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China supplier Oil Free Air Compressor Vacuum Pump for Mute 130W AC 100V 50Hz 60Hz 230V Medical Disinfectant Spray Equipment for 2L 3L Oxygen Making Machine vacuum pump adapter

Product Description





Voltage/frequency  (V/Hz)



Input power(W)



Speed (r/min)



Rated pressure (KPa)



Max pressure(KPa)



Restart pressure (KPa)



Rated volume flow  (m3/h)



Noise dB(A)



Ambient temperature  ºC

-5~40 ºC

-5~40 ºC

Insulation Class



Cold insulation resistance  (MΩ)



Thermal protector

Automatic reset 135±5ºC

Automatic reset 135±5ºC

Capacitance (μF)



Net weight (Kg)



Installation Dimensions (mm)

114×70 mm

114×70 mm

External Dimensions (mm)

172×89×143 mm

172×89×143 mm

Oxygen generator




Typical application
Respirator (ventilator) oxygenerator
Disinfectant sprayer Blood analyzer
Clinical aspirator Dialysis / hemodialysis
Dental vacuum drying oven Air suspension system
Vending machines / coffee blenders and coffee machines Massage chair
Chromatographic analyzer Teaching instrument platform
On board access control system Airborne oxygen generator

      Why choose CZPT air compressor
1. It saves 10-30% energy than the air compressor produced by ordinary manufacturers.
2. It is widely used in medical oxygen generator and ventilator .
3.  A large number of high-speed train and automobile application cases, supporting – 41 to 70 ºC, 0-6000 CZPT above sea level .
4. Medium and high-end quality, with more than 7000 hours of trouble free operation for conventional products and more than 15000 hours of trouble free operation for high-end  products.
5. Simple operation, convenient maintenance and remote guidance.
6. Faster delivery time, generally completed within 25 days within 1000 PCs.


Machine Parts

Name: Motor 
Original: China
1.The coil adopts the fine pure copper enameled wire, and the rotor adopts the famous brand silicon steel sheet such as ZheJiang baosteel.
2.The customer can choose the insulation grade B or F motor according to What he wants.
3.The motor has a built-in thermal protector, which can select external heat sensor.
4.Voltage from AC100V ~120V, 200V ~240V, 50Hz / 60Hz, DC6V~200V optional ; AC motor can choose double voltage double frequency ; DC Motor can choose the control of the infinitely variable speed.

Machine Parts

Name: Bearing
Brand: ERB , CZPT , NSK 
Original: China ect.
1.Standard products choose the special bearing ‘ERB’ in oil-free compressor, and the environment temperature tolerance from -50ºC to 180 ºC . Ensure no fault operation for 20,000 hours.
2.Customers can select TPI, NSK and other imported bearings according to the working condition.

Machine Parts

Name: Valve plates
Original: Sweden
1.Custom the valve steel of Sweden SANDVIK; Good flexibility and long durability.
2.Thickness from 0.08mm to 1.2mm, suitable for maximum pressure from 0.8 MPa to 1.2 MPa.

Machine Parts

Name: Piston ring
Brand: COMBESTAIR-OEM , Saint-Gobain
Original: China , France
1.Using domestic famous brand–Polytetrafluoroethylene composite material; Wear-resistant high temperature; Ensure more than 10,000 hours of service life.
2.High-end products: you can choose the ST.gobain’s piston ring from the American import.

