the operating size, the color of this equipment, utilizing which measurement of driving motor….So never wait contact us !

one.CZPT Characteristics

one) Vacuum desk can correct supplies of different measurements efficiently
two)ZheJiang TBI balls screws, HIWIN sq. guide rails, large precision, big load bearing and stable working.
three) Gantry-travelling, sturdy, dependable and stable, non-deforming, large finding precision.
four) Y axis use servo/stepper motor generate, select matching to make sure clean movement.
5) DSP handle program, with U disk available and not need to have laptop ( can be entirely off-line operation.), supplies substantial independence and wonderful ease for procedure.
6) Unique capacity to conserve numerous level of origin on numerous workpieces.
7) No engraving saw-tooth, sleek undersurface, legible contour, by high-electricity spindle.
8) Auto searching for CZPT point technique, a good way to enhance the operating effeciency.
nine) Huge compatibility of drawing computer software, such as Type3, artcam and some other CAD or CAM.
two.Application CZPT and CZPT:
Broadly utilised in home furniture sector, home furniture decoration sector, woodworking decoration sector, musical instrument sector, wooden crafts sector, and so forth.And this device is appropriate for huge spot plate engraving, reliable wood furnishings engraving, reliable wooden artwork murals carving, MDF carving and chopping, and many others.
—Woodworking CZPT:Stereo wave board processing, wood doorway, numerous furnishings item auxiliary processing.
—Marketing CZPT:Advertising label, PVC plate, PCB board (drilling and engraving), Double color boards, brand generation, acrylic slicing, plastic suction for generating advertising dedication, phrase cutting, indicator producing, crystal term, LED screen display, kinds of doorplate, nameplate and so on.
—Mould CZPT:Utilize for carving a variety of molds, wood pattern, Foam mould, and metal mildew, etc.
—Musical instrument market:CZPT 3D surface engraving, condition reducing
—CZPT crafts.
—Exhibition industry:Showcase, and so on.

Relevant business

Woodworking market ,3D wave board processing,Cabinet doorways,craft wooden doorways,unpainting doorway,screen,crafts home windows,milling and engraving on the home furniture.

Relevant components
MDF,wooden plate,veneer,wood ,application,PVC.

Product CK1325 MDF cnc router
Functioning dimension 1300*2500mm
Z doing work travel 120-450mm
Operating precision +-.04mm
Desk framework Vacuum table
Place precision +-.05mm
Electrical power consumable 3KW
Max idle pace 50000mm/min
Max functioning velocity 25000mm/min
Spindle power two.2KW-9.0KWor HSD for decision
Spindle rotate pace -24000 r/min
Working manner Step motor ,alternative servo motor
Operating Voltage AC380V/50HZ, AC380V/60HZ
Operate command G Code ,UOO file

3.Applicable materials of cnc router wooden value
one) Furniture:Plate, workplace furniture, doors, cabinets.
2) Wood goods:Speakers, games cupboards, laptop tables, stitching equipment,
Musical devices.
3) Board processing:Insulation, plastic chemical factors, PCB, car body,
Bowling observe, Ab muscles, PP, PE, and so forth.

four) CZPT:Acrylic, PVC, MDF, glass, plastic and comfortable metals such as copper
And aluminum.

4.How to Purchase Our CZPT?

Before we can advise you the ideal suited machine, make sure you kindly tell us:
one)  What materials will you work on?
two)  What is your Max.Dimensions of your processing resources?( Size & Width )
three)  Do you primarily engrave or minimize?If lower,What is your Max.Slicing thickness?
4)  Does your resources are cylinder?If Of course, what is actually the Max.Diameter of it?
five)  If it is achievable, could you send us your product samples’ picture?It will
Aid us greater to comprehend.
5.CZPT Products of CZPT

MOQ one set
Bundle Regular Plywood Box
Shipping and delivery CZPTs FOB, CIF, EXW, Door to Door ect.
Delivery Time fifteen functioning times after obtaining payment
Payment Type T/T, Paypal, CZPT CZPT and others
CZPT Capability 200 sets/thirty day period
Port HangZhou, China.

6.Packing of CZPT
Water-proof plastic movie bundle with foam defense in each and every corner.
Solid Seaworthy Wood Box Deal with Steel Belt.
Preserve place as a lot as achievable for container loading.

