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China supplier Chemical Electric Motor Driven Diaphragm Dosing Metering Pump vacuum pump for ac

Product Description

Chemical Electric Motor Driven Diaphragm Dosing Metering Pump

Pumps works with shearing, grinding high-speed stirring Grinding process occurs in the relative movement between the 2 teeth with 1 revolving in high speed and another still, which makes the material between the teeth receive strong shearing and abrasion in addition to high frequency vibration and high speed swirl. The above forces effectively evenly disperse, emulsify, smash the material.

Colloid mill works with shearing, grinding high-speed stirring Grinding process occurs in the relative movement between the 2 teeth with 1 revolving in high speed and another still, which makes the material between the teeth receive strong shearing and abrasion in addition to high frequency vibration and high speed swirl. The above forces effectively evenly disperse, emulsify, smash the material.
Tchnical Parameters ūüôĀ For reference ONly )









Machine Size



10-15 kg/h

50-100 mesh

50 kg

530*260*580 mm



60-80 kg/h


80-150 mesh

150 kg

600*410*930 mm



100-200 kg/h

80-150 mesh


175 kg

700*430*1000 mm



300-500 kg/h


80-200 mesh

285 kg

990*440*1000 mm





80-200 mesh

300kg 1000*460*1050 mm



700-800 kg/h


80-200 mesh

375 kg

1000*490*1100 mm




80-200 mesh 700kg 1260*600*1230 mm



1200-1500 kg/h


100-200 mesh

920 kg





3000-4000 kg/h

100-200 mesh

1300 kg






After-sales Service
1.Warranty time: 1 year, from the date which the product is qualified commissioning.
Any damage except the wrong operation during warranty period is repaired freely.But the travel and hotel expenses should be count on buyer.
2. Commissioning services: the product’s installation and commissioning at the demand side, our engineers will not leave there until get your agreement.
3. Training services: our engineers will train your staff to operate it during the period of installation and commissioning,
and they will not leave there until your staff can operate it properly and normally.
4. Maintenance services: any malfunction happened, once you inquiry us, we will reply you within 48 hours except the special reasons.
5. Lifelong services: we provide lifelong services for all the products we sold out, and supply the spare parts with discount price.
6. Certificate services: we can provide related certificates to customers freely according to the request of customers.
7. Inspection services: you can ask the third part inspection company or your inspector to inspect the products before shipment.
8. The file: the Manual Specification, report of the material which used to the equipment and other documents related to the GMP authentication information will be provided by us.


Q: Are you a factory?
A: Yes we are a factory with more than 20 years manufacturing experience. One is in JZheJiang Province,
Another is in HangZhou next to our office.

Q:I’m new in our industry,but I’m planing to set up a factory, what canI do?
A: We will design the most suitable proposal based on your actual situation, such as the daily production,raw material formula, factory layout, etc. Also we would like to intro- duce some excellent suppliers of raw materials, bottles,labels, etc if needed. After sales, engineer will be send to fields installation, training and commissioning.

Q: How can you control the quality before delivery?
A: First, our component/spare parts providers test their products before they offer com- ponents to us.Besides, our quality control team will test machines performance or running speed before shipment. We would like to invite you come to our factory to verify machines yourself. If your schedule is busy, we wil take a video to record the testing procedure and send the video to you.

Q:Are your machines difficult to operate? How do you teach us using the machine?
A: Our machines are fool-style operation design,very easy to operate.Besides,before delivery we will shoot instruction video to introduce machines’functions and to teach you how to use them.If needed engineers are available to come to your factory to help install machines, test machines and teach your staff to use the machines.

Q: Can I come to your factory to observe machine running?
A: Yes, customers are warmly welcome to visit our factory.

Q: Can you make the machine according to buyer’s request?
A: Yes,OEM is acceptable. Most of our machines are customized design based on cus- tomer’s requirements or situation


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After-sales Service: Oversea Installation Service
Warranty: 1 Years
Oil or Not: Oil Free
Structure: Rotary Vacuum Pump
Exhauster Method: Entrapment Vacuum Pump
Vacuum Degree: Vacuum


vacuum pump

Can Vacuum Pumps Be Used for Vacuum Packaging?

Yes, vacuum pumps can be used for vacuum packaging. Here’s a detailed explanation:

Vacuum packaging is a method used to remove air from a package or container, creating a vacuum environment. This process helps to extend the shelf life of perishable products, prevent spoilage, and maintain product freshness. Vacuum pumps play a crucial role in achieving the desired vacuum level for effective packaging.

When it comes to vacuum packaging, there are primarily two types of vacuum pumps commonly used:

1. Single-Stage Vacuum Pumps: Single-stage vacuum pumps are commonly used for vacuum packaging applications. These pumps use a single rotating vane or piston to create a vacuum. They can achieve moderate vacuum levels suitable for most packaging requirements. Single-stage pumps are relatively simple in design, compact, and cost-effective.

2. Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps: Rotary vane vacuum pumps are another popular choice for vacuum packaging. These pumps utilize multiple vanes mounted on a rotor to create a vacuum. They offer higher vacuum levels compared to single-stage pumps, making them suitable for applications that require deeper levels of vacuum. Rotary vane pumps are known for their reliability, consistent performance, and durability.

When using vacuum pumps for vacuum packaging, the following steps are typically involved:

1. Preparation: Ensure that the packaging material, such as vacuum bags or containers, is suitable for vacuum packaging and can withstand the vacuum pressure without leakage. Place the product to be packaged inside the appropriate packaging material.

2. Sealing: Properly seal the packaging material, either by heat sealing or using specialized vacuum sealing equipment. This ensures an airtight enclosure for the product.

3. Vacuum Pump Operation: Connect the vacuum pump to the packaging equipment or directly to the packaging material. Start the vacuum pump to initiate the vacuuming process. The pump will remove the air from the packaging, creating a vacuum environment.

4. Vacuum Level Control: Monitor the vacuum level during the packaging process using pressure gauges or vacuum sensors. Depending on the specific packaging requirements, adjust the vacuum level accordingly. The goal is to achieve the desired vacuum level suitable for the product being packaged.

5. Sealing and Closure: Once the desired vacuum level is reached, seal the packaging material completely to maintain the vacuum environment. This can be done by heat sealing the packaging material or using specialized sealing mechanisms designed for vacuum packaging.

6. Product Labeling and Storage: After sealing, label the packaged product as necessary and store it appropriately, considering factors such as temperature, humidity, and light exposure, to maximize product shelf life.