Code number Name and specification Quantity Material Note
1 212571109 Fan cover 2 Reinforced nylon 1571  
2 212571106 Left fan 1 Reinforced nylon 1571  
3 212571101 Left box 1 Die-cast aluminum alloy YL104  
4 212571301 Connecting rod 2 Die-cast aluminum alloy YL104  
5 212571304 Piston cup 2 PHB filled PTFE  
6 212571302 Clamp 2 Die-cast aluminum alloy YL102  
7 7050616 Screw of cross head 2 Carbon structural steel of cold heading M6•16
8 212571501 Air cylinder 2 Thin wall pipe of aluninun alloy 6A02T4  
9 17103 Seal ring of Cylinder 2 Silicone rubber  
10 212571417 Sealing ring of cylinder cover 2 Silicone rubber  
11 212571401 Cylinder head 2 Die-cast aluminum alloy YL102  
12 7571525 Screw of inner hexagon Cylinder head 12   M5•25
13 17113 Sealing ring of connecting pipe 4 Silicong rubber  
14 212571801 Connecting pipe 2 Aluminum and aluminum alloy connecting rod LY12  
15 7100406 Screw of Cross head 4 1Cr13N19 M4•6
16 212571409 Limit block 2 Die-cast aluminum alloy YL102  
17 000402.2 Air outlet valve 2 7Cr27 quenching steel belt of The Swedish sandvik  
18 212571403 valve 2 Die-cast aluminum alloy YL102  
19 212571404 Air inlet valve 2 7Cr27 quenching steel belt of The Swedish sandvik  
20 212571406 Metal gasket 2 Stainless steel plate of heat and acidresistance  
21 212571107 Right fan 1 Reinforced nylon 1571  
22 212571201 Crank 2 Gray castiron  H20-40  
23 14040 Bearing 6006-2Z 2    
24 70305 Tighten screw of inner hexagon flat end 2   M8•8
25 7571520 Screw of inner hexagon Cylinder head 2   M5•20
26 212571102 Right box 1 Die-cast aluminum alloy YL104  
27 6P-4 Lead protective ring 1    
28 7095712-211 Hexagon head bolt 2 Carbon structural steel of cold heading M5•152
29 715710-211 Screw of Cross head 2 Carbon structural steel of cold heading M5•120
30 16602 Light spring washer 4   ø5
31 212571600 Stator 1    
32 70305 Lock nut of hexagon flange faces 2    
33 212571700 Rotor 1    
34 14032 Bearing 6203-2Z 2    



Q1: Are you factory or trade company?  
A1: We are factory.

Q2: What the exactly address of your factory? 
A2: Our factory is located in Linbei industrial area No.30 HangZhou City of ZHangZhoug Province, China

Q3: Warranty terms of your machine? 
A3: Two years warranty for the machine and technical support according to your needs.

Q4: Will you provide some spare parts of the machines? 
A4: Yes, of course.

Q5: How long will you take to arrange production? 
A5: Generally, 1000 pcs can be delivered within 25 days

Q6: Can you accept OEM orders? 
A6: Yes, with professional design team, OEM orders are highly welcome

Q7:Can you accept non-standard customization?

A7:We have the ability to develop new products and can customize, develop and research according to your requirements

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After-sales Service: Remote Guided Maintenance
Warranty: 2 Years
Principle: Mixed-Flow Compressor
US$ 40/Set
1 Set(Min.Order)


Order Sample



.shipping-cost-tm .tm-status-off{background: none;padding:0;color: #1470cc}

Shipping Cost:

Estimated freight per unit.

about shipping cost and estimated delivery time.
Payment Method:


Initial Payment

Full Payment
Currency: US$
Return&refunds: You can apply for a refund up to 30 days after receipt of the products.

Vacuum Pump

How to install a vacuum pump

A vacuum pump creates a relative vacuum within a sealed volume by drawing gas molecules from the sealed volume. Vacuum pumps can be used in a variety of industrial applications. They also offer various lubrication options. If you are considering purchasing, please understand its functions and features before purchasing.