7.Promise & service of CZPT
Two years top quality warranty, the equipment with primary parts(excluding the
Consumables) shall be modified free of charge of cost when if any issue in the course of the warranty interval.
Service:( Supply whole existence technological help, 24h on the web )
Before sale:
We would usually be listed here to supply any info you need to have at the very first time,and give professional tips in accordance to your genuine requirements for free of charge
During sale:
We would deal with all the creation and transport affairs, soon after every little thing is ready, we would notify you every little thing goes well here
Soon after sale:
1) We would provide English Variation doing work manual.
two) If you have any concerns during making use of and maintaining, our engineers who could converse quite very good English would answer you on-line or by phone calls.
three) CZPT guarantee is one particular 12 months.So if your device has any unintentionall damages, we would give components for free.
four) If your machine has huge difficulties if by any likelihood, our engineers would arrive there to debug and fix.
5) Could be distant manage if needed.

High Procession Wood PVC MDF Cutting Engraving CNC Machine

CNC Cutting and Engraving Woodworking Machinery Wood Router Carving Machine

CNC Cutting and Engraving  Woodworking Machinery  Wood Router Carving Machine

CNC Slicing and Engraving /Woodworking CZPTry/ Wooden Router Carving CZPT

Main Introduction 

With hard steel structure, the equipment is suit for challenging wood operating, like slicing and engraving on rosewood for furnishings, indoor decoration, and it is qualified for mass-producing of furniture with the vacuum holding way and dust collector.

Best elements

We use leading top quality elements for the machine, this sort of as Chinese drinking water spindle, Delta CZPT, H2o pump, Hiwin linear rail and so on, to maintain the equipment in very best condition even after functioning for numerous years.

1)The machine’s body is robust, substantial-precision, reputable and sturdy.

2)CZPTed high-precision ZheJiang TBI ball screw, which shifting efficiently, 
to make sure the machine’s substantial precision.

3) Chinese best water cooling spindle, powerful chopping capability, reduced sounds,
to make sure the equipment operating for lengthy time.

four)Large performance generate motor to guarantee the machine’s substantial speed 
and precision.

five)Best design and style, top top quality accessories, to minimize the machine’s failure charge.

6)Breakpoint distinct memory to keep the carving position when electrical power off, processing time forecast and other features in case of the accidental electricity outages

7) NK105 manage system, online by your Pc, can see the device functioning straight, really convenient.

Components photos



Water-proof plastic movie deal with foam safety in every single corner.
Reliable Seaworthy Wooden Box Package with Steel Belt.
Preserve place as much as attainable for container loading. 

Our associate

Business Data

HangZhou Organization CNC CZPT Co., Ltd is positioned in HangZhou metropolis, ZheJiang province. We are a professional and good track record manufacturer of CNC router (router cnc, cnc wood router), laser engraving equipment, CNC plasma cutter, laser chopping device, laser marking machine in China to the new and present consumers that are distribute all through the South CZPTica, Center CZPT, CZPT Asia, Africa, CZPTe and other counties of the entire world and the machines has handed the EU CE SGS certificate.



Quantity Description  Parameter 
one X,Y,Z Working Spot 1300mmx2500mmx200mm
2 Table Dimension 1750mm×3450mm
3 X,Y,Z Touring Positioning Precision ±0.03/300mm
four X,Y,Z Repositioning Precision ±0.03mm
five Table Area T-slot Desk
six Frame Welded Framework
7 X, Y Structure Rack and Pinion CZPT, Hiwin Rail Linear Bearings
8 Z Structure Hiwin Rail Linear Bearings and Ball CZPT
nine Max. Power Intake 3KW(With out Spindle)
10 Max. Fast Journey Rate 33000mm/min
11 Max. Doing work Speed 25000mm/min
12 Spindle Power 3./four.five/six/7KW
13 Spindle Pace -24000RPM
fourteen CZPT CZPT stepper/servo motor System 
15 Working Voltage AC380V/50Hz,3Phs (Option: 220V)
sixteen Command Language G Code
seventeen Running System NK105 DSP
eighteen Computer Interface USB
19 Flash Memory 128M(U Disk)
20 Collet ER25
21 X,Y Resolution <0.03mm
22 Application Compatibility Artcam Software
23 Operating CZPT Temperature – 45 Centigrade
24 Relative Humidity thirty% – 75%
25 Packing Dimensions 3300mmX2100mmX2300mm
26 N.W. 1750KG
27 G.W. 1980KG
28 Optional Elements Air CZPT Spindle or Drinking water CZPT Spindle
Syntec Management System
Dust Collector
Rotary Method
Mist-cooling Technique
850W Yaskawa/750W CZPT Servo CZPT



CZPTion 1:How prolonged about the machine’s guarantee ?

Solution :1 year
CZPTion two:How about your following support ?

Answer :CZPT support by cellphone, e-mail or MSN around the clock.
CZPTion three: How can we install the device?

Reply :CZPTly English model guide and operation movie CD disk.
CZPTion 4: How about the payment terms?

Reply:30% T/T for deposit, 70%T/T paid before transport. 

T/T, West CZPT, Paypal
CZPTion five: Do You Prepare Shipment For The CZPTs?

