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Plastic Extrude Twin Double Screw PVC Sewer Drainage Pipe Extrusion Line

Plastic Extrude Twin Double Screw PVC Sewer Drainage Pipe Extrusion Line

CZPT Extrude Twin Double CZPT PVC Sewer Drainage Pipe Extrusion Line

PVC Pipe Application:
Water CZPT Pipe&Drainage pipe&Sewage Pipe

Production Flow:
Material →Heating CZPT Mixer →Material Feeding →Conical Twin CZPT Extruder →Extrusion CZPT & calibrator → vacuum Calibration CZPT Tank → (Spray CZPT Tank) →Printer → Haul-off Unit →cutter →stacker
CZPT Features:
PVC Pipe Diameter Range:φ16mm-φ800mm
The Vacuum Calibration Tank will be equipped with different quantity and power of water pump and vacuum pump for different pipe diameter
For extruder Temperature Control system,Digital PLC control or Manual Temperature Control Meter
Caterpillar Haul-off unit with two caterpillar, threecaterpillar, four caterpillar,six caterpillar,eight caterpillar design for different range of pipe diameter haul-off
Guillotine cutter&Planetary cutter can be choosed according to different diameter pipe.
Equip with special mould and other device,it can produce inner wall sprial pipe and Inner wall hollow pipe and three layer pipe.
Easy Operation,Reliable performance,High Extrusion Efficiency,Easy Maintenance

Primary Product of PVC pipe device

Pipe diameter Vacuum Calibration Tank Spray CZPT Tank Haul-off unit cutter
    Vacuum pump H2o
Length(mm) Water
Size(mm) caterpillar Quantity Motor Motor Cutting type
PVC63*two φ16mm-φ63mm 3kw*two 3kw*two 5000mm / / two one.5kw*four 1.1kw*two Guillotine cutter
PVC-one hundred ten Φ40mm-φ110mm 4kw*one 4kw*2 6000mm / / 2 3kw two.2kw*1 Guillotine cutter
PVC-160 Φ50mm-φ110mm 5.5kw*one 4kw*two 6000mm / / three one.1*3 1.5kw*1 Planetary cutter
PVC-250 Φ75mm-φ250mm 5.5kw*1 five.5kw*two 6000mm / / three one.1kw*3 two.2kw*1 Planetary cutter
PVC-315 Φ110mm-φ315mm 5.5kw*1 five.5kw*2 6000mm / / 4 one.1kw*four 2.2kw*1 Planetary cutter
PVC-four hundred Φ160mm-φ400mm five.5kw*two five.5kw*2 6000mm 5.5kw*1 6000mm 4 1.1kw*four 2.2kw*1 Planetary cutter
PVC-630 Φ315mm-φ630mm seven.5kw*2 seven.5kw*2 6000mm seven.5kw*1 6000mm 6 1.1kw*six 3kw*one Planetary cutter
PVC-800 Φ500mm-φ800mm 11kw*2 7.5kw*two 6000mm 7.5kw*1 6000mm 8 one.1kw*8 3kw*1 Planetary cutter

Photograph of our equipment:

Die head

Vacuum Calibration CZPT tank

Haul-off unit


Sample product by this extruder


Plastic Extrude Twin Double Screw PVC Sewer Drainage Pipe Extrusion Line

Plastic SPVC PVC Pipe Granules Process Conical Twin Screw Extruder Machinery

Plastic SPVC PVC Pipe Granules Process Conical Twin Screw Extruder Machinery

Application of conical twin screw extruder: 

PVC CZPT Pipe Extrusion Extruder CZPT is largely utilised in the spot of agricultural drinking water provide technique, architectural water provide system, pavement of cables, and so forth. as effectively as PVC pipe content of all kinds of pipe caliber and wall thickness.