How it works

The working principle of a vacuum pump is called gas transfer. The principle can be further divided into two basic categories: positive displacement and momentum transfer. At high pressure and moderate vacuum, gas molecules collide and move and create a viscous flow. At higher vacuum levels, gas molecules separate to create molecular or transitional flows.
Another principle of vacuum pumps is fluid-tightness. There are two main types of seals: rotary seals and screw seals. Rotary seals prevent liquid leakage, while screw seals only allow liquids to flow out at higher pressures. Some pumps may not use the third seal.
The flow rate of the vacuum pump determines the machine’s ability to pump a certain amount of material. A higher pumping speed will shorten the drain time. Therefore, the mass flow of the vacuum pump must be carefully considered. The speed and type of vacuum must also be considered.
The working principle of a vacuum pump is to push gas molecules from a high-pressure state to a low-pressure state. This creates a partial vacuum. There are many different types of vacuum pumps, each with different functions. Some are mechanical, some are chemical. In either case, their function is the same: to create a partial or complete vacuum. Vacuum pumps use a variety of technologies and are sized according to the application. Proper sizing is critical for optimum efficiency.
Gas transfer pumps use the same principles as vacuum pumps but use different technology. One of the earliest examples is the Archimedes spiral. Its structure consists of a single screw inside a hollow cylinder. More modern designs use double or triple screws. The rotation of the screw causes gas molecules to be trapped in the cavity between the screw and the housing. The fluid is then discharged at slightly above atmospheric pressure. This difference is called the compression ratio.
Another type of vacuum pump is a diffusion pump. Its main use is industrial vacuum processing. It is used in applications such as mass spectrometry, nanotechnology and analytical instrumentation. These pumps are generally inexpensive to purchase and operate.


Vacuum pumps are essential for many scientific and industrial processes. They are used in the production of vacuum tubes, CRTs, lamps and semiconductor processing. They can also be used to support mechanical equipment. For example, they can be mounted on the engine of a motor vehicle. Likewise, they can be used to power hydraulic components of aircraft. Among other uses, the vacuum pump helps calibrate the gyroscope.
Vacuum pumps are widely used in the pharmaceutical industry and are one of the largest users of this technology. They help deal with hazardous materials and eliminate waste quickly. They are also used in power jets, dump fuel tanks and rear doors, among others. However, they are sensitive to contamination and should only be used in environments where leaks can be prevented. Therefore, choosing the right fluid for the application is very important.
The most popular type of vacuum pump is the rotary vane pump. These pumps are known for their high pumping speed and low pressure. Their efficient pumping capacity allows them to reach pressures below 10-6 bar. Additionally, they are usually oil-sealed and have excellent vacuuming capabilities.
Vacuum pumps are often used to remove air from closed systems. They create a vacuum by reducing the density of the air in the compressed space. This is done by using the mechanical force energy generated by the rotating shaft. When the pump is under pressure, it converts this energy into pneumatic power. When the pressure is different, the energy produced depends on the volume of the gas and the pressure difference between the inner and outer atmospheres.
Vacuum pumps are also used in the manufacture of solar cells. They are used in the manufacture of solar cells, including ingot casting processes as well as cell and module processes. The design of the vacuum system plays an important role in reducing the cost of the process, thus making it profitable. Due to their low maintenance costs, they are an invaluable tool for making solar cells.
Vacuum pumps are widely used in many applications. In addition to industrial and research uses, they are also used in water remediation.
Vacuum Pump

Oil Lubrication Option

Vacuum pumps are available in a variety of oil lubrication options. Choosing the right lubricant can help protect your vacuum pump and maximize its performance. Different base oils may contain different additives, such as antioxidants, and some contain additional additives for specific purposes. You should choose an oil with the right concentration of these additives for optimal lubrication of your vacuum pump.
Vacuum pumps are usually lubricated with paraffinic mineral oil. However, this type of lubricant evaporates as the temperature increases. To minimize evaporative losses, choose a lubricant with low vapor pressure. Also, you should choose lubricants that are resistant to extreme temperatures. Extreme temperatures can put extra stress on the oil and can even significantly shorten the life of the oil.
In terms of viscosity, synthetic oils are the best choice for vacuum pumps. These types of oils are designed to resist gas dissolution and are more resistant to corrosion. Therefore, synthetic oils are ideal for handling aggressive substances. Whether or not your pump needs lubrication, choosing a quality product is important.
The vacuum pump oil should be changed periodically according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. If you use a filter, you should also change the oil as soon as the filter reaches the end of its life. Unplanned oil changes will eventually cause the vacuum pump to not reach its maximum vacuum capacity.
You can buy vacuum pump oil from vacuum pump manufacturers or other suppliers. These options are available in a variety of sizes, and labels can be customized. The oil should be designed for the pump. However, you should check the manufacturer’s recommendations to avoid buying the wrong type.
If you choose to use a synthetic oil, it is important to use a good quality oil. It helps the pump work more efficiently and prolong its life.
Vacuum Pump