It’s important to note that the specific vacuum level required for vacuum packaging may vary depending on the product being packaged. Some products may require a partial vacuum, while others may require a more stringent vacuum level. The choice of vacuum pump and the control mechanisms employed will depend on the specific vacuum packaging requirements.

Vacuum pumps are widely used in various industries for vacuum packaging applications, including food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, electronics, and more. They provide an efficient and reliable means of creating a vacuum environment, helping to preserve product quality and extend shelf life.

vacuum pump

How Do Vacuum Pumps Impact the Quality of 3D Printing?

Vacuum pumps play a significant role in improving the quality and performance of 3D printing processes. Here’s a detailed explanation:

3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, is a process of creating three-dimensional objects by depositing successive layers of material. Vacuum pumps are utilized in various aspects of 3D printing to enhance the overall quality, accuracy, and reliability of printed parts. Here are some key ways in which vacuum pumps impact 3D printing:

1. Material Handling and Filtration: Vacuum pumps are used in 3D printing systems to handle and control the flow of materials. They create the necessary suction force to transport powdered materials, such as polymers or metal powders, from storage containers to the printing chamber. Vacuum systems also assist in filtering and removing unwanted particles or impurities from the material, ensuring the purity and consistency of the feedstock. This helps to prevent clogging or contamination issues during the printing process.

2. Build Plate Adhesion: Proper adhesion of the printed object to the build plate is crucial for achieving dimensional accuracy and preventing warping or detachment during the printing process. Vacuum pumps are employed to create a vacuum environment or suction force that securely holds the build plate and ensures firm adhesion between the first layer of the printed object and the build surface. This promotes stability and minimizes the risk of layer shifting or deformation during the printing process.

3. Material Drying: Many 3D printing materials, such as filament or powdered polymers, can absorb moisture from the surrounding environment. Moisture-contaminated materials can lead to poor print quality, reduced mechanical properties, or defects in the printed parts. Vacuum pumps with integrated drying capabilities can be employed to create a low-pressure environment, effectively removing moisture from the materials before they are used in the printing process. This ensures the dryness and quality of the materials, resulting in improved print outcomes.

4. Resin Handling in Stereolithography (SLA): In SLA 3D printing, a liquid resin is selectively cured using light sources to create the desired object. Vacuum pumps are utilized to facilitate the resin handling process. They can be employed to degas or remove air bubbles from the liquid resin, ensuring a smooth and bubble-free flow during material dispensing. This helps to prevent defects and imperfections caused by trapped air or bubbles in the final printed part.

5. Enclosure Pressure Control: Some 3D printing processes, such as selective laser sintering (SLS) or binder jetting, require the printing chamber to be maintained at a specific pressure or controlled atmosphere. Vacuum pumps are used to create a controlled low-pressure or vacuum environment within the printing chamber, enabling precise pressure regulation and maintaining the desired conditions for optimal printing results. This control over the printing environment helps to prevent oxidation, improve material flow, and enhance the quality and consistency of printed parts.

6. Post-Processing and Cleaning: Vacuum pumps can also aid in post-processing steps and cleaning of 3D printed parts. For instance, in processes like support material removal or surface finishing, vacuum systems can assist in the removal of residual support structures or excess powder from printed objects. They can also be employed in vacuum-based cleaning methods, such as vapor smoothing, to achieve smoother surface finishes and enhance the aesthetics of the printed parts.

7. System Maintenance and Filtration: Vacuum pumps used in 3D printing systems require regular maintenance and proper filtration to ensure their efficient and reliable operation. Effective filtration systems within the vacuum pumps help to remove any contaminants or particles generated during printing, preventing their circulation and potential deposition on the printed parts. This helps to maintain the cleanliness of the printing environment and minimize the risk of defects or impurities in the final printed objects.

In summary, vacuum pumps have a significant impact on the quality of 3D printing. They contribute to material handling and filtration, build plate adhesion, material drying, resin handling in SLA, enclosure pressure control, post-processing and cleaning, as well as system maintenance and filtration. By utilizing vacuum pumps in these critical areas, 3D printing processes can achieve improved accuracy, dimensional stability, material quality, and overall print quality.

vacuum pump

Can Vacuum Pumps Be Used in the Medical Field?

Yes, vacuum pumps have a wide range of applications in the medical field. Here’s a detailed explanation:

Vacuum pumps play a crucial role in various medical applications, providing suction or creating controlled vacuum environments. Here are some key areas where vacuum pumps are used in the medical field:

1. Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT):

Vacuum pumps are extensively utilized in negative pressure wound therapy, a technique used to promote wound healing. In NPWT, a vacuum pump creates a controlled low-pressure environment within a wound dressing, facilitating the removal of excess fluid, promoting blood flow, and accelerating the healing process.

2. Surgical Suction:

Vacuum pumps are an integral part of surgical suction systems. They provide the necessary suction force to remove fluids, gases, or debris from the surgical site during procedures. Surgical suction helps maintain a clear field of view for surgeons, enhances tissue visualization, and contributes to a sterile operating environment.

3. Anesthesia:

In anesthesia machines, vacuum pumps are used to create suction for various purposes:

– Airway Suction: Vacuum pumps assist in airway suctioning to clear secretions or obstructions from the patient’s airway during anesthesia or emergency situations.

– Evacuation of Gases: Vacuum pumps aid in removing exhaled gases from the patient’s breathing circuit, ensuring the delivery of fresh gas mixtures and maintaining appropriate anesthesia levels.

4. Laboratory Equipment:

Vacuum pumps are essential components in various medical laboratory equipment:

– Vacuum Ovens: Vacuum pumps are used in vacuum drying ovens, which are utilized for controlled drying or heat treatment of sensitive materials, samples, or laboratory glassware.

– Centrifugal Concentrators: Vacuum pumps are employed in centrifugal concentrators to facilitate the concentration or dehydration of biological samples, such as DNA, proteins, or viruses.

– Freeze Dryers: Vacuum pumps play a vital role in freeze-drying processes, where samples are frozen and then subjected to vacuum conditions to remove water via sublimation, preserving the sample’s structure and integrity.

5. Medical Suction Devices:

Vacuum pumps are utilized in standalone medical suction devices, commonly found in hospitals, clinics, and emergency settings. These devices create suction required for various medical procedures, including:

– Suctioning of Respiratory Secretions: Vacuum pumps assist in removing respiratory secretions or excess fluids from the airways of patients who have difficulty coughing or clearing their airways effectively.