Solution: Yes, expensive esteemed consumers, for FOB or CIF price, we will set up shipment for you. For EXW value, consumers need to have to set up cargo by themselves or their brokers.

CNC Cutting and Engraving  Woodworking Machinery  Wood Router Carving Machine

High Speed Automatic Hot Foil Stamping Die Cutting Machine Wh-1050sf

High Speed Automatic Hot Foil Stamping Die Cutting Machine Wh-1050sf

This device is mostly geared up with the subsequent:
Feeder device
* outfitted with 4 suction four powerful feeder, supply paper stable smoothly, at the exact same time, the height and Angle of suction nozzle can be adjusted accordingly
* get ready car on-off, enhance the effectiveness of operations
* the tilting paper mesa, a lot more suited for large speed tissue paper transportation and positioning
* hold sort transportation paper lifting unit
* double stress management system
* side positioning adopts the pull and drive amphibious facet gauge system, according to the paper chooses, swap is straightforward
* CZPT higher good quality blow   breathe in dual vacuum pump
* swappable block in place before the slide speed unit, in favor of the substantial speed tissue paper positioning
* Paper get rid of hair can be transferring and modifying of wheel roller, and elevate the efficiency

Hot stamping unit
* the sizzling stamping department manage system adopts the most innovative technological innovation (with Po’s)
* air-cooled foil tension shaft
* complete computer handle gold foil strolling, jogging established programming
* place gold CZPT for biaxial scroll specifically SanZongLiangHeng establishments
* scorching stamping office every axis has a high-electrical power servo motor drive, and independent programming established gold foil strolling, jogging

Die cutting unit
* the trubine crank toggle the higher accuracy airplane die-slicing workbench
* on stationary aircraft with large precision die chopping workbench
* of the heart, the main component of crank shaft, worm, worm equipment, toggle axis) undertake imported high alloy metal
* two sets of die reducing precision and sturdy metal hardness HRC45-forty seven levels, and use by his side of the lock
* die slicing of area/pneumatic locking technique
* imported pneumatic clutch/brake
* litres of again strain on the use of electric powered electronic show, the intelligent strain detection program, force can immediately lift,
* imported pneumatic clutch/brake
* top and stress tonnage precision die reducing platform straightforward to work
* At 4 o ‘clock before  rules a flap can independent good-tuning to adapt to the various paper beneath the situation of accurate positioning
* the use of superior technological innovation, the single tooth scheduled to do fine-tuning before and following compensation, to attain item processing precision specifications
* the most current technologies much more chip parallel CAM intermittent chain row transmission system (imported divider and import torque clutch)
* high precision imported gripper of transmission chain
* 7 import gripper row, each 10 stainless steel grippers and supporting tooth pillow
* into the mouth and out of the paper, paper in area to detect magic eye
* work magic eye monitoring with all the big Lcd exhibit interface, provide comprehensive troubleshooting techniques
* heart components pressured lubrication method 1.5 KW cooling loop device for the oil, oil stress show gadget and minimal oil stress, air force alarm unit
* papers on flat ahead of die chopping gadget

Paper delivery unit
* automatic primary paper receiver station, hassle-free operation, drastically enhancing the generation effectiveness, and deputy paper employing curtain variety switch, greatly aid the procedure is more suitable for little dimensions a lot more puzzle products
* configuration inset counter
* the tooth row of transmission chain up round the buffer system
* using piecewise adjustable brush and paper kowalski b r. correction for the blower to stabilize paper division for completed items
* immediately insert chain is utilized in the principal chain lubrication oil plant

The ministry of electric powered management
* programmable controller PLC manage of the machine procedure and fault checking method
* electrical components and electrical circuit adopts innovative CZPTean and CZPTican countries basic safety CZPTs (CE CZPT)


Model 105SF
Max.Paper measurement 1050x750mm
Min.Paper dimensions 400x360mm
Max. Die slicing size  1040x720mm
Max.Stamping dimension 1571x720mm
Interior chase size  1080x745mm
Materials ninety-2000gsm cardboard.  
.1-2mm cardboard, corrugated cardboard ≤ 4mm
Speed Max.7500sheets/hr ( die cutting)
Max.6000sheets/hr (stamping)
Working Pressure 300T
Max.feeding paper pile peak 1200mm
Max.conveying paper pile top 1000mm
CZPTtrical heating System 12 person zones, Max.heating temperature 120ºC
CZPT excess weight 16T
CZPT Dimension 7380x4100x2120mm
Air stress .6MPa
Registration Precision ±0.075mm
Gripper Edge eight-12mm
Max.foil Diameter 250mm (vertical)
250mm (horizontal)


About us


High Speed Automatic Hot Foil Stamping Die Cutting Machine Wh-1050sf