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China OEM Evp Factory 2BV Gland Packing Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump for Package Machine / Paper Mill vacuum pump engine

Product Description

2BV liquid ring vacuum pump is single-stage monobloc design vacuum pump. It offers Space-saving installation, compared to conventional pumps, the 2BV’s monoblock design delivers the benefits of a simple, compact and economical installation. Since the pump and motor are integral and self supporting, there is no need for additional base plates, couplings or guards, which add to the cost, complexity and overall size of the installation. With CE and Atex certificate, it is an ideal product for much different application including Plastics Industry, Medical Industry, Chemical Industry, Processing Industry, Food and Beverage Industry and other General Industry.

We offer same outline dimensions for bolt-on replacement and equivalent performances with original 2BV liquid ring vacuum pump.




Supply Ability

per month


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After-sales Service: Online Service
Warranty: 1 Year
Oil or Not: Oil
Structure: Rotary Vacuum Pump
Exhauster Method: Entrapment Vacuum Pump
Vacuum Degree: High Vacuum
US$ 10000/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)




vacuum pump

Can Vacuum Pumps Be Used in the Aerospace Sector?

Vacuum pumps indeed have various applications in the aerospace sector. Here’s a detailed explanation:

Vacuum pumps play a crucial role in several areas of the aerospace industry, supporting various processes and systems. Some of the key applications of vacuum pumps in the aerospace sector include:

1. Space Simulation Chambers: Vacuum pumps are used in space simulation chambers to replicate the low-pressure conditions experienced in outer space. These chambers are utilized for testing and validating the performance and functionality of aerospace components and systems under simulated space conditions. Vacuum pumps create and maintain the necessary vacuum environment within these chambers, allowing engineers and scientists to evaluate the behavior and response of aerospace equipment in space-like conditions.

2. Propellant Management: In space propulsion systems, vacuum pumps are employed for propellant management. They help in the transfer, circulation, and pressurization of propellants, such as liquid rocket fuels or cryogenic fluids, in both launch vehicles and spacecraft. Vacuum pumps assist in creating the required pressure differentials for propellant flow and control, ensuring efficient and reliable operation of propulsion systems.

3. Environmental Control Systems: Vacuum pumps are utilized in the environmental control systems of aircraft and spacecraft. These systems are responsible for maintaining the desired atmospheric conditions, including temperature, humidity, and cabin pressure, to ensure the comfort, safety, and well-being of crew members and passengers. Vacuum pumps are used to regulate and control the cabin pressure, facilitating the circulation of fresh air and maintaining the desired air quality within the aircraft or spacecraft.

4. Satellite Technology: Vacuum pumps find numerous applications in satellite technology. They are used in the fabrication and testing of satellite components, such as sensors, detectors, and electronic devices. Vacuum pumps help create the necessary vacuum conditions for thin film deposition, surface treatment, and testing processes, ensuring the performance and reliability of satellite equipment. Additionally, vacuum pumps are employed in satellite propulsion systems to manage propellants and provide thrust for orbital maneuvers.

5. Avionics and Instrumentation: Vacuum pumps are involved in the production and testing of avionics and instrumentation systems used in aerospace applications. They facilitate processes such as thin film deposition, vacuum encapsulation, and vacuum drying, ensuring the integrity and functionality of electronic components and circuitry. Vacuum pumps are also utilized in vacuum leak testing, where they help create a vacuum environment to detect and locate any leaks in aerospace systems and components.

6. High Altitude Testing: Vacuum pumps are used in high altitude testing facilities to simulate the low-pressure conditions encountered at high altitudes. These testing facilities are employed for evaluating the performance and functionality of aerospace equipment, such as engines, materials, and structures, under simulated high altitude conditions. Vacuum pumps create and control the required low-pressure environment, allowing engineers and researchers to assess the behavior and response of aerospace systems in high altitude scenarios.

7. Rocket Engine Testing: Vacuum pumps are crucial in rocket engine testing facilities. They are utilized to evacuate and maintain the vacuum conditions in engine test chambers or nozzles during rocket engine testing. By creating a vacuum environment, these pumps simulate the conditions experienced by rocket engines in the vacuum of space, enabling accurate testing and evaluation of engine performance, thrust levels, and efficiency.

It’s important to note that aerospace applications often require specialized vacuum pumps capable of meeting stringent requirements, such as high reliability, low outgassing, compatibility with propellants or cryogenic fluids, and resistance to extreme temperatures and pressures.

In summary, vacuum pumps are extensively used in the aerospace sector for a wide range of applications, including space simulation chambers, propellant management, environmental control systems, satellite technology, avionics and instrumentation, high altitude testing, and rocket engine testing. They contribute to the development, testing, and operation of aerospace equipment, ensuring optimal performance, reliability, and safety.

vacuum pump

Can Vacuum Pumps Be Used for Soil and Groundwater Remediation?

Vacuum pumps are indeed widely used for soil and groundwater remediation. Here’s a detailed explanation:

Soil and groundwater remediation refers to the process of removing contaminants from the soil and groundwater to restore environmental quality and protect human health. Vacuum pumps play a crucial role in various remediation techniques by facilitating the extraction and treatment of contaminated media. Some of the common applications of vacuum pumps in soil and groundwater remediation include:

1. Soil Vapor Extraction (SVE): Soil vapor extraction is a widely used remediation technique for volatile contaminants present in the subsurface. It involves the extraction of vapors from the soil by applying a vacuum to the subsurface through wells or trenches. Vacuum pumps create a pressure gradient that induces the movement of vapors towards the extraction points. The extracted vapors are then treated to remove or destroy the contaminants. Vacuum pumps play a vital role in SVE by maintaining the necessary negative pressure to enhance the volatilization and extraction of contaminants from the soil.

2. Dual-Phase Extraction (DPE): Dual-phase extraction is a remediation method used for the simultaneous extraction of both liquids (such as groundwater) and vapors (such as volatile organic compounds) from the subsurface. Vacuum pumps are utilized to create a vacuum in extraction wells or points, drawing out both the liquid and vapor phases. The extracted groundwater and vapors are then separated and treated accordingly. Vacuum pumps are essential in DPE systems for efficient and controlled extraction of both liquid and vapor-phase contaminants.