After choosing a suitable location, the next step is to install the pump. First, place the pump on a flat surface. Then, screw the pump onto the motor body above the check valve. Make sure the accessories are wrapped with sealing tape and secured with screws. The direction of gas inflow and outflow is indicated by arrows on the pump. The direction of rotation around the pump is also shown.
During commissioning, check the operation of each part of the pump. If the pump is equipped with a pipe connection, the pipe should be the same size and shape as the pump flange. Also, make sure that the piping does not cause any pressure drop. In addition, the first three weeks of operation require the installation of protective nets at the suction ports.
When selecting a pump, consider the back pressure of the system. Too much back pressure will affect the capacity of the vacuum pump. Also, check the temperature of the seal. If the temperature is too high, the seal may be damaged. It could also be due to a partially closed valve in the recirculation line or a clogged filter. Circulation pumps and heat exchangers should also be checked for fouling.
The vacuum pump is usually installed in the chassis area of ​​the car. They can be mounted next to the engine or on a lower support frame. They are usually fastened to the bracket using suitable shock absorbers and isolating elements. However, before installing the vacuum pump, be sure to check the vacuum pump’s wiring harness before connecting it to the vehicle.
In many experimental setups, a vacuum pump is essential. However, improperly installed vacuum pumps can expose users to harmful vapors and chemicals. Appropriate plugs and belt guards should be installed to prevent any accidental chemical exposure. It is also important to install a fume hood for the pump.
In most cases, vacuum pumps come with installation manuals and instructions. Some manufacturers even offer start-up assistance if needed.

China supplier Oil Free Air Compressor Vacuum Pump for Mute 130W AC 100V 50Hz 60Hz 230V Medical Disinfectant Spray Equipment for 2L 3L Oxygen Making Machine   vacuum pump adapter	China supplier Oil Free Air Compressor Vacuum Pump for Mute 130W AC 100V 50Hz 60Hz 230V Medical Disinfectant Spray Equipment for 2L 3L Oxygen Making Machine   vacuum pump adapter
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Automatic Piston Pump Medical Pharmaceutical Liquid Maple Syrup Molasses Bottle Filling and Capping Machine Line

Automatic Piston Pump Medical Pharmaceutical Liquid Maple Syrup Molasses Bottle Filling and Capping Machine Line

Item Description :

CZPT Piston Pump CZPT CZPT Liquid Maple Syrup Molasses CZPT Filling And Capping CZPT Line


This is our newly designed filling equipment . It has reached the intercontinental advanced level ,partial has exceeded the equivalent product . It is abroad , also licensed by the entire world CZPT chemical magnate . This is a inline piston filling device for cream and liquid ..It adopts PLC and touch screen management panel for control substance . It is characterised by correct measuring ,sophisticated framework ,secure operating ,low sound ,large changing selection ,quick filling velocity . It is also suitable for the filling of easy volatilization ,easy bubbly liquid strong corrosive liquid for rubber ,plastic,and large viscosity ,liquid ,semi-liquid . Operators alter and meter figure in the contact display handle panel , also can modify metering of each and every filling head . The external surface of this device is created of superb stainless steel . Good appearance , applied to GMP CZPT .