– Thoracic Drainage: Vacuum pumps are used in chest drainage systems to evacuate air or fluid from the pleural cavity, helping in the treatment of conditions such as pneumothorax or pleural effusion.

– Obstetrics and Gynecology: Vacuum pumps are employed in devices used for vacuum-assisted deliveries, such as vacuum extractors, to aid in the safe delivery of babies during childbirth.

6. Blood Collection and Processing:

Vacuum pumps are utilized in blood collection systems and blood processing equipment:

– Blood Collection Tubes: Vacuum pumps are responsible for creating the vacuum inside blood collection tubes, facilitating the collection of blood samples for diagnostic testing.

– Blood Separation and Centrifugation: In blood processing equipment, vacuum pumps assist in the separation of blood components, such as red blood cells, plasma, and platelets, for various medical procedures and treatments.

7. Medical Imaging:

Vacuum pumps are used in certain medical imaging techniques:

– Electron Microscopy: Electron microscopes, including scanning electron microscopes and transmission electron microscopes, require a vacuum environment for high-resolution imaging. Vacuum pumps are employed to maintain the necessary vacuum conditions within the microscope chambers.

These are just a few examples of the wide-ranging applications of vacuum pumps in the medical field. Their ability to create suction and controlled vacuum environments makes them indispensable in medical procedures, wound healing, laboratory processes, anesthesia, and various other medical applications.

China supplier Chemical Electric Motor Driven Diaphragm Dosing Metering Pump   vacuum pump for ac	China supplier Chemical Electric Motor Driven Diaphragm Dosing Metering Pump   vacuum pump for ac
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China 60W110V220V380V Low noise electric motor twin piston oil-free pump easy to maintain for Lab vacuum pump

Customized support: OEM, ODM, OBM
Model Number: VN-18, VN-18
Application: Other
Horsepower: 60W
Power Source: Electric
Pressure: -80kpa
Structure: Vacuum Pump
Voltage: 220V, 220V
Power: 60W, 60W
MOQ: 1
Flow rate: 15L/MIN
Vacuum: -80KPA
Weight: 1.4KG
Usage: Industrial
Motor: AC Motor
Model: VN-18
Packaging Details: Neutral carton packaging


Customized supportOEM, ODM, OBM
Brand NameJian yue
Model NumberVN-18
Place of OriginChina
Power SourceElectric
StructureVacuum Pump
Outlet Size
Model NumberVN-18
Flow rate15L/MIN
FAQ 1. who are we?We are based in ZheJiang , China, Synchronous pulley S2M S3M S5M S8M 3M 5M 8M with keyway aluminium timing belt pulley start from 2571,sell to North America(26.00%),Eastern Europe(17.00%),South Asia(9.00%),South America(8.00%),Oceania(6.00%),Southeast Asia(6.00%),Western Europe(5.00%),Southern Europe(5.00%), Plastic combined ceramic pulley for wire guiding wire CZPT pulley Eastern Asia(5.00%),Mid East(5.00%),Northern Europe(4.00%),Domestic Market(4.00%). There are total about 51-100 people in our office.2. how can we guarantee quality?Always a pre-production sample before mass production;Always final Inspection before shipment;3.what can you buy from us?Air Tank,Induction Motor,Centrifugal Fan,Pump, Jungle Trolley 13 MM Zip wire Cable Jungle Adventure Aluminum overhead cable crossing double Pulley Hardware4. why should you buy from us not from other suppliers?The company integrates production and trade, has its own production factory, low prices and advantages, the products are checked at various levels, and the quality is reliable. People from all walks of life are welcome to come to consult!5. what services can we provide?Accepted Delivery Terms: nullÔľõAccepted Payment Currency:null;Accepted Payment Type: null;Language Spoken:null

Types of vacuum pumps

A vacuum pump is a device that pulls gas molecules out of a sealed volume and maintains a partial vacuum. Its job is to create a relative vacuum within its capabilities. Several types of vacuum pumps are available, including scroll and rotary piston models. Each has its own characteristics and uses. To learn more, read this article.
Vacuum Pump

Screw Pump

Screw vacuum pumps use a mechanical screw to move an air or gas chamber to the axial housing wall. The movement of the chamber reduces the volume of gas, which is pre-compressed before being expelled through the pressure connection. These pumps can be single-pitch models or variable-pitch models. Variable pitch models feature variable pitch rotors that help distribute heat loads evenly across the rotor. Some models also include a thermostatic control valve that shuts off the pump if the water temperature gets too high. Screw vacuum pumps are available in single-ended or double-ended designs. Single-ended and double-ended screw pumps provide up to 3.7 x 10-4 Torr and an ultimate vacuum of 900 m3/h (560 cfm), which is sufficient for many industrial processes. Progressive cavity pumps are particularly suitable for vapor compression applications. These pumps also have an internal rotor to minimize layer formation. Combined with air cooling, they are suitable for use in hazardous environments. In addition, the screw rotor design prevents the build-up of substances in the pump cavity that could react with high temperatures. These pumps are also easily removable for quick cleaning. Screw vacuum pumps are also designed for low cost and minimal maintenance. Agknx screw vacuum pumps are designed in Germany and are very reliable and economical. Pump performance depends on cooling system and temperature. The temperature of the water used should be kept within a certain range, otherwise the pump may overheat and fail. Screw vacuum pumps are often used in scientific experiments. They are standard main pumps in large storage rings, gravitational wave detectors, and space simulation chambers. One of the largest ultra-high vacuum chambers in the world is made of screw vacuum pumps. An example is the KATRIN experiment. There are two types of screw vacuum pumps: oil-sealed and dry. Oil-sealed screw pumps use oil as a sealant and coolant. They are suitable for demanding vacuum applications such as woodworking and plastics processing. Dry screw pumps have an air-cooled chamber, and they can achieve higher vacuum levels than oil-sealed pumps.