3. Groundwater Pumping and Treatment: Vacuum pumps are also employed in groundwater remediation through the process of pumping and treatment. They are used to extract contaminated groundwater from wells or recovery trenches. By creating a vacuum or negative pressure, vacuum pumps facilitate the flow of groundwater towards the extraction points. The extracted groundwater is then treated to remove or neutralize the contaminants before being discharged or re-injected into the ground. Vacuum pumps play a critical role in maintaining the required flow rates and hydraulic gradients for effective groundwater extraction and treatment.

4. Air Sparging: Air sparging is a remediation technique used to treat groundwater and soil contaminated with volatile organic compounds (VOCs). It involves the injection of air or oxygen into the subsurface to enhance the volatilization of contaminants. Vacuum pumps are utilized in air sparging systems to create a vacuum or negative pressure zone in wells or points surrounding the contaminated area. This induces the movement of air and oxygen through the soil, facilitating the release and volatilization of VOCs. Vacuum pumps are essential in air sparging by maintaining the necessary negative pressure gradient for effective contaminant removal.

5. Vacuum-Enhanced Recovery: Vacuum-enhanced recovery, also known as vacuum-enhanced extraction, is a remediation technique used to recover non-aqueous phase liquids (NAPLs) or dense non-aqueous phase liquids (DNAPLs) from the subsurface. Vacuum pumps are employed to create a vacuum or negative pressure gradient in recovery wells or trenches. This encourages the movement and extraction of NAPLs or DNAPLs towards the recovery points. Vacuum pumps facilitate the efficient recovery of these dense contaminants, which may not be easily recoverable using traditional pumping methods.

It’s important to note that different types of vacuum pumps, such as rotary vane pumps, liquid ring pumps, or air-cooled pumps, may be used in soil and groundwater remediation depending on the specific requirements of the remediation technique and the nature of the contaminants.

In summary, vacuum pumps play a vital role in various soil and groundwater remediation techniques, including soil vapor extraction, dual-phase extraction, groundwater pumping and treatment, air sparging, and vacuum-enhanced recovery. By creating and maintaining the necessary pressure differentials, vacuum pumps enable the efficient extraction, treatment, and removal of contaminants, contributing to the restoration of soil and groundwater quality.

vacuum pump

What Is a Vacuum Pump, and How Does It Work?

A vacuum pump is a mechanical device used to create and maintain a vacuum or low-pressure environment within a closed system. Here’s a detailed explanation:

A vacuum pump operates on the principle of removing gas molecules from a sealed chamber, reducing the pressure inside the chamber to create a vacuum. The pump accomplishes this through various mechanisms and techniques, depending on the specific type of vacuum pump. Here are the basic steps involved in the operation of a vacuum pump:

1. Sealed Chamber:

The vacuum pump is connected to a sealed chamber or system from which air or gas molecules need to be evacuated. The chamber can be a container, a pipeline, or any other enclosed space.

2. Inlet and Outlet:

The vacuum pump has an inlet and an outlet. The inlet is connected to the sealed chamber, while the outlet may be vented to the atmosphere or connected to a collection system to capture or release the evacuated gas.

3. Mechanical Action:

The vacuum pump creates a mechanical action that removes gas molecules from the chamber. Different types of vacuum pumps use various mechanisms for this purpose:

– Positive Displacement Pumps: These pumps physically trap gas molecules and remove them from the chamber. Examples include rotary vane pumps, piston pumps, and diaphragm pumps.

– Momentum Transfer Pumps: These pumps use high-speed jets or rotating blades to transfer momentum to gas molecules, pushing them out of the chamber. Examples include turbomolecular pumps and diffusion pumps.

– Entrapment Pumps: These pumps capture gas molecules by adsorbing or condensing them on surfaces or in materials within the pump. Cryogenic pumps and ion pumps are examples of entrainment pumps.

4. Gas Evacuation:

As the vacuum pump operates, it creates a pressure differential between the chamber and the pump. This pressure differential causes gas molecules to move from the chamber to the pump’s inlet.

5. Exhaust or Collection:

Once the gas molecules are removed from the chamber, they are either exhausted into the atmosphere or collected and processed further, depending on the specific application.

6. Pressure Control:

Vacuum pumps often incorporate pressure control mechanisms to maintain the desired level of vacuum within the chamber. These mechanisms can include valves, regulators, or feedback systems that adjust the pump’s operation to achieve the desired pressure range.

7. Monitoring and Safety:

Vacuum pump systems may include sensors, gauges, or indicators to monitor the pressure levels, temperature, or other parameters. Safety features such as pressure relief valves or interlocks may also be included to protect the system and operators from overpressure or other hazardous conditions.

It’s important to note that different types of vacuum pumps have varying levels of vacuum they can achieve and are suitable for different pressure ranges and applications. The choice of vacuum pump depends on factors such as the required vacuum level, gas composition, pumping speed, and the specific application’s requirements.

In summary, a vacuum pump is a device that removes gas molecules from a sealed chamber, creating a vacuum or low-pressure environment. The pump accomplishes this through mechanical actions, such as positive displacement, momentum transfer, or entrapment. By creating a pressure differential, the pump evacuates gas from the chamber, and the gas is either exhausted or collected. Vacuum pumps play a crucial role in various industries, including manufacturing, research, and scientific applications.

China OEM Evp Factory 2BV Gland Packing Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump for Package Machine / Paper Mill   vacuum pump engine	China OEM Evp Factory 2BV Gland Packing Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump for Package Machine / Paper Mill   vacuum pump engine
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Oil wholesaler Free High Vacuum Pump Piston Pump for Packing Machine Lab Equipment China Manufacturer 30L Tank 58dB Soundless Double Cylinder with ce certificate top quality low price

Product Description

Product Description

Product Parameters

Model FB750 D0-10A30 FB750 D0-10A30(High Vacuum)
Type Oil Free Vacuum CZPT Oil Free Vacuum CZPT
Rated InputVoltage/Frequency(V/Hz)  AC220V/50HZ   AC220V/50HZ   
 Input Power(KW/HP) 430W 430W         
Speed(RPM) 1450RPM 1450 RPM
Pumping CZPT (L/min) 200L/min(7.1CFM) 100L/min(3.5CFM)
Wire Material   Copper Copper
Tank 30L(6.6Gal) 30L(6.6Gal)
Noise Level  58dB 58dB
Net.Weight(KG) 26KG 26KG
Machine Size 560*270*600mm 560*270*600mm
Packaging Dimensions 580*290*620mm 580*290*620mm