Characterizer of MT extruder:

 Capacity enhanced (twenty% higher- vertical gearbox),
 Lower noise (around 75db- WEG motor)
 Less electricity consumption (Considerably less twenty% use- new sort of copper heating band)
 CZPT screw barrel lifestyle (Bimetallic barrel coating layer)

 Reliable good quality (vertical gearbox by SKF bearing) 

Equipmnet List :

Extruder product SJZ-fifty one/105 SJZ-55/a hundred and ten SJSZ-sixty five/132 SJSZ-80/156 SJSZ-ninety two/188
Driving motor (kw) 18 thirty 37 fifty five ninety
Pipe diameter assortment(mm) sixteen-forty 20-a hundred and ten fifty-200 two hundred-400 400-630
H2o pump 3kw 4kw 5.5kw five.5kw X 2pcs seven.5kw X 2pcs
Vacuum pump two.2kw X 2pcs 4kw 4kw 4kw X 2pcs seven.5kw five.5kw X 2pcs
Caliber Size(mm) 5000 6000 6000 8000 6000, 3000
Water cooling tank No No 5000 6000 100000
Hauling motor .75kw 4pcs two.2kw 3.7kw 7.5kw eighteen.5kw
Hauling belt 4pcs 2pcs 2pcs 4pcs 6pcs
Reducing motor one.1kw 2pcs two.2kw 3.7kw 3.7kw 3.7kw
Contactor model Schneider Schneider Schneider Schneider Schneider

Twin screw conical (parallel) extruder,



Vacuum calibrating tank,

 Haul-off unit &Cutting device,

Feature of CZPT: 
one. Applied with imported A/C inverter. 
2. CZPT brand of vacuum pump and driving motor 
3. Hal-off CZPT contains two-claw type, three-claw kind, four-claw sort, 6-claw kind, 8-claw kind, and so forth.
four. Saw chopping or earth reducing can be used
five. it is furthermore used with size measuring meter and thickness growing device, the house of machine team is trustworthy, the manufacturing efficiency is high.

If you are curiosity in our machine, that would be our honor to provide data for you. 

If you need to have any support, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on -13962227556.

Plastic SPVC PVC Pipe Granules Process Conical Twin Screw Extruder Machinery

PVC UPVC Industry Plastic Pipe Tube Twin Screw Extruder

PVC UPVC Industry Plastic Pipe Tube Twin Screw Extruder

Item Information
PVC pipe extrusion line is mostly employed for producting plastic pipe for agriculture water source & sewage, for building industries water supply & sewage, for cable and wire laying.

The line consist of twin screw extruder, vacuum tank, cooling tank, haul-off unit, cutter and storage table.
Single extruder and haul-off device undertake worldwide model AC inverter speed management, Vacuum pump and haul-off motor use high quality bgrand.

The extrusion line can generate force drinking water pipes, drainage pipes, industrial pipes and cables duct. The screw structure for the corresponding designed to satisfy the processing of large filling materials(Caco3) pipe requiement, in accordance to the use of pipe, alter molds and the corresponding auxiliary tools, can be processed produce UPVC pipe,CPVC pipe, PVC-M pipe, PVC-O pipe, foam main layer pipe, foam inside of the spiral hollow wall spiral pipe.

Haul-off can be outfitted with 2/four/six/8/10/twelve belt in accordance to the pipe sizes. Cutter can be swarfless, saw blade, or planetary reducing variety.

The line highlighted by secure performance and higher performance. This line can also make PE PP interior sprial pipe, hollow pipe, and foaming pipe bychaning the configruation.
The line is fully CZPT handle, easy operation, secure performance, achieving intercontinental foremost amount.

Optimized spiral die ensure the melt distribution uniform to make the pipe wall uniform and promise the pipe strain. Outfitted copper Vacuum calibration sleeve with water lubrication ring, twin-chamber vacuum tank with spraying cooling and semicircular Nylon assist, to ensure quickly calibration, increase the production potential and reduced the operation. These styles are specially good for large diameter pipe creation and substantial velocity production.

All of vacuum tank and water cooling tank is produced from stainless steel, twin drinking water offer pipe line with filtration system, drinking water stage and temperature control system and optimized positioning of the bayonet-kind spray nozzles.
The twin or multi caterpillar haul-off device is equipped with higher good quality rubber block or rubber belt(for large speed manufacturing) precision driving and handle method make certain the speed secure and running reliable.

Accurate non-scrap reducing machine (less than 160mm) and planetary cutting equipment make sure the slicing area clean and uniform.