Rotary Piston Vacuum Pumps

Rotary Piston Vacuum Pumps provide the rugged performance essential for applications requiring vacuum. They can deliver flow rates up to 1280 acfm and reach deep vacuum levels up to 0.0004 Torr. They are available in single-stage and two-stage models. The report also provides detailed information about the key players, their financial status, and business overview. A rotary piston vacuum pump is a versatile and affordable vacuum device. They are available in single-stage and two-stage configurations with higher capacity and higher vacuum. They can be easily maintained by an in-house maintenance team or by a local third-party service shop. Pump manufacturers can also provide services. Rotary piston vacuum pumps are available in single-stage and compound designs. They are ideal for a variety of applications. Their high-performance design enables them to operate at any pressure up to atmospheric pressure. They also have no metal-to-metal contact, which makes them ideal for dirty applications. Whether you need a pump that can operate at high or low pressure, a rotary piston vacuum pump is an excellent choice. When purchasing a rotary piston vacuum pump, it is important to choose a manufacturer with a reputation for providing high-quality service and repairs. In addition to the high quality of the pump, you also need to ensure its availability. You should also consider the cost and quality of the part. A good vacuum pump company should also provide technical support, service support and accessories. Oil-free pumps are a popular choice for laboratories, clean rooms and confined rooms. Their high-quality parts are made from lightweight, corrosion-resistant and specially formulated polymers. Oil-free pumps can handle high levels of air moisture and are excellent at removing contaminants. However, they are not suitable for applications containing organic vapors or acids. Atlas Copco’s GLS rotary piston pumps are a popular choice for industrial vacuum applications. Its space-saving design makes it an ideal solution for harsh environments. It is also very reliable and has low lifecycle costs. It has an automatic lubrication system and water mizer to minimize water consumption.
Vacuum Pump

Scroll Vacuum Pumps

<br Scroll Vacuum Pumps can be used to pump air, gases, and other fluids. They are suitable for creating a vacuum in transfer chambers, mass spectrometers, and load lock chambers. They are also ideal for helium leak detectors and other analytical equipment. Scroll vacuum pumps are available in a variety of models, including the diaphragm, turbine, and oil-dry scroll models. They are used in a variety of industries, including the semiconductor, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical industries. Flexible and durable oil-free scroll vacuum pumps are an excellent choice for light industrial, general laboratory, and research applications. They also offer several advantages over other vacuum pumps, including low operating costs and environmental sustainability. Scroll vacuum pumps do not require oil, which is a big advantage in terms of cost. Scroll vacuum pumps are also quieter. Scroll vacuum pumps are designed for low, medium, and high vacuum systems. They create a high vacuum and cannot tolerate particles. Although they are relatively small, they are ideal for vacuum laboratory applications and are also suitable for dry vacuum pumping. They can be combined with chemically resistant PTFE components, making them more suitable for chemical applications. Scroll vacuum pumps feature a unique design that makes them very versatile and efficient. The pump has two helical structures, one is fixed and the other is rotating, which can effectively pump gas and liquid. When the rotor begins to move, the gas is compressed slightly and then flows through the system to the exhaust port. Scroll vacuum pumps are efficient, oil-free and compact. Known for their high tolerance to the atmosphere, they feature sensorless INFORM(r) control to minimize noise and vibration. These vacuum pumps are ideal for low to medium flow applications including analytical equipment, freeze dryers, vacuum coaters and mass spectrometers. The most important advantage of a scroll vacuum pump is its reliability. They can be used for three years or more without problems and are easy to maintain. With proper maintenance, they can reduce repair costs.
Vacuum Pump

Diaphragm vacuum pumps

Diaphragm vacuum pumps are used in a variety of industrial processes. These pumps use an elastic diaphragm fixed around the outer diameter. They are efficient and can handle most types of liquids. They are commonly used for dewatering, filling and water removal. These pumps are easy to maintain. Diaphragm vacuum pumps are available in a variety of sizes and power outputs. Oil-free diaphragm vacuum pumps do not require oil, lubrication and cooling. These pumps are compatible with many types of laboratory equipment. Diaphragm vacuum pumps are equipped with dual voltage motors and DC drives for greater flexibility and durability. Diaphragm vacuum pumps can achieve higher vacuum levels than rotary vane pumps. They are more efficient than diaphragm pumps. They do not require oil and require less maintenance than their rotary vane counterparts. However, the diaphragms of these pumps may need to be replaced every few years. Diaphragm vacuum pumps are the most popular type of vacuum pump and can be used for a variety of applications. They can be used for everyday work and can be large enough to be used in a vacuum oven or rotary evaporator. Diaphragm vacuum pumps use pulsed motion to move air. They eliminate the need for oil and are highly chemical and steam resistant. They can handle a wide variety of samples, including high viscosity liquids. Diaphragm vacuum pumps are generally smaller than other types of vacuum pumps. Scroll pumps are made of metal and are generally recommended for solvent and water samples. They are not recommended for high acid samples. However, they are suitable for freeze drying. They can also be used for concentration applications. In this way, they have greater displacement capacity and can reach higher ultimate vacuum levels.

China 60W110V220V380V Low noise electric motor twin piston oil-free pump easy to maintain for Lab     vacuum pump	China 60W110V220V380V Low noise electric motor twin piston oil-free pump easy to maintain for Lab     vacuum pump
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High price Pressure 2 Stage Piston Oil Free Vacuum Pump with 220V/110V Electric Motor with ce certificate top quality low price

Product Description


Product Description


Name AC Oil free vacuum pump
Packing 1 pcs / carton case
Weight 10.5kg
Dimension 271*128*214*mm
Technical Specification Voltage :AC220V 50Hz   110V   60Hz

Vacuum flow :

120L/min@-86Kpa ; (One-Grade vacuum)
60 L/min@-95Kpa ; (Two-Grade vacuum)

Power: 500 W ; 

Noise : ‚ȧ51dB(A) ;¬†

Speed: 1440rpm / 1700rpm ; 

Temperature : -5¬ļC-40¬ļC¬†

Standard spare parts : With 1x capacitor ,  1x silencer and 4x rubber feet


Detailed Photos

Product Advantages


Company Profile


Q.1: What’s your factory address ? May I visit your factory ?
Our factory is located in HangZhou city, ZHangZhoug province, near to HangZhou, ZheJiang and HangZhou, about 2 hours by bus or train.Welcome to visit CZPT factory.
Q.2: When I get my products, is there anything I should pay attention to ?
It need to clear the filter once every two months.
When use it, it need to handle with care and pay more attention to waterproof.
Q.3 : Can I buy the sample to test?
We are pleased to send the samples for your evaluation.And the samples shipping freight can be return back to you with next bulk order .
Q.4: Do you have test records of every pump?
We will inspect products three times before shipment and every pump have the test records. We will keep these test records to CZPT quality traceability system about 3-5 years.
Test items : workmanship, air flow rate, CZPT , vacuum pressure, current, noise, vibration , temperature and durability etc.