Company Profile

           ZHangZhoug CZPT CZPT CZPT Co.,Ltd is a large-scale enterprise group which is specializing in R&D
           and manufacturing CZPT kinds of CZPT s, vacuum pump, welding consumable, welding and cutting ma-
           chines, electric appliances, industrial investment,etc.
          It was established in 1998. As the leading modem enterprise in the CZPT and vacuum pump industry field in
         China, having a staffing of more than 500 employees, and within 8% of Research Specialist Staff, 12% of Management
        Positions,and over 300 stuff. The production capacity can arrive 50000.0 sets of CZPT kinds of CZPT s,
        vacuum pump, welding and cutting machines, which is included in 23 series product and more than 120 product specifi-
        Since its establishment, we always uphold the purpose of faithful & professional, practice & innovations has taken the
        lead in introduction of ERP, which makes much progress of management innovation and perfection. In additional, it has
        passed ISO9001, ISO14001, CE, EEC, RoHS, and CCC certificates. The products have been covered all round of the
        world and gain recognition from international CZPT ers!
       The series of products are widely used in the fields of Naval architecture and CZPT CZPT filed, CZPT motive tools
       industry, Railway equipment manufacturing, CZPT industry, Aerospace industry, Food Industry, CZPT and Dental
       field, Etc.The company is dedicated to furthering internationally authorized and processional CZPT , vacuum
       pump, welding machine products for the global market!

Packaging & CZPT



Our Advantages


HOT Product

Lemon Juice Packing Machine with Liquid Piston Pump

Lemon Juice Packing Machine with Liquid Piston Pump

lemon juice packing device with liquid piston pump

Merchandise introduction
Perform and attributes
1.Simple to operate,adopt superior PLC from Japan Mitsubishi, mate with contact screen and electrical manage method, the guy-machine interface is friendly.

two.CZPT examining: no pouch or pouch open mistake, no fill, no seal. the bag can be used once again, keep away from wasting packing supplies and raw supplies.

three.Safty unit: CZPT stop at abnormal air force, heater disconnection alarm.

4.The width of the bags could be adjusted by electrical motor. Push the management-button could alter the width of clips, straightforward operation and help save time.

five.It matches with the glass security door. The device will cease functioning when you open up the door. So that it could shield the security of operators. At the same time, it could stop dust.

6.The packing resources decline reduced, what this machine is utilised the preformed bag, the bag pattern is perfect and has a high good quality of the sealing component, this improved the product specification

seven.With different feeders transformed to pack strong, liquid, thick liquid ,powder and so on

8.The packing bag fits in in depth selection, match for multi-layer compound, monolayer PE , PP and so on Preformed bag manufactured by film and paper.

Mixed Components

MDP Mini Doypack CZPT

Liquid Pump

Takeaway Conveyor

Software Of Mini Doypack CZPT

Doypack device is ideal for all kinds of the premade baggage, this kind of as pillow bag, 3-aspect, 4-aspect and eight-aspect quad seal luggage (box pouch), kraft bags and spout bags and so on

MDP-collection, The Japan Mitsubishi PLC handle, with Delta contact monitor interface method, effortless procedure, convenient procedure, variable speed


CZPT Features of Mini Doypac CZPT

Design No.




Bag Width




Bag Length




Bag Kind

Stand-up bag, pillow bag

Stand-up bag, pillow bag

Stand-up bag, pillow bag

Electricity CZPT

110V 220V, 50HZ/60HZ

Air Intake

7. CFM@80 PSI

CZPT Parts

PIAB Vacuum Generator, CZPTs element Airtac from ZheJiang

Doypack machine unit in depth image

  1. Certification: our electrical system have the highest CSA certification
  2. Gusset system: For generating gusseted bag or block base bag.
  3. Car tracking system: For routinely regulation movie placement.
  4. Date printer: To print code, a single line or two traces, highest 11 letters for each one particular line.
  5. Air expeller: Expel air from the bag to be finished.
  6. Hole pouch gadget: Pouch gap to manage bag.
  7. Bag supporter: For massive fat.

How to function of the granule packing equipment

Step1, set the parameters we require on HMI

Step2, pour bulk products into the storage hopper manually or immediately

Step3, multifunction weighing dosing equipment will dose concentrate on excess weight we want

Step4, put baggage into bag journal

Step5, zipper unit open the ziplock

Step6, positioning bags to the filling station

Step7, bag open up and sending out “request filling” signal

Step8, filling machine drop down products with focus on excess weight into open baggage

Step9, the sealing jaws seal bags immediately

Organization details
Best Y CZPT CO., LTD was located in 2011, which is specialized in investigating, producing and marketing the MDF mini doypack equipment, VFFS packing equipment, VM linear weighers and conveyors. These equipments are extensively employed in meals, medicines, substances, feeds, toys and ironwares industries.

Top Y CZPT CO., LTD believes in equipment innovation and design. We obtain up persistent initiatives and technologies to intention at customers’ fulfillment top quality. We are keen to far better detailed style and engineers function on every operating phase in the drafts. In the doing work shop the workers assemble the whole machine by batches to make positive every single batch works nicely initial. “Buyers Initial” to make certain buyers get good high quality devices and also permit us earn very good track record in buyers.  

We have handed CE


Packing and shipping

  1. three-15 operating days given that payment receipt(based mostly on actual amount)
  2. Monitoring No. Will be despatched to you right after supply. And you will get each and every important transport standing by email.

plywood cases packed

Excellent Feedback 


Q1, What merchandise do you pack, strong, granule, flake, powder or liquid?

For liquid we recommend piston or motor pump, for powders we recommend auger filler or volumetric cup filler, for reliable, flake and granules we advise multihead weigher, linear weigher or volumetric cup filler.

Q2, What are the bag sizes and concentrate on weight in every pack?

For VFFS packing equipment the minimal movie width we perform on is 120mm, the greatest movie width we work on is 1200mm.

For doypack equipment the bag width doing work on is bare minimum 70mm and highest bag width 4550mm.

Q3, Does your organization function on OEM?

Sure, we have a expert style and technical team to do the customization

Q4, What’s the delivery time following the purchase is positioned?

We arrange the cargo in thirty-35days for CZPT equipment. It requires us much more days for CZPT equipment

Q5, How about the warranty?

The guarantee is two years and we offer lifelong upkeep.

Q6, What can you give following support?

We offer equipment managing video, instruction guide in English, spare elements and tools for set up. Also our engineers are available to clients’ factory and complex instruction. 