Functions & Benefits:

one. Accessible with CZPT conveyor or with pucks for unstable bottles
two. Adaptable layout
3. Really fast and effortless changeover of structure dimension
four. Docking filling station design available
five. Diving nozzle with bottom-up filling


Containers and Specifications  (100mL-1000mL)

Design ZSP-6A ZSP-8A ZSP-10A ZSP-12A ZSP-16A
Dimension 2200mm(L)x1100mm(W)x2200mm(H) 2300mm(L)x1100mm(W)x2200mm(H) 2400mm(L)x1100mm(W)x2200mm(H)
Filling head six 8 10 twelve 16
Ability(1L) 1800B/H 2400 B/H 3000 B/H 3600 B/H 4800 B/H
Power one.1KW 1.5KW 1.5KW 2.2KW two.5KW
Ideal bottle Diameter:Φ40mm–Φ100mm  Height:80mm–280mm
Neck diameter Φ18mm
Filling assortment 50ml–1000ml
Air pressure .6Mpa–.8Mpa 
Energy provide 380V  50HZ


Containers and Specifications  (1L-5L)

Design ZSP-6A ZSP-8A
Dimension 2200mm(L)x1100mm(W)x2200mm(H) 2400mm(L)x1100mm(W)x2200mm(H)
Filling head 6 eight
Capability(1L) 1800B/H 2200 B/H
Capability(5L) 700B/H 900 B/H
Energy 3KW 4KW
Suitable bottle spherical bottle: 
height:a hundred-320mm

flat bottle:
top:a hundred and fifty-300mm
neck diameter:≤Φ30mm,≥Φ30customize

Filling variety 1000ml–5000ml
Air pressure .6Mpa–.8Mpa 
Electricity offer 380V  50HZ


Suited to Fill :


Manufacturers we Cooperate With :

Comprehensive Photos :


Connected CZPT:

Linear Cap screw /Pressing CZPT.

CZPT caps instantly goes into bottle caps slot by adopting cap-pulling system. In buy to the equipment can suit on capping on a variety of bottle volumes, and considering multi-usages in this machine, so it is adjustable on device layout.

It has far more positive aspects on effectively-construction, excellent outlook, little volume, reduced fat, wide making use of selection, simple dismissible and routine maintenance, and lower quotiety of bottle broken.

Labeling CZPT


CZPT Double Facet labeling equipment.

one.Adopt experienced PLC manage technology, make the equipment steady and higher-speed.Can be appropriate or square /oval flat bottles at the same time.
2. Undertake contact monitor manage method, easy, functional and successful operation. 

Adopt substantial high quality wheel to go away some place amongst the bottles, so as to guarantee that the labels will not be skipped. The rotary velocity of the sponge wheel can be altered to adjust place room between the two bottles.

The components of the machine that retailer labels and gather label paper are designed to be adjustable to accommodate a wide range of labels.

Adopt photoelectric products imported from Germany,and substantial quality servo motor, the labeling accuracy is drastically improved.

Company Introduction :

Standardized workshop of overall six,000 sq. meters. CZPTent varieties of processing units, such as water jet cutter, plasma cutter, laser cutter, CNC machine from ZheJiang chevalier & korea daewoo, make certain the precision of elements.

CZPT certification, Countrywide Certification of equipment verification, and far more than thirty creation patents are completed in King machine . Verification Certificates of equipments: ISO9001:2001 CE Certification , SGS,COC

The products will be tested and operate for 24 hrs before leaving the manufacturing unit, to make certain the sleek working of water pipeline, and pneumatic, electrical and mechnical stability.

Sufficient stock of spare elements assures the well timed supply and offer of spare areas.

The engineers are knowledgeable. We can generate various products with various potential and work out reasonable movement chart as for every customers’ demands to conserve area.

Specialist set up crew who can talk fluent English can assist buyers make benefits in a shortest time.

Certification & Patent :


ZT-PACK Service :


1. Set up, debug
Right after tools arrived at the workshop of client, location the equipment according to aircraft structure we provided. We will set up seasoned technician for tools installation, debug and check generation at the very same time make the products reach the rated creating ability of the line. The purchaser want to provide the round tickets and lodging of our engineer, and the income.

two. Training
Our company supply technologies education to consumer. The content material of instruction is construction and routine maintenance of tools, control and procedure of products. Seasoned technician will guide and create instruction define. Soon after training, the technician of buyer could grasp the operation and maintenance, could modify the procedure and treat distinct failures. 

3. CZPT ensure
We guarantee that our merchandise are all new and not used. They’re created of suitable content, undertake new design. The top quality, specification and perform all satisfy the demand of deal. 