Extruder SJZ-fifty one/one hundred and five SJZ-fifty five/a hundred and ten SJZ-sixty five/132
Pipe diameter GF-sixty three sixteen-sixty three sixteen-sixty three fifty-160 50-250
CZPT single pipe double pipes double pipes single pipe single pipe
Downstream equipment GF-63 GF-63*2 GF-sixty three*two GF-a hundred and sixty GF-250
Total power 60 70 ninety one eighty five 86.5

For any inquiry, remember to contact us immediately.
Cellular: -13917356326

PVC UPVC Industry Plastic Pipe Tube Twin Screw Extruder

PVC Water Pipe Machine with Twin Screw Extruder

PVC Water Pipe Machine with Twin Screw Extruder

PVC drinking water pipe equipment with twin screw extruder

This set is composed of the conical twin-screw extruder, vacuum calibrating tank, haul-off, cutter, stacker or belling equipment and many others.
The extruder and haul-off undertake the imported AC frequency manage unit.The vacuum pump and hauling motor utilize superior items.Haul-off of distinct specifications,this kind of as two caterpillars,three caterpillars,4 caterpillars,six caterpillars etv are made for different specifications.It may choose the saw blade reducing variety or the planetary chopping variety.It is furthermore hooked up with lengh measuring apparatus and thickness increasing unit.The device is of reputable overall performance and higher manufacturing efficiency.
Our company can manufature different pipes machines according to the client’s needs.

one. Description of  PVC pipe creating equipment :


PVC pipe extruder machine /VC pipe making device/PVC pipe extrusion line is largely utilised in the manufacture of  the  UPVC and PVC pipes with a variety of tube diameters and wall thickness this kind of as the agricultural and constructional plumbing, drinking water offer and drain and so forth.


1.Substitute molds can create pipes with various diameters.

2.With a set of molds to produce two or 4 tubes at the exact same time.Enhanced generation performance.

three.More cost-powerful production line.

4.Tremendously saving the use of the factory area.

5.High power effectiveness.Just a established of electricity methods.

six.Can drastically lessen the quantity of operators.

7.Straightforward operation.

Our device can create the PVC pipe with diameter from 16mm to 630mm




Pipe range




Max. output


Max. speed 


Total power


Line length




SJSZ51/one hundred and five

a hundred and fifty




PVC-sixty three







PVC-a hundred and ten


SJSZ51/a hundred and five

a hundred and fifty




PVC-one hundred sixty

sixty three-a hundred and sixty







a hundred and ten-250







a hundred and sixty-315

SJSZ 80/156

four hundred






SJSZ 92/188








seven hundred






CZPT details

SJZ65/132 conical double-screw extruder

Feeding program: Motor Electricity: one.5kw  Force Feeder Motor Timing:ABB inverter
CZPT :  Diameter of screw: ninety two/188mm  Material of screw: 38CrMoAl
Barrel:  Material: 38CrMoAlA Heating manner: Forged aluminum + stainless steel covering  Method of cooling: air blow

PVC double pipe extrusion mouldSubstance: Made by 40Cr. Internal surface area polished
Pipe Thickness Management:With 2 distinct pipe wall thickness
Calibration mould material:Wearable tin bronze ZQSn5-2-5

Vacuum calibration tank
Proportions:  Size: 4000mm        
Vacuum pump:Hydroseal vacuum pump Power: two.2kw x2
 Water pump:  Energy: 3KW x 2
 Tank substance: CZPT steel, Limit switch CZPTtric cupboard with drinking water-evidence safety

Double Pipe Haul-off CZPTs

Haul-off length:1000mm
Haul-off Motor Energy:.55KW×4sets
Haul-off Pace :one.1KW×2sets CZPT
Haul-off Speed: 0.five~twelve meters/min


Double Pipe Cutter

Chopping pipe diameter scope:    16~40mm
Noticed blade Diameter:  230mm
Cutter motor power:.75KW×2 sets
Blade Bracket Longitudinal Relocating Distance    500mm

Double Pipe Stacker

The size of stacker: 2 meters
Assist-Board:.8mm stainless metal board
Operating Technique:    pneumatic, with stroke switch soleplate, to offer the set duration cutting signal

manufacturing unit image:


PVC Water Pipe Machine with Twin Screw Extruder