Lemon Juice Packing Machine with Liquid Piston Pump

PP Packing Belt Extruder Machine with Ce Certification

PP Packing Belt Extruder Machine with Ce Certification

PP packing belt extruder device with CE certification 

Quick Specifics

  • Issue: New
  • Application: Profile
  • CZPT Processed: PP
  • CZPT Style: Single-screw
  • CZPT Quality: full computerized
  • Place of Origin: ZheJiang , China (Mainland)
  • Manufacturer Name: HangZhoue
  • Model Quantity: SJ collection for CZPT strap generation line
  • Voltage: 3P 380V 50HZ
  • Energy(W): 18.5KW-75KW
  • Dimension(L*W*H): 26X2.2X2.65m
  • Fat: 7-10T
  • Certification: CE
  • Right after-sales Services Supplied: Engineers available to provider machinery overseas
  • CZPT shade: White and blue
  • Process kind: Extruding machine
  • Title: PP strap band extruder device
  • Motor: SIEMENS
  • Contactor: SIEMENS
  • Temperature handle appearance: ORMON
  • CZPT way: Recycling drinking water
  • Heating way: CZPTtrical heating

CZPT & Shipping and delivery

CZPT Particulars: Packing in movie or picket scenario in CZPT container

PP packing belt extruder equipment with CE certification 

Main composed of extruder, mould, cooling tank, very first traction device, and haul oven of warmth wind, CZPT traction device, embossing device, calibration trough, 3rd traction machine, coiler, and PLC control technique.
The main features are as follows:
one. Exact dosing and uncooked content mixing
2. Preheat and dry circulating automatically
three. Even plastication, stable extrusion and precise temperature manage
four. Measuring pump ensure consecutive and secure creation
5. Huge hauling power stretching unit and insulation oven
six. Massive ability stainless steel water trough, computerized liquid level manage
7. Twin CZPT Extruder with Specific Style
1) 100% recycled material can be utilized
two) Perfect vacuum method to dispense with dehumidifies and dry
3) Energy use of recycle materials is 40% decrease than uncooked substance

This line is utilized to make mechanical or handbook bands with 100% PP recycled granules as components, if uncooked resources, it will be better. This type of band is widely utilized in the packing of kinds of fields such as mines, standard products, weaving, electrical gear, apparatus, architecture, medicine, and so forth.
Because of lower value and convenient use, PP strap is an best packaging solution for the most assorted sectors in sector and craft fields.



No Line specification Capability
Strap measurement Electrical power use CZPT kind
1 sixty five one line 50-sixty nine-20 40-50kw Water cooling
2 sixty five double line 50-60 nine,11,13,16 40-50kw
3 75 single line eighty-nine 9-25 55-60kw
4 75 double line one hundred ten-one hundred twenty eleven,thirteen,sixteen,19 55-60kw
five ninety double line 120-one hundred sixty 9,12.7,16,19 70-90kw
6 120 four strap line or
75 parallel screw line
250 32,twenty five,19(double)
a hundred and fifty-170kw

PP Packing Belt Extruder Machine with Ce Certification

Automatic Horizontal Stand up with Zipper Pouch Powder Milk Packing Machine

Automatic Horizontal Stand up with Zipper Pouch Powder Milk Packing Machine


This equipment is relevant for topic to configure with diverse dosing unit , filling with energy, granule or liquid into premade pouch and sealing , the depth software description as adhering to desk :

Concern Software Description
Applicable Pouch Pre-made stand up pouch, flat pouch, four sides sealed pouch, spout pouch, other irregular shaped flat or stand up pouches, with/with no zipper etc
Applicable CZPT Configure with various dosing gadgets, capable to pack with liquid, powder or granule etc.
Relevant CZPT
Laminate Heat sealable packing resources these kinds of as OPP/PE, BOPP/OPP/PE, PET/AL /CPP and so forth.

Following are the normal doing work method diagram:

Common Characteristics
1) Use for premade flat or stand up pouch fill and seal as the CZPT, with zipper as the selection
two) Rigid carbon steel composition, CZPT metal 304 for floor and product touching parts
three) Anodic oxidation and/or harden aluminum for main movement beam and pouch keeping bars
four) PLC and touch display management
five) CZPT PID temperature controller
six) Frequency converting motor pushed and 3 independent divider inHangZhou sub-techniques to enable secure and large-pace movement
seven) Up to nine stations allow full and versatile processes design, like 2 times filling or sealing
eight) CZPT detecting of no pouch/not completely open, and no fill no seal interlock
nine) CZPT pouch picking up layout, make certain correct positioning
ten) Vacuum system run by vacuum pump
eleven) CZPT pouch stretching before sealing, get much more far better sealing aspect
twelve) Configure with various dosing gadget for various sort of items

Optional Features

Horizontal sort pouch magazine
Zipper opening
Ribbon or other variety of coding
Several fills or seals
Drinking water chiller for seals


Type 1G-xxxx 4P-210-one 4P-210-two
CZPT Velocity thirty-sixty pouches/min sixty-one hundred pouches/min
Lanes 1 Pouch/cycle 2 Pouches/cycle
Vertical CZPT Station one two
Pouch Size-Length 100-320mm a hundred-320mm
Pouch Size-Width ninety-210 mm 50-a hundred mm
CZPT Pulling CZPTn Servo Motor Servo Motor
Power Usage four. kw five. kw
Power Requirement AC 380V fifty/60HZ AC 380V 50/60HZ
Relevant pouch CZPTade flat or stand up pouch CZPTade flat or stand up pouch


Sort 1G-xxxx 4P-210-one 4P-210-two
CZPT Speed 30-60 pouches/min 60-100 pouches/min
Lanes 1 Pouch/cycle 2 Pouches/cycle
Vertical CZPT Station 1 2
Pouch Measurement-Duration a hundred-320mm one hundred-320mm
Pouch Dimensions-Width ninety-210 mm 50-one hundred mm
CZPT Pulling CZPTn Servo Motor Servo Motor
Power Consumption four. kw 5. kw
Power Prerequisite AC 380V fifty/60HZ AC 380V fifty/60HZ
Applicable pouch CZPTade flat or stand up pouch CZPTade flat or stand up pouch


Automatic Horizontal Stand up with Zipper Pouch Powder Milk Packing Machine

Hot Filling Automatic Pet Glass Bottle Liquid Pure Drinking Mineral Water Bottling Machine Carbonated Flavored Juice Drinks Filling Making Packing Plant

Hot Filling Automatic Pet Glass Bottle Liquid Pure Drinking Mineral Water Bottling Machine   Carbonated Flavored Juice Drinks Filling Making Packing Plant

Solution Description
It can fulfill the filling needs with distinct sealing caps such as crown cap, pop can cap, aluminum cap, twist cap (iron cap), screw cap(plastic cap),which is used to drinking water, carbonated delicate drinks and juice. 