4. Right after product sales
Right after examining, we offer twelve months as good quality ensure, free offer you sporting elements and offer you other elements at the least expensive value. In good quality promise, the technician of customers should run and preserve the equipment according to seller’s demand, debug some failures. If you could not solve the problems, we will information you by mobile phone if the problems are nonetheless can not remedy, we will set up technician to your manufacturing facility solving the problems. The value of technician arrangement you could see the expense treatment approach of technician. 

Right after quality ensure, we supply technological innovation support and following product sales services. Offer sporting elements and other spare areas at favorable value soon after quality guarantee, the technician of buyers should operate and maintain the gear according to seller’s demand, debug some failures. If you could not solve the difficulties, we will manual you by mobile phone if the issues are even now can not resolve, we will arrange technician to your manufacturing unit resolving the issues.

Packing & Delivery :


Q:Are you a manufacturer or trade company?
A:We are a manufacturer in deal machine area since 2002, positioned at Xihu (West Lake) Dis.n ,HangZhou, near ZheJiang , We will decide you up to
check out our factory.

Q:Do you have any certification?

Q:What about the shipping time?
A:Typically 30 Functioning days

Q:What about the machine’s capability?
A:in accordance to differnent machines’ sort, 800-4000 bottles in 1000ml for each hour.

Q:The following-sale provider
A: twelve months guarantee to modify the spare components which are destroyed by non-human variables for cost-free.
remedy standard questions by telephone, e-mail, , and video call.
Engineer will go to buyer’s manufacturing facility to put in, examination devices, and teach buyer’s employees how to operate, sustain equipment.
Operating manuals will be despatched with machine or by email.
We also have overseas provider centre

Q: If I want to buy a machine, what details do I need to explain to you?

A:a. What kind product you want to pack?
b. bottle volume: 250ml, 330ml, 500ml, 750ml, 1L, 2L, 5L, 20L etc.?
c. Creating ability necessity? How several bottles you want to pack for every hour?
d. Images of your products’ bottles and caps
e. Voltage and altitude.

Q:What types of product you source?
A: Our maim items as follows: foodstuff, seasoning, wine filling line, every day chemical, beauty filling line, pesticide, fine
chemical filling line and oils filling traces. CZPT classification: automated bottle feeder, bottle washing machine, filling device,
capping device, lid-presser, label device, shrink label equipment, sealing equipment, ink-jet printer, situation packer, wrapping
equipment, carton sealing equipment and complete-computerized mental degree complicated movie bagging packer, absolutely ten sequence and a lot more
than 30 varieties of merchandise.

Exhibition :

Speak to us :

Fiona Ding (Income Supervisor)

CZPTsu ZhongTai Packing CZPTry Co.,ltd                     

              ( ZT-PACK )

Address   No. 2, He Shan Huan Highway, Xihu (West Lake) Dis.n District, HangZhou Town, CZPTsu CZPT, P. R. China 

Post Code : 213200

Cell :  -13685270809 





Automatic Piston Pump Medical Pharmaceutical Liquid Maple Syrup Molasses Bottle Filling and Capping Machine Line

Hospital Surgical Electric Medical Oral Aerosol Suction Machine

Hospital Surgical Electric Medical Oral Aerosol Suction Machine

Hospital Surgical CZPTtric CZPT Oral Aerosol Suction CZPT  

Product Description:
1.CZPT large-efficiency filter layer can powerful adsorption of drinking water vapor.

two.CZPTed DC brushless motor

3.Twin UV sterilization

four.CZPT contril, distant manage

Super sturdy suction repid resolution of aerosol particles, bacterial droplets, blood, virus,ect
Offers a protected and healthy surroundings for medical professionals and clients.


Enter Electricity : 500W 
 Wind velocity: 14m/s
Method Stream : 270L/min 
Sound : <62dB 
Straw size:one.3m³
Volume: 280*280*500mm
Quantity of filter levels:4


Hospital Surgical Electric Medical Oral Aerosol Suction Machine