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Product Description

Hydraulic ram pump

High lift: 150m dayang water: 100m3 / day or above
(non-standard: super high lift and super high lift can be CZPT ized according to requirements.)
Drive: flow drop is the CZPT source – drive the work
Features: no oil, no electricity, no energy, no maintenance, 24 hours continuous operation.
Uses: water storage of drinking water, irrigation of farmland, irrigation of forest field, water supply of breeding, water conservancy CZPT .

Water hammer is a natural phenomenon. And the water pumps that created by water hammer have a history of 
thousands years. These pump devices can use the hydrodynamic force in low level to deliver high head water. As a tool of lifting with no consumption of electricity, oil and other traditional energy sources, it is very appropriate for 
the immigration and supply in mountain and semi-mountain areas with CZPT shortage. And in areas with rich 
water resources, it can be used for CZPT generation through water lift. 
Its lift efficiency is much higher and its property and status are more stable. CZPT ulic Ram Pump can adjust 
hostile environment and bad conditions, and it can works without supervision and energy consumption for days and years. As a result, it is really environmental friendly and low carbon operation, leading to practical and profound significance of environment and energy. 

Use of a renewable energy source, does not consume traditional fuel (petrol diesel and electricity), no pollution. 
High efficiency and high lift, CZPT life (more than 30 years service life). 
Automatic, continuous operation requires no supervision. 
Simplicity and reliability give a low maintenance requirement. 

· The irrigation of Mountain, semi-mountain, hilly country. 
· The irrigation of near reservoir, river, stream area. 
· Drinking water for people and livestock at mountain area. 
· Water supply for landscape and fountain. 
· By use of the hydraulic ram pump to store energy for CZPT generation. 
· The CZPT ing of barren hills

System Diagram(how to select pump ?)

Pls provide F=? L=? Q=? or D=?  The length of delivery pipe ? how many meters ?
Then we can help calculate the right pump model .

Specifications example
1. 3 inch Ram pump KY-Z315T 

  No. Model KY-Z315T
  1 Drive Pipe size 3 inch
  2 Lifting pipe size 1.5 inch
  3 Minimum Working Fall 0.23meters
  4 Maximum Working Fall 12meters
  5 Optimal Working Fall 1.5-4meters
  6 Quantity of water supplied from the source (Q) 10-15m3/h
  7 Maximum CZPT 80meters
  8 Optimal CZPT 20-30meters
  9 Drive pipe length(The best) 6~8 times as much as Working fall
  10 Angle between drive pipe and ground(The best) About 7 ~ 10 degrees

  11 Dimension(L×W×H) 0.61×0.22×1.5meters
  12 Package Size(L×W×H) 0.65×0.28×1.64meters
  13 Net CZPT ght 78KG
  14 Gross CZPT ght 113KG

The example of installation method

Pump station solution

Our pump advantage compare with electric pump

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