The total line involves the pursuing optional tools: depalletizer, rinser, bottle washer, rinsing/filling/capping three-in-one monoblock, filling-capping two-in-1 monoblock, bottle hotter, inkjet printer, labeling machine, packaging device and etc..


Total CZPT PET CZPT Green Tea Bottling CZPT

Design RCGN32-32-10
Amount of Doing work Positions Rinser 32, Filler 32, Capper 10
Rated Potential twelve,000 BPH(500ml)
Filling Strategy Sizzling Filling
Applicable CZPT PET CZPT, Diameter sixty-97mm, Height a hundred and fifty-320mm
Relevant Cap Regular Common Cap
Air CZPT Stress .six MPa
Air Intake .8M3/min
Rinsing Water Force .two~.twenty five MPa
Rinsing Drinking water Usage About 1.five-2T/H
Filling Temperature 85-90ºC
Rated Voltage 380V
Put in Electrical power four.18 KW
Dimensions About 4140mm×2560mm×2850mm (L×W×H)
CZPT Fat About 7500Kg

Item: Fruit juice/Tea/vitality beverages etc
Volumn: 330-4000ml
Manufacturing ability: 3000-36000 bottles/hour
Diameter of bottle neck: 28mm 38mm
Filling variety: Gravity filling
Filling temperature: eighty five-ninety

Main Solution:
2000-40000 BPH CZPT Drinking water Bottling Line
2000-40000 BPH Juice Bottling Line
2000-40000 BPH CZPTated Beverage Bottling Line
3000-40000 BPH Beer Bottling Line
6000-30000BPH Aluminium Can Filling Line
one hundred twenty-2000 Barrels/Hour three-Gallon & five-Gallon Filling Line
Edible Oil Filling Line
PET Preform Injection CZPT
Water Therapy
UHT Plant
CZPTating Mixer
CZPT Unscrambler
CZPT Shrink-wrapping or Carton Box CZPT CZPT
Switch Crucial Venture.

Element image
Washing Components
It is extensively utilised in filling fuel-made up of beverages, this kind of as beer, soda, glowing wine, and so forth. Simply because the pressure in the bottle ahead of and following filling is equal to that in the silo and is greater than atmospheric pressure, it is referred to as isobaric filling. 

Filling Parts
304/316 CZPT steel high precision filling nozzle 

Filling volume adjustable in fantastic rank, exact same liquid amount soon after filling 

All 304/316 stainless steel make contact with elements & liquid tank, fantastic polish, no demise corner, easy to clean 

304/316 stainless metal filling pump

Capping Areas
Area and capping technique, electromagnetic capping heads, with stress discharge function, make confident least bottle crash in the course of capping
All 304/316 stainless steel construction
No bottle no capping
CZPT quit when absence of bottle

auxiliary products
h2o remedy

Large precision: extensively get rid of micro organism, rust, colloids, macromolecular natural substances and other substances in the h2o, retain trace components useful to human well being, and the main indicators this sort of as microbial and turbidity of purified drinking water are much better than the sanitary CZPTs for bottled consuming drinking water.

CZPTated comfortable drink mixer

Primarily employed for mixing machining of all sorts of carbonated beverages, it also can be used for mixing machining of pulpiness drinks, and ferment beverages. With the function of GOB program, after vacuum oxygen degassing,, sterilized water with CO2 and sugar a single-shot synthesis in accordance to the customer’s demand proportion.

Company Profile

Standardized workshop of whole thirty,000 sq. meters. 

With a far more than thirty pros group to design and produce, is a key expert company, which integrates advancement, analysis, layout, manufacture, technologies provider and advertising.

HY-Filling follows ISO9001:2000, CE Certificate , SGS , COC , TUV international top quality administration system.
The tools will be examined and operate for 24 several hours just before leaving the manufacturing unit, to guarantee the sleek functioning of drinking water pipeline, and pneumatic, electrical and mechnical steadiness.
Expert set up team who are seasoned technician, Give gear top quality installation companies.



Packing Kind:

It is generally packed in strengthened wooden boxes, which are then loaded into containers and transported to ZheJiang Port for dispatch.

Our Providers And CZPT
This business abides by the organization notion of “Cutomers at any time in the maximum postion and cooperation at any time with good faith”.This business has made continuous attempts to excellent its services program and has contributed optimistic efforts to build harmonious cooperation partnership with our customers in the spirit of mutual benefits.With the severe industry checks seasoned more than the last handful of a long time,the previously mentioned bussiness notion has turn into a sound foundation stone for the existence and the prolonged-expression growth of HY-FILLING business.
Installation and commissioning
Following the equipments arrived buyer’s workshop, the consumer need to just take it really is place for every single products in accordance to the provided structure the seller will send the seasoned technician to guidebook the set up and debugging and path production, and fulfil the designed capacity inside of the designed time.
The seller will offer complex instruction to the customer. The coaching is involves: gear structure and maintenance, management and operation. Soon after training, the experts of the consumer will grasp appropriate procedure and upkeep expertise, and could change the technologies much more expert, and can deal with all sorts of malfunction in time.
Soon after-product sales services
1) After qualified of the gear, the seller will source one 12 months guarantee, manage technique 1 calendar year ensure, totally free cost for putting on components, and other spare components with value price tag. Inside of guarantee time period, the experts who approved instruction ought to strictly obey the demands asked by the vendor to work the equipments and routine maintenance, to find the typical malfunctions and fault clearing in time if the experts of the purchaser couldn’t solve the problems themselves, the following-product sales office will offer prolonged assortment guide support by phone if appropriate measurements could not solve the troubles, the seller will send the professionals to the customer factory, obvious the fault or relevant specialized problems on internet site, the costs will reference to the set up and debugging change  for sporting parts, and other spare areas with value price tag. Inside of guarantee period, the professionals who accepted education ought to strictly obey the demands asked by the vendor to work the equipments and upkeep, to uncover the frequent malfunctions and fault clearing in time if the technicians of the consumer couldn’t solve the difficulties by themselves, the following-income section will supply long variety guide support by cellphone if related measurements could not fix the troubles, the seller will ship the experts to the consumer manufacturing facility, clear the fault or relevant technical problems on website, the charges will reference to the installation and debugging fees.
2) Following guaranteed, the seller will supply extensively favorable complex assistance, after-income provider for the life time: favorable cost for the wearing areas and other spare components.