Q.5:How CZPT is the life of the your pump?
“Quality is CZPT culture”, CZPT vacuum pump with CZPT life (20000 hours ) and high quality ( stable air flow, import spare parts,
high workmanship etc ).
Q.6: What’s your warranty?
Our warranty is two years.It means that if CZPT machine has any problems within 2 years, we will send you new one or free spare parts for your replacement.
Q.7: CZPT ion : How many years of your factory?
Our factory has the production experience more than 20 years.
We make main spare parts of vacum pump by CZPT selves (include the motor), so we can control the pumps quality very well
Q.8: CZPT ion: Can you produce products same/ similar with mine?
We have professional and experienced R & D team, so we can better serve CZPT ers to achieve high-end CZPT ization and development. We accept the ODM and CZPT .

Piston Cost Oilless Silent Portable Vacuum Pump with 220V/110V Electric Motor with ce certificate top quality low price

Product Description

Product Parameters


Name AC Oil free vacuum pump
Packing 1 pcs / carton case
Dimension 232*101*164 mm
Weight 6.5kg
Technical Specification Voltage : According to your requirements ;
Vacuum flow : 
90 L/min @-92Kpa: (One-Grade vacuum) 
45 L/min @-98Kpa :(Two-Grade vacuum)
Power: 300W ;
Noise : ‚ȧ50dB(A) ;
Speed: 1440rpm / 1700rpm ; 
Temperature : -5¬ļC-40¬ļC¬†
Standard spare parts :With CZPT cord, capacitor , handles attached

Detailed Photos

Our Advantages

Company Profile

FAQ : 

Q.1: When I get my products, is there anything I should pay attention to ?
It need to clear the filter once every two months. When use it, it need to handle with care and pay more attention to waterproof.

Q.2: How do you control the quality ?
From raw material purchase, production process to finished product delivery, strict quality control is carried out. All goods need to pass 3 times QC inspections to ensure good quality. And for every machine have the test data report , we will keep these test report into CZPT quality traceability system about 3-5 years . The compressor label shows the S/N number is matched with this test record , so that we can help you to solve the problems within warranty ASAP .

Q.3 : If CZPT products have problems within warranty , what we can do ?
(1)  Telephone  / email Service When you have the problems for the compressor , please send us the pictures and videos for the problems , we will check CZPT test report and help to solve the problems for you .
(2) CZPT nical training If the CZPT er has a need, the company can appoint technicians to provide unified training to the CZPT ers. CZPT ers can also request training based on actual needs and the company will arrange training to meet CZPT ers’ requirements.
(3) Return to factory maintenance For products that CZPT ers cannot repair by themselves, they can be returned to the factory for repair. We will arrange after-sales service personnel to carry out test and repair on the day of receipt of the product, and respond within 24 hours. If there are no special circumstances, we will arrange delivery within 48 hours. If there are other technical problems, we will call you.
(4) Regarding after-sales service, CZPT company does not have a complicated application process, so if you have any requirements, we can quickly give you a solution, you do not need to wait for the application results for a CZPT time. Our company will treat you as CZPT VIP CZPT er and give you CZPT and good service. Most of the company’s CZPT ers have an annual business growth of 30-50%. We hope that we can also help you grow your business and let us start cooperation on the basis of mutual CZPT and mutual benefit.

Q.4: CZPT ion: Can you produce the compressor and package with CZPT Logo ?

Q.5:¬†What’s your warranty?
Our warranty is two years.
It means that if our machine has any problems within 2 years, we will send you new one or free spare parts for your replacement.

Q.6: Question : How many years of your factory? 
Our factory has the production experience more than 16 years. 
We make main spare parts of compressor by CZPT selves (include the motor), so we can control the compressor quality very wellIt depends on your purchase quantity , we can CZPT ize it for you .

Rg130 20 Grouting Pump with Electric Motor

Rg130 20 Grouting Pump with Electric Motor

                RG130-twenty grout pump

RG130-20 is a piston grouting pump for the processing of strain grouting.
The equipment is ideal for grouting with both of single slurry and two diverse slurries. It can be widely used for tunnels, slope, mining, bridge and all sorts of underground engineering and so forth.

Compact &light excess weight:  The pump is so compact that it even can go into the boot of automobile.     Body of pump is made of aluminum, lighter than iron casting created by other provider.
Powerful & tough:     With a discharged force of twenty kg/cmtwo. This pump is best for almost all soil drilling functions.
CZPTal & straightforward:      easy style makes servicing easy and inexpensive
Maintenance:          Simple availability of areas at affordable value


CZPT information

Type Single piston double performing with balls in valve plate
Clutch Canine clutch
Pressure 20kg/cm2
Stroke 85mm
Pace 180rpm
Suction port 51mm
Shipping and delivery port 42mm
Liner bore diameter 75mm
Transmission Pulley &vee belt
Mounting Skid mounted
Flow 130L/min
Engine five.5kw(electrical motor) 10HP(diesel engine)
Excess weight 260kg
Proportions 1680*570*980mm


Rg130 20 Grouting Pump with Electric Motor

Strong Starting Torque OEM Ie3 Ie4 Energy Saving Electric Water Pump Motor

Strong Starting Torque OEM Ie3 Ie4 Energy Saving Electric Water Pump Motor


Business Name HangZhou Question CZPTtric Co.,Ltd
Headquarters area HangZhou Metropolis, ZheJiang CZPT, China
Set up yr 1988
Primary CZPT CZPTr of best class CZPTtric CZPT IE5 IE4 IE3 & NEMA
CZPT Line Permanent CZPT Syn. motors, Reluctance motors, Asyn. motors, NEMA (inverter responsibility)
R & D Crew fifteen senior engineers, impartial create total series IE1-IE5 motors, NEMA design A,B,C,D.

IE4 induction motor is already in Mass Generation.  

IE4/IE5 PM motors in Mass Manufacturing. 

CZPT Qualification Three units of completely equipped check facilities
Energy tests .75kW-2000kW
CZPT-duty Examination
Sounds Examination
UL / CSA witness screening lab.
CZPT Management Seven owned factories which includes motors, stamping and casting. 
All the step from coming resources to concluded goods check are below strictly manage.
OEM & ODM Customize the ideal technique answer to make your equipments much a lot more competitive in the market. 