Q1: Are you a trading business or a manufactory?
A1: We are a manufactory, we supply the factory price with very good quality, welcome to go to !
Q2: What’s your guarantee or the warranty of the quality if we acquire your machines?
A2: We offer you large top quality machines with one 12 months assure and provide life-extended technical assistance.
Q3: When can I get my device right after I paid out?
A3: The delivet time is dependent on the precise equipment you confirmed. 
This autumn: How can I put in my device when it arrives?
A4: We will send out our engineers to your manufacturing facility to set up the equipment and prepare your personnel how to function the devices. 
Q5: How about the spare components?
A5: Right after we offer down all the items , we will offer you you a spare components checklist for your reference.


Hot Filling Automatic Pet Glass Bottle Liquid Pure Drinking Mineral Water Bottling Machine   Carbonated Flavored Juice Drinks Filling Making Packing Plant

Automatically Sealing Machine for Packing Different Sizes Carton

Automatically Sealing Machine for Packing Different Sizes Carton

CZPT Carton CZPT CZPT with facet belt conveyor

Product Description

1.DQFXC5045 computerized carton sealing equipment is mostly utilized in sealing and packing cartons, which can be employed both in dependently or as a needed element of a creation line.

two.The device is widely used in the field of electrical, domestic, textiles, foodstuffs, standard items, medication and chemical industries.

3.The device can adjust itself to diverse dimensions of cartons.

4.This equipment adopts pneumatic strategy for packaging automatically, it overcomes some disadvantages when adopts manual or semi-car kinds, such as gradual speed and the unstable good quality.

5.This machine will not injury the floor of packaged objects.

six.The air-jar with every motion position adopts AirTAC products, the capability is really steady.

CZPT capacity about 1,000 CZPT situations for each hour
Adhesive tape used BOPP, drinking water-totally free adhesive Tape, PVC adhesive tape
Width of adhesive tape 36, 48 mm
Power resources 220V, 50Hz, 240W
Max. sealing dimensions (W*H) 450* 560 mm
Min. sealing dimensions (W*H) 80*90 mm
CZPT size 1990*890*1300~1530mm

Make contact with

Our main collection consist of the following:

  • coding machine
  • Sleeve wrapper machine
  • L-type sealer
  • Thermal shrink packaging equipment
  • Vacuum packaging device
  • Vacuum packaging machine double chamber 
  • Vacuum packaging machine single chamber 
  • CZPT equipment
  • Induction sealer
  • Hand & Food sealing equipment
  • Band sealer
  • Carton sealer
  • Label shrink packager
  • Blow moulding equipment
  • Liquid/paste filling and packaging equipment
  • Pallet luggage extend wrapping machine
  • Strapping machine
  • CZPT device
  • Very hot code printer

Automatically Sealing Machine for Packing Different Sizes Carton

China Best Automatic Water Bottle Packing Machine Price

China Best Automatic Water Bottle Packing Machine Price

China Best CZPT Drinking water CZPT Packing CZPT Price 

Foods Stage CZPT Metal 304 
PLC Management: Simens 
Appropriate for .2-2L CZPT CZPT 

Characteristcis of Water CZPT Packing CZPT 
1. Our water bottle packing device sing the wind sent entry and move wheel in the bottle right connected engineering canceled screw and conveyor chains, this allow the change the bottle-shaped turn into easier. 
2. CZPTs transmission undertake clip bottleneck technological innovation, bottle-formed rework not require to adjust the gear amount, only alter related the curved plate, wheel and nylon components is adequate.. 
three. The specially developed stainless metal bottle washing device clip is sound and tough, no touch with the screw place of bottle mouth to steer clear of CZPTary air pollution. 
4. Higher-pace big gravity movement valve filling valve, filling quick, filling correct and no liquid get rid of. 
5. Spiraling decrease when output bottle, remodel bottle condition no need to have to modify the height of conveyor chains. 
6.CZPT h2o bottle packing equipment adopts superior PLC computerized handle technological innovation, the crucial electrical factors from CZPT business this sort of as Japan’s Mitsubishi, France Schneider, OMRON.
CZPT Data of Drinking water CZPT Packing CZPT 

Product CGF8-8-3 CGF12-12-6 CGF18-eighteen-6 CGF24-24-eight CGF32-32-10 CGF40-forty-10
Rinsing Head No eight 12 18 24 32 40
Filling Head No 8 twelve 18 24 32 40
Capping Head No 3 6 6 eight ten 12/ten
2000BPH 4000BPH 7000-8000BPH ten thousand-12000BPH 12000-15000BPH 15000-18000BPH
Total Measurement (mm) 1900*1420
Weight one.5T two.2T three.0T four.0T 8.0T twelve.0T
Electrical power(KW) three.0kw 3.5kw 4.0kw four.8kw seven.6kw eight.3Kw
Rated Voltage 380V 380V 380V 380V 380V 380V
Features of Drinking water CZPT Packing CZPT 
Washer Station of Drinking water CZPT Packing CZPT 

All 304 stainless metal rinser heads, water spray fashion inject design, much more help save water use & a lot more clear
304 CZPT steel Gripper with plastic pad, guarantee minimum bottle crash in the course of washing
304 stainless steel washing pumps

Filler Station of H2o CZPT Packing CZPT 
The filling station using all metallic (not plastic) 304 stainless metal get in touch with components presents regular exact, high precision filling nozzle collectively with vacuum pump regurgitant system, to make certain the large filling precision, guarantee exact same filling level
Filling temperature is adjustable.
Centre 304L stainless metal filling nozzle employed which are created for maximum circulation charge and minimal bottle distortion for the duration of filling.
All 304 stainless steel make contact with components & liquid tank, fantastic polish, no demise corner, straightforward to thoroughly clean

Capper Station of Drinking water CZPT Packing CZPT 
Area & capping system, electromagnetic capping heads, with load discharge purpose, make sure least bottle crash throughout capping
All 304stainless metal design
No bottle no capping,
CZPT end when absence of caps


Reputable Serivce for Drinking water CZPT Packing CZPT 
Just before Product sales

1.Anser your any query on us within 24 several hours.
two.CZPT all details you needed.
3.CZPTs video clip for reference
four.Welcome to go to factory
On Sales 
1.Update creation progress every single week
2.Sending devices photographs on production 
3.CZPTs testing managing more than 8 hours, and sending tests video clips
After Revenue
one.engineer arranged to install machines
2.Sapre Areas proviced
three.Right after sales hotline: -512-58550068
Welcome to concept to HangZhou Reliable CZPT CO.,LTD