Sturdy CZPTting Torque OEM IE3 IE4 CZPT Conserving CZPTtric Drinking water Pump Motor

Wonder SSWEA Series three stage asynchronous induction motors are super high quality performance motors with aluminum housing. The effectiveness indicators comply with IE4.

Question electric powered motors with aluminum housing have fantastic rewards this sort of as much less bodyweight, compact framework, splendent look, substantial effectiveness, lower sounds, minimal vibration, straightforward servicing, and so forth.

There are also some evident rewards of aluminum over cast iron such as large resistance to corrosion and atmospheric attack (apart from chlorine, salt-laden or sulphuric acid) and the fact that aluminum is about one particular third the excess weight of cast iron.

In addition, Ponder has recognized lowered functioning temperatures of our merchandise. Redesigned to supply enhanced air stream by way of all motor frames trying to keep lower operational temperatures and assuring trustworthiness and extended lifetime, the aerodynamic concept of the supporter protect increases efficient airflow, as a result reducing losses owing to the recirculation of air between admirer and enthusiast go over. The impeller was created to provide a hard framework and to decrease sounds level. Motor terminal box and eyebolts was repositioned to allow far better airflow.

The optimized cooling program also contributes to cooler bearing temperature, extends relubrication intervals and offers longer bearing life span and lower noise stage fulfilling the most demanding health & security rules.

Frame Dimension (mm) IEC eighty to 180
Output Electricity (KW) .75KW to 22KW
Rated Voltage (V) 230V/400V/690V
Frequency (Hz) 50HZ/60HZ
Quantity of Poles 2,four,six
Mounting B3, B35, B5, B14, B34
CZPT Class IP55, IP65, IP67
Insulation Class Course F, Course H
Temperature Rise B or above 
CZPT Approach IC411/IC416
Programs Water Pump CZPT, CZPTs CZPT, CZPT Exhaust Enthusiast CZPT, Mill CZPT, Blower CZPT, Elevators CZPT, Woodworking CZPTs CZPT, Irrigation CZPT, CZPT For Fishery CZPT, Pressure Washer CZPT, CZPT Responsibility CZPT,  Crusher Responsibility Motor
CZPT Drinking water Treatment, CZPT, Onshore and Offshore, Agriculture & CZPT, Textile, Woodworking, Paper generating, CZPT, Steel Plants, Oill & CZPT, Transportation, Infrastructure, Warehouse CZPT


Strong Starting Torque OEM Ie3 Ie4 Energy Saving Electric Water Pump Motor

Split Case Double Suction Electric Motor Water Pump

Split Case Double Suction Electric Motor Water Pump

                       Split Scenario Double Suction CZPTtric Motor Water Pump


őĒ1.CZPT h2o Pump Introduction¬†
Product QS agricultural irrigation drinking water pump is a¬†single-phase double-suction horizontal split centrifugal pump and used to transport pure water and the liquid of both actual physical and chemical mother nature equivalent to these of h2o, the greatest temperature of which have to not be above 80¬ļC ,¬†suitable for water offer and drainage in factories, mines, towns and electric stations, waterlogged land drainage and irrigation of farming land and carious hydraulic tasks.
őĒ2. Design¬†¬†
Potential:one hundred ten-14400 m3/h
Head: 8.6-one hundred forty m
Pace:one hundred fifty-2900rpm
CZPT:CZPT metal,Cast iron,Bronze and so on
Coating: Preservative Treatment  

őĒ3. Software for Double suction pump centrifugal horizontal single-phase pump¬†
Aerospace                        Oil & Gas
Constructing industry                Power Station
CZPT                           Petro-CZPT
CZPT CZPT                CZPT
CZPT                              Pulp & Paper
CZPT & Aggregate          Water & Waste h2o

őĒ4.Specification of Drainage Douoble Suction Drinking water Pump Split Situation Pump

Design Stream price Head Speed Energy Eff Iimpeller Fat
(QS) (m3/h) (m) (rpm) (KW) (%) (mm) (kg)
QS150 one hundred ten~220 35~eighty four 2900 30~fifty five 67~80 186~250 145~150
QS200 160~351 31~a hundred 2900 37~one hundred ten sixty one~85 193~284 219~265
QS250 324~612 8.6~seventy one 1450 22~132 72~86 224~460 405~565
QS300 504~972 8~ninety eight 1450 thirty~three hundred 70~84 225~540 845~660
QS350 745~1663 ten~a hundred and forty 1450 55~680 70~88 270~655 760~1580
QS400 900~1620 32~ninety eight 980~1480 one hundred fifty five~500 seventy one.5~84 510~535 1910
QS500 1150~2450 ten.six~108 740~970 one hundred ten~800 70~89 390~860 2000~4330
QS600 2304~4000 13~eighty 730~970 185~900 70~ninety one 450~830 2500~4300
QS700 2111~4896 39.five~99.five 740~980 560~1250 fifty two~92 415~850 5800
QS800 3960~7200 23.5~eighty four 600~740 450~1600 77~ninety two 715~990 5100~8300
QS1000 6000~9900 32~fifty two 600~990 1250 79~87 670~695 10000
QS1200 5832~14400 6~95.seven 500~745 710~3450 80~90 560~1200 12500~16000

őĒ5. Organization short introduction

In purchase to CZPTl the the weighty obligation functions and satisfy distinct issue, we have produced our material: elevated the chrome percentage from basis of 27% Cr, and included some unusual metals following tested CZPT rubber develope to artificial rubber, polyurethane and stainless metal to duplex stainless steel. 

We are often insisting on higher high quality and best following-sale support. Our slurry pump have max a few-calendar year guarantee with lifelong right after-sale support. “An Pump is becoming one symbol of¬†¬†quality and dependability in industrial pump area.”

We will preserve running to satisfy a lot more customers’ requirements. Buyer gratification is our eternal pursuit of objectives, seem ahead to working with you to create the brilliancy jointly!


Split Case Double Suction Electric Motor Water Pump

Water Bath Motor Lift Digital Display Electric Heating Rotovap for Laboratory

Water Bath Motor Lift Digital Display Electric Heating Rotovap for Laboratory

Drinking water bathtub motor elevate digital show electric powered heating rotovap for laboratory
Merchandise Description
RE-2000E rotovap

RE2000E rotovap evaporator tis our new-designed rotary evaporator model with a button to contorl the motor elevate to modify the position of the rotary flask routinely, diverse from the conventional kind to modify the top of the tub. In this way, the operation of the tools is a lot more flexible and convenient.
RE-2000E rotovap with vacuum pump and chiller

Solution Parameter

Product RE-2000E rotovap 
Screen Liquid crystal display display
Glass material GG-seventeen
Stent material Aluminium alloy
Bath material PTFE composite pot, fully enclosed heating
Rotary flask volume 1L    Dia:24 flange opening
Collecting flask volume 1L    Dia:35the ball mill mouth
Rotary power 40W
Rotary speed -200rpm
Heating power 1.5KW
Temperature¬†control¬†of¬†bath -99¬ļC
Temperature¬†precision ¬Ī1¬ļC
Elevating power 15W
Elevating stroke 120mm
Voltage/Frequency 220V/50Hz
Exterior size  660*420*830mm
Packing size  620*620*470mm  0.19 square
Packing weight 26Kg
Speed regulation method CZPTtronic stepless speed regulation
Temperature display PT100 sensor digital display  
CZPT temperature control
CZPT method PTFE sealing
Elevating method Main machine auto-lifting
Condenser Vertical condenser 85*430mm
Feed continuously 19#  CZPT feed value
Heating¬†method Oil¬†bath¬†0-400¬ļC
Bath material 304 stainless steel
Splash bafle Transparent cover assorted with bath

Merchandise Features
– Created-in vacuum controller, Substantial vacuum efficiency.
– PTFE sealing.
– Autolly adjust the ascending or descending of rotary flask.
– Digital screen and handle.
– Easy assembling design and style: to be assembled within thirty minutes.
– Double layer cooling coils for improved condenser functionality.
– High high quality borosilicate glass 3.3 with outstanding bodily and chemical homes.
– Expense-preserving modular design and style and CZPT by clients’ needs.
Relevant CZPT
We have 1L to 100L rotary evaporator for clients to decide on, their pictures are as follows.

Firm Data
HangZhou CZPT CZPT CZPT is a professional company of chemical glass instruments and equipment. We offer good quality rotary evaporator, glass reactor, molecular distillation device, vacuum pump, chiller, oil bathtub and and many others. Our doing work theory is to serve consumers with top quality items, skilled specialized manual, sensible value and warm right after-support. Welcome customers from all above the world to coming check out our manufacturing facility.

Packaing And CZPT
-Standard wooden circumstance or carton situation.
-Equally neutral and CZPT packaging can be accessible.
-We can ship the merchandise to you by CZPT Specific this sort of as DHL,UPS,TNT,EMS and so on, you can also pick the acceptable 1 based mostly on your timeline and budget. Apart from,you can select to use your own ahead.
Our services
one.How to decide up the greatest models?
Remember to notify us your requirements on the goods and your price range cost, we would like to suggest you the most suited product. 

two.How to place get?
You could area an purchase to us immediately, we are going to offer you you PI ( like a agreement) with financial institution information, you pay out in accordance to it , and we are going to ship the product ASAP for you.

three.How to transport the products?
It is dependent on the quantity and equipment kind you purchased.
By sea: This way is appropriate for far more than 60kg or big quantity get. This shippng way is risk-free,cheap but gradual.
By air:This way is appropriate for big item or tiny quantity but urgent. It generally take seven-ten times to arrive. Some immediate flight can arrive in three-five times.
By Categorical delivery: We offer various sorts of categorical, this kind of as DHL,FedEx,TNT:. It truly is suiatbale for modest or not way too weighty and really urgent item. CZPTly 3-seven days arrive.

four.What variety of package for the merchandise?
We source wood or carton case for our products. The package kind is dependent on merchandise sort you ordered.We can also customise package deal according to your desire, if you require, make sure you speak to our salers.

5.What kind of guarantee we offer?
Most of our product we offer you one to two a long time warranty. Throughout the guarantee time,any difficulty,plase get in touch with us.


Water Bath Motor Lift Digital Display Electric Heating Rotovap for Laboratory

Electric Motor 2900rpm Horizontal Centrifugal Water Pump

Electric Motor 2900rpm Horizontal Centrifugal Water Pump

CZPTtric Motor 2900rpm Horizontal Centrifugal Drinking water Pump 


·Type: ·Media: ·Application:
centrifugal Multi-fluid handing
·Other traits: ·Flow rate: ·Head
Solitary-stage Min.:0m3/h Min: 0m
  Max.: 954m3/h Max: 158m 

Liquid handling requirements are significantly more concerned than they have been a long time back. The range of liquids becoming managed has elevated alongside with temperatures and pressures. Today’s installations need tranquil, sleek managing pumps with lengthy life. The trustworthy 1600 pumps offer you an cost-effective answer to your liquid managing issues.¬†


Decision of piston ring fashion labyrinth
Completely interchangeable with the typical model lowering stock hold needs
A complete assortment of mechanical seal adaptations accessible upon request
Oil lubrications or packed grease
Painted to consumer requirements on request