China Best Automatic Water Bottle Packing Machine Price

High Pressure Side Channel Blower for Packing Machine

High Pressure Side Channel Blower for Packing Machine

Item Specifics


Efficiency Curve



One Impeller
Sort Motor Section Bodyweight
Sounds Stage
Air Stream
one LD002H21R11 50 .2 220 one.5 1 seven forty eight 70 -eight 8
60 .29 220 1.7 fifty eighty five -8 eight
LD003H21R11 50 .twenty five 220 1.seven 1 eight eighteen 70 -nine 9
sixty .29 220 one.nine 50 85 -nine 9
2 LD002H21R12 fifty .twenty five 220 one.5 one 9.two 53 eighty -10 ten
sixty .29 220 1.7 56 ninety six -10 10
LD004H21R12 fifty .37 220 two.7 one eleven 53 eighty -11 eleven
sixty .forty five 220 3 fifty six ninety six -12 12
4 LD007H21R14 50 .7 220 5.2 one 15 sixty three one hundred forty five -twelve 12
60 .83 220 five.eight sixty four 175 -thirteen 13
five LD011H21R15 50 1.one 220 7 one 22 sixty four 210 -16 16
60 1.three 220 8.4 70 255 -fifteen sixteen
LD015H21R15 fifty 1.five 220 9 1 26 sixty four 210 -19 20
sixty 1.75 220 11 70 255 -18 eighteen

Solitary Impeller
Type Motor Period Weight
Noise Level
Air Circulation
1 LD002H43R11 50 .2 Y 380 Y one.2 3 six forty eight 70 -8 8
sixty .23 Y 380 Y 1.2 50 85 -8 8
LD003H43R11 fifty .25 Y 380 Y 1.three 3 7 forty eight 70 -9 9
sixty .28 Y 380 Y one.3 fifty eighty five -9 nine
two LD002H43R12 50 .2 Y 380 Y 1.two 3 eight.four fifty three eighty -ten ten
60 .25 Y 380 Y 1.2 fifty six 98 -11 11
LD004H43R12 50 .four Y 380 Y one.five three 10 53 80 -twelve 13
60 .five Y 380 Y 1.five 56 ninety eight -fifteen sixteen
4 LD005H43R14 fifty .55 Y 380 Y one.9 3 eleven.5 60 a hundred forty five -11 11
sixty .sixty five Y 380 Y 2.1 62 175 -twelve 12
LD007H43R14 fifty .seven Y 380 Y two.two three 13 63 a hundred forty five -12 twelve
sixty .eighty three Y 380 Y two.two sixty four a hundred seventy five -thirteen thirteen
LD011H43R14 fifty 1.1 Y 380 Y 3.4 three seventeen 63 a hundred forty five -fourteen eighteen
60 1.4 Y 380 Y 3.five sixty four a hundred seventy five -16 19
five LD011H43R15 fifty one.one Y 380 Y three.four three 21 sixty four 210 -11 16
60 one.four Y 380 Y three.five 70 255 -14 14
LD013H43R15 50 one.three Y 380 Y 3.eight 3 22 64 210 -17 17
60 1.five Y 380 Y four. 70 255 -fifteen 14
LD015H43R15 fifty 1.5 Y 380 Y 4.three three 23 64 210 -twenty 19
60 2.05 Y 380 Y 4.four 70 255 -22 21
LD571H43R15 50 2.2 Y 380 Y five.six three 25 64 210 -22 27
sixty 2.55 Y 380 Y 6. 70 255 -26 29
six LD015H43R16 50 one.5 Y 380 Y four.three 3 twenty five 68 265 -17 18
60 two.05 Y 380 Y four.4 70 315 -18 19
LD571H43R16 fifty two.two Y 380 Y 5.6 three 28 sixty nine 265 -23 22
sixty two.55 Y 380 Y six. 72 315 24 23
seven LD571H43R17 fifty 2.two Y 380 Y five.six 3 thirty sixty nine 318 -16 fifteen
sixty 2.55 Y 380 Y 6. seventy two 376 -fifteen fifteen
LD030H43R17 50 three Y 380 Y 7.eight 3 36 sixty nine 318 -27 29
sixty three.45 Y 380 Y eight.5 seventy two 376 -23 23
LD040H43R17 50 four Y 380 Y nine.five 3 39 sixty nine 318 -29 33
sixty four.six Y 380 Y nine.5 seventy two 376 -23 33
8 LD040H43R18 fifty four Y 380 Y 9.five 3 fifty four 70 530 -20 twenty
60 four.6 Y 380 Y ten.2 seventy four 620 -sixteen sixteen
LD055H43R18 fifty 5.five Y 380 Y seven.four three sixty five 70 530 -30 30
60 6.3 Y 380 Y seven.45 74 620 -30 28
LD075H43R18 50 seven.5 Y 380 Y nine.six 3 sixty nine 70 530 -32 forty three
sixty 8.six Y 380 Y 10 seventy four 620 -35 40
nine LD090H43R19 fifty nine Y 380  Y eleven three 116 seventy four 1050 -21 21
sixty 10.three Y 380 Y eleven 79 1250 -18 eighteen
LD125H43R19 fifty twelve.five Y 380 Y 16.2 three 129 seventy four 1050 -29 28
60 14.five Y 380 Y 16.7 seventy nine 1250 -28 27
LD185H43PR19 fifty eighteen.5 Y 380 Y 21 3 146 74 1050 -36 forty six
60 14.5 Y 380 Y 22.five 79 1250 -38 forty two


1)  High strain, Large air volume, Reduced noise,Gentle weight
two)  Housings are made of precision casting AL alloy that make the blower physique light-weight.
three)  Motor is designed dependent on I.E.C needs (>1HP) with completely-enclosed enthusiast-cooled and aluminum alloy body.
     Special bearing layout can make it suited for prolonged time of operating.
four)  Specific enthusiast blade style achieves high force, big air quantity, extended service life and low sounds.