Product Movement Elevate head Rotation velocity Motor power Diameter(mm) Diameter(mm)
  (m3/h) (m) (r/min) (kw) Suction Outlet
IS50-32-125 twelve.five 20 2900 two.2 50 32
  6.three 5 1450 .55 fifty 32
IS50-32-160 twelve.5 32 2900 3 50  
  6.three 8 1450 .fifty five 50 32
IS50-32-200 twelve.5 50 2900 5.5 fifty 32
  6.three twelve.5 1450 .seventy five 50 32
IS50-32-250 12.5 80 2900 eleven fifty 32
  six.three twenty 1450 1.5 fifty 32
IS65-fifty-one hundred twenty five 25 20 2900 3 65 50
  12.5 five 1450 .55 65 fifty
IS65-fifty-one hundred sixty twenty five 32 2900 5.5 sixty five 50
  12.five 8 1450 .seventy five sixty five 50
IS65-forty-200 25 fifty 2900 seven.five sixty five forty
  twelve.five twelve.five 1450 1.one sixty five 40
IS65-40-250 twenty five 80 2900 15 65 40
  twelve.5 20 1450 two.2 65 40
IS65-forty-315 twenty five one hundred twenty five 2900 thirty 65 40
  12.five 32 1450 four 65 forty
IS80-65-one hundred twenty five fifty 20 2900 5.5 eighty 65
  twenty five 5 1450 .75 65  
IS80-sixty five-one hundred sixty 50 32 2900 7.5 80 65
  25 8 1450 one.5 eighty sixty five
IS80-50-two hundred fifty fifty 2900 15 eighty fifty
  25 12.five 1450 two.two eighty 50
IS80-50-250 fifty eighty 2900 22 80 fifty
  twenty five twenty 1450 three 80 fifty
IS80-50-315 fifty one hundred twenty five 2900 37 eighty fifty
  twenty five 32 1450 five.5 eighty fifty
IS100-80-125 a hundred 20 2900 eleven one hundred 80
  fifty five 1450 one.5 one hundred 80
IS100-eighty-one hundred sixty 100 32 2900 15 a hundred eighty
  50 eight 1450 two.2 one hundred eighty
IS100-sixty five-two hundred a hundred 50 2900 22 one hundred 65
  50 twelve.5 1450 four one hundred sixty five
IS100-sixty five-250 one hundred 80 2900 37 100 65
  50 twenty 1450 five.five one hundred 65
IS100-65-315 a hundred 125 2900 seventy five one hundred 65
  50 32 1450 eleven one hundred sixty five
IS125-a hundred-200 two hundred fifty 45 a hundred twenty five 100  
  100 12.5 1450 7.five a hundred twenty five 100
IS125-100-250 two hundred eighty 2900 75 one hundred twenty five 100
  a hundred twenty 1450 ten   100
IS125-one hundred-315 200 a hundred twenty five 2900 a hundred and ten one hundred twenty five a hundred
  one hundred 32 1450 fifteen a hundred twenty five 100
IS125-100-four hundred 100 50 1450 30 a hundred twenty five 100
IS150-one hundred twenty five-250 200 20 1450 eighteen.5 a hundred and fifty a hundred twenty five
IS150-125-315 200 32 1450 thirty a hundred and fifty a hundred twenty five
IS150-125-four hundred two hundred fifty 1450 45 150 125
IS200-a hundred and fifty-250 four hundred 20 1450 37 two hundred a hundred and fifty
IS200-150-315 400 32 1450 55 200 one hundred fifty
IS200-one hundred fifty-400 400 50 1450 ninety 200 a hundred and fifty


Domestic water boosters
Drinking water therapy vegetation
Seawater pumping
CZPT / Processing
Foods processing
Designed for hefty duty industrial use such as belt generate purposes.
CZPT water transfer in processing plants, mines, design web sites and irrigation



A: What variety of firm you are?
Q: We are centrifugal pump manufacture positioned in Boy Town, HangZhou, China, with far more than 20years ordeals. We ended up attaining great track record amongst our clients for our expert, warm and considerate service. Because we know that a lengthy conditions organization dependent on the high quality management, price tag, packing, shipping and delivery time and so on.
A: What is actually the high quality assurance you presented and how do you handle quality?
Q: Set up a method to check out goods at all levels of the production procedure: Casting, Warmth treatment method, Machining, Assembly, and Testing.
Q: Can you put in the motor or diesel engine with the pump for us?
A: yes, we can, it truly is no problem, and we are skilled in this.
Q: What is your MOQ?
A: Demo sample purchase is Ok.
Q: What are your payment phrases?
A: T/T, L/C, D/P, D/A……
Q: What certificates do you have?
A: CE, ISO 2008, UL…..
Q: How about the warranty?
A: A single 12 months warranty for pumps, it is dependent on other pump doing work problem particulars.
Q: What is the shipping time?
A: fifteen-30 days according to client portions.
Q: Can you do OEM brand?
A: Sure, Welcome.
Q: What information ought to I offer you to get pump solution?
1, Material:
two, Head:     m
3, Circulation:    m3/h
4, Medium dimensions:    mm
five, Particle form (sleek or sharp):
6, Medium pH amount:
seven, Temperature:
8, CZPT sort:
9. Electricity source:

Speak to me for depth offer with curve and drawing!
Helen Gao

Mob: 158 3083 2118
Tel: 312 6791280
Fax: 312 357183

Electric Motor 2900rpm Horizontal Centrifugal Water Pump

Pump Low Voltage 180HP Electric Motor

Pump Low Voltage 180HP Electric Motor

Production Description

YE2 Collection Cast of Iron 3 Stage Induction Motor is specially created for CZPTean market place, whose terminal box is located on
the prime of motor.They are absolutely enclosed and enthusiast-cooling created. They are recently made in conformity with the appropriate
specifications / guidelines of IEC&DIN42673 CZPTs.

F / B, H/B
Voltage and frequency
380/400/415/660/690V  50/60hz
3000/1500/one thousand/750/600 rpm
CZPT and ventilation
TEFC in accordance with IC411 of IEC60034-six.
a hundred% Cooper Wire
CZPT class
vibration class A, vibration class B is available on request.
CZPT assurance
Site conditions

CZPT Application, Value Added Service

PinnxunMotor can provide a complete set of optimal solutions for various Applications,Bring innovation and valueadded to our 
buyers, At the same time, we can also formulate special solutions according to the different needed of customer 

Product  Process
Pinnxun usually just take excellent religion, accountability, carefulness and excellence as our management philosophy, committedto supplying
clients with outstanding top quality goods,each and every step in processs need to be consider full attention.

Qualification certification method

The essential for ‘Pinxing’ lengthy-conditions cooperation is to repeatedly improve the good quality of is merchandise and service, By virtue of is
extensive approach, top quality administration method and strict compliance with worldwide mainstream CZPTs.’Pinxing’
has established a good quality administration system that has handed ISO9001-2008 CZPT administration method certification

ISO14001 CZPTal administration system.
ISO9001-2008 CZPT administration technique
ISO14001 CZPTal administration technique
CE CZPTean Certification
IECEX Around the world Ex Certification for Ex motors
ATEX CZPTean Ex Certification for Ex motors
EAC Russia GOST CZPT Ex certification for Ex motors
CQC China top quality centre energy conservation certification

Worldwide Advertising & Service Network 

Global Excellent Advertising and marketing provider community is 1 of Pinxing’s benefit. we have 38 branches in china main town,5 branches in
the Abroad ,Our enterprise penetrates a lot more than 60 nations and areas like South CZPTica, North CZPTica,CZPTe, Asia
Center CZPT and Africa, Providing us rapid reach capability from income, provider, procurement and Transportation since inception, Pinxing
usually uphold the advancement approach of market globalization. we segment and place consumers requirements and concentrate on marketplace. our
items and support are widely utilized in global industry, and overall performance secure and protection.we customized various motors for different


Pump Low Voltage 180HP Electric Motor