Software Situations

Packing & Shipment

Revenue Team

Patents & Certificates


Q1. What is OuGuan brand blower?
       Since 2009 we have had the model identify of OuGuan for the CZPT era of our blowers.   
Q2. What services you can provide?
       1)  Focus on air blowers industry for fifteen years, can provide innovative strategies assist.
       2)  Professional right after-income services staff with 24 hrs services can make you with out concerns driving.
       3)  Enough stock can meet your instantaneous demand from customers.
       4)  Up to 18 months top quality assure of products, you can rest assured to use.
       5)  Housings are made of precision casting AL alloy that make the items appear large grade and environment at physical appearance,
            and the techniques direct three-five several years in air blower sector.
       6)  CZPT have acquired 3C and CE certificates.
Q3. How do you ensure your merchandise top quality?
      We are a specialist and distinctive maker of air blowers in Guandong province, China.
      We have complete set of production equipment in blower business and complete QC inspection program.
This autumn. In purchase to advise the suitable product to you, you should aid confirm the subsequent data:
      one)  The application of the blower
      two)  The technological parameter need
      three)  Order amount
      4)  Special item demands, this sort of as modifying the course of outlet, specific voltage demands, and many others.


High Pressure Side Channel Blower for Packing Machine

500ml Pure Water Bottle Packing Machine

500ml Pure Water Bottle Packing Machine

500ml pure drinking water bottle packing machine

Containers and specs
Venture Name: Complete CZPT CZPT CZPT Drinking water 2000-20000bph Creation Line PH≥4.6drinking water
substance form Filling quantity(ml) Filling degree(mm) Neck kind
PET CZPT Square or Spherical CZPT a hundred-2000ml Distance from bottle neck
According ask for
As ask for
Adjustable specifications of the bottle kind Center CZPT Base: CZPT diameter ≤105mm  CZPT Height≤335mm
Customers require to acquire additional alter-more than areas for the different bottles.
If making use of square bottles, then bottle separating technique will be extra.
Container Label & Handle Method CZPT system Palletizing program
Sizzling CZPT Roll-Fed
PVC Shrink Label
Full Label/ 50 percent Label
Manual  /  CZPT
Packing program Min, Spec. Manual
Minimal place gantry palletizer
Robot Palletizer
Substantial placement gantry palletizer
Single Arm Palletizer
Handbook Palletizer
CZPT shrinker
Wrap All around packer
 Robert Packing CZPT
Consumer Ambient Problems: Temperature:ten~40ºCHumidity:No dew
Person CZPTtrical CZPT Specification Voltage:380V±5%, 3phase Frequency:50HZ±1%

CZPT Introduction 
This CGF Clean-filling-capping three-in-1unit: Beverage CZPTry is utilized to create polyester bottled mineral water, purified drinking water, alcoholic beverage equipment and other non-gas beverage equipment.Beverage CZPTry can end all the process this sort of as washing bottle, filling and sealing, it can lessen the materials and Outsiders touch time, improve the sanitary problems, generation potential and economic efficiency.
(one) CZPT Water / Pure Water Bottling CZPT includes: Washing-filling-capping 3 in one machine, lamp inspection, label shrinking machine, inkjet printer, very hot shrink film packer and conveyors. It is a complete computerized creation line.
(2)CZPT Drinking water / Pure Water Bottling CZPT used in the beverage filling operations. The 3 features of bottle clean, fill and seal are composed in 1 body of the equipment. The whole method is automatic.
(3)The CZPT Drinking water / Pure H2o Bottling CZPT is used in filling juices, mineral water and purified water in bottles produced of polyester and plastics. The device can also be used in very hot filling if currently being mounted with temperature controlling system. The handle of the equipment can be freely and conveniently turned to change the machine to fill various sorts of bottles.
(4)The filling procedure is faster and much more secure due to the fact the micro stress filling operation of the new type is adopted. There the output and gain of the machine is higher than the equipment of the exact same requirements.
(five)The advanced Siemens programmed controller (PLC) is adopted to manage the device to operate routinely whilst a transducer is utilized in the bottle -coming into chains to modify speeds and coordinated with the transducer of the principal device to make the functions of shifting bottle ahead steadily and reliably.
(six)It is practical to operate with larger automation due to the fact each and every part of the device is inspected to operate with photo electrical energy, On the bases, the filling elements of the device can be changed into filling strategies of reduced vacuum.
(seven)The filling category of lower vacuum (Z kind machine) is relevant in glass bottles, filling alcoholic beverages, soy and such like components. The aluminum theft evidence cap and plastic cap can be adopted. The equipment is an thought-chosen tools for beverage maker.
one. Using the wind despatched entry and go wheel in the bottle directly related technologies canceled screw and conveyor chains, this empower the modify the bottle-shaped turn out to be less complicated. 
2. CZPTs transmission adopt clip bottleneck technological innovation, bottle-shaped change not need to change the equipment stage, only adjust related the curved plate, wheel and nylon elements is sufficient.. 
3. The specifically made stainless steel bottle washing device clip is sound and durable, no contact with the screw spot of bottle mouth to avoid CZPTary pollution. 
four. Higher-pace huge gravity flow valve filling valve, filling quick, filling precise and no liquid drop. 
five. Spiraling decline when output bottle, remodel bottle shape no require to change the top of conveyor chains. 
six. Host undertake advanced PLC automated handle engineering, the key electrical factors from CZPT organization such as Japan’s Mitsubishi, France Schneider, OMRON.
Movement chart:
A)CZPT production line  PET Resin –Injection moulding machine -Botlte blowing machine –PET bottle
B)Drinking water treatment system Raw water–Pump–Silica sand filter–CZPT filter–Water softner–Reverse Osmosis -UV sterilizer-Ozone generator–Finished drinking water tank
C)Filling&Packing part   CZPT unscrambler–Air conveyor–Washing,filling,capping 3in1 device–Light-weight checker–Blow dryer–Dater printer–Lableing device –Packing machine -Inventory

Product Washing
On 500ml
Motor power
All round dimension
CFG14-twelve-4 14 12 4 2000-4000 three.7KW 2500x1850x2400
CFG18-18-6 eighteen eighteen 6 5000-7000 four.4KW 2800x2000x2400
CFG24-24-eight 24 24 8 8000-12000 five.3KW 3100x2100x2400
CFG32-32-10 32 32 ten 12000-15000 6.5KW 3500x2100x2400
CFG40-forty-10 forty forty ten 16000-20000 7.5KW 3600x2200x2400
CFG48-forty eight-12 48 48 12 20000-24000 nine.5KW 4200x2300x2400
CFG60-sixty-15 sixty sixty fifteen 25000-30000 12KW 4800x2300x2400

Make contact with Person: Could Yu
Mob: 15262329856

500ml Pure Water Bottle Packing